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Course News

Warm Climate Fruit is now online!
Become an expert in growing tropical fruits - in warm climates or in protected places such as a greenhouse.
- Learn to establish and manage commercial fruit production for warm climates
- Discover the huge variety of fruits that are grown in warm climates (hundreds)
- Explore how many can be adapted to cooler climates - if nothing else, as container or greenhouse plants
- Useful to both amateurs and professionals; follow your passion and extend your plant skills

Bookkeeping I course updated!
ACS Distance Education is named an Accredited Training Centre by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. Students completing this course are eligible to join this institute which is the largest such institute in the bookkeeping industry world wide. 


Work with Animals

Have you always dreamed of working with animals? ACS offers courses in all things animal - from Pet Care to Zookeeping!

Check out our range of Wildlife Courses:

And Pet Care Courses:


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