Pet Care Courses

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Study animal care and behaviour by distance learning to improve your job prospects and knowledge of animals.

  • This detailed course covers a wide range of topics from pet care to more unusual pets, such as snakes.
  • You choose the modules that suit you and your interests.


Learn about animal behaviour

  • Understanding behaviour is a vital aspect of handling any animals.
  • Learn about the processes behind exhibited animal behaviour.
  • An ideal foundation course for careers in animal training or animal care.
  • Flexibility - you will be able to choose to focus your learning on a particular animal or group of animals.


More info & enrolment: ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR BAG203 »
Invest your time in a growth industry - learn about grooming animals


  • Animal Grooming is a growth industry. Pet owners want their pets well turned out and well groomed. More and more people show their animals and pets. 
  • Being able to groom animals is a way for you to care for your own animals or even set up your own business grooming other people's animals.




More info & enrolment: ANIMAL GROOMING BAG106 »

Animal Health Care Course

- you will develop your understanding of veterinary and animal health care practices. Learn more about animal health care.

ACS Student Comment: Yes [I found the course valuable]. I have animals, I am a dog training instructor. I am planning to commence a business providing in-home care to a variety of animals. So I wanted to upgrade my knowledge of animal health. I enjoyed the course and feel I have learned a lot. Beverley Bell,  Animal Health Care course.

An ideal starting point for someone wanting a career in the veterinary industry or who wants to work in health care with pets or farm animals.

Learn about common health problems, animal behaviour, signs of ill health, Veterinary facilities, safety and first aid, administration of animal health, preventative health care, routine health treatments, health problems in domestic pets and rehabilitation care.

More info & enrolment: ANIMAL HEALTH CARE VAG100 »

Care for animals - put your passion into practice!

Do you have a passion for the protection of animals? 

This course provides a solid foundation of learning that will help you to put into action your dedication to upholding the rights of all animals to be protected.

  • Learn about animal psychology, the protection, health, and rescue services dedicated to animals, and much more.






More info & enrolment: ANIMAL WELFARE BAG224 »

Learn about looking after fish and in an aquarium environment


  • Learn all about aquarium management  - private and commercial.
  • Understand the importance of a balanced ecosystem.
  • Learn about water quality and management.
  • Learn about the types of fish to keep and what not to keep.

More info & enrolment: AQUARIUM MANAGEMENT BEN105 »

Learn to keep and care for birds as pets, or for some other reason (e.g. racing pigeons, falconry, zoo displays, etc.)

  • Learn all about bird keeping with an online course from ACS Distance EducationSuitable for amateurs and professionals.
  • There are eight lessons in the course with an assignment at the end of each lesson.
  • All our tutors are highly qualified, experienced and friendly. They are happy to help with any questions you may have during the course.







More info & enrolment: BIRD KEEPING BAG108 »

Learn to understand the psychology of cats and understand how to manage and train them

  • Understand how cats behave.
  • Learn how cats communicate.
  • Learn about cat behaviour training.









More info & enrolment: CAT PSYCHOLOGY AND TRAINING BAG222 »
Study the principles of psychology and how these can be used to improve animal behaviour
  • Train to work with animals.
  • Learn more about psychology, dog psychology, cat psychology, equine behaviour and animal behaviour in general.
  • There are 5 core modules of Animal Behaviour, Introduction to Psychology, Dog Psychology, Cat Psychology and Training and Equine Behaviour. Then specialise with the selection of 1 module from a range of elective modules.

Learn more about animal health care, pet care and animal behaviour;

work in the Pet Industry!


  • Learn the animal husbandry, business and management skills, needed to start a career working with pets or providing support services within the pet industry.
  • This course provides a valuable foundation in handling and caring for all types of domestic animals; and offers options to specialize and direct your studies into one of a number of different areas depending upon your individual needs and ambitions.



Learn about supporting the health and wellbeing of pets.

  • Study for a career in pet care or welfare.
  • An extensive course covering animal health, diseases, nutrition and genetics providing a solid foundation in the care of pets.
  • ACS offers flexibility to suit you - start when you want and study at your own pace and with full tutor support.




More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN PET HEALTH CARE VAG035 »
Do you love dogs? Learn about caring for dogs
  • Our animal specialist course developers have designed a fantastic practical program to take you through all general aspects of dog care.
  • Learn the science of dog care - the anatomy, physiology, nutrition and health care of these wonderful creatures.
  • Consider practical strategies for breeding. Recognise breeds and their characteristics and apply relevant practical training tips to work with those breeds effectively.





More info & enrolment: DOG CARE BAG105 »
Learn to understand the behaviour of dogs
  • Understand how dogs behave the way they do and how they react to external influences.
  • Learn about the anatomical and physiological development of dogs, from their wild counterpart - the wolf
  • Learn all about dog behaviours with this course and apply your knowledge to dog training and behavioural management.


More info & enrolment: DOG PSYCHOLOGY AND TRAINING BAG221 »

Love cats? Work with cats? Want your own business? 

Domestic Cat Care is a comprehensive 100 hour course covering all aspects of diet and nutrition, preventative health care and treating illnesses, understanding feline behaviour, breeding, business planning and more..!

  • Developed with the feline professional or cat enthusiast in mind.
  • An experiential learning experience designed to help you develop knowledge and skills to work with cats confidently.
  • Be familiar with the scope of the feline industry and the services available.
  • If you're thinking about cat care specifically as a new income stream or employment option, this course will assist you to demonstrate your ability to work with cats and understand the industry without question. 



More info & enrolment: DOMESTIC CAT CARE BAG107 »
Learn to identify, understand, and manage Reptiles and Amphibians 
  • Learn to identify understand and manage reptiles and amphibiansLearn about environmental, ecological and conservation issues relating to reptiles and amphibians.
  • Understand habitat requirements for reptiles and amphibians in captivity.
  • Start the course at any time and study at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.






More info & enrolment: HERPETOLOGY BEN209 »

Introductory course to the care of horses. Find out more with this distance learning course on horse care.

Learn to manage the daily requirements of a horse at grass. The course aims to develop:

  • The ability to handle horses using a range of different procedures
  • Skills to evaluate a horses conformation
  • An understanding of diet
  • Knowledge of grooming procedures
  • An ability to develop appropriate management procedures
  • Knowledge of commercial opportunities, including trading horses.

More info & enrolment: HORSE CARE I BAG102 »

Learn a natural route to caring for the health of your pet.

  • Study the nature and scope of natural therapies for a wide variety of domestic animals and livestock.
  • Learn about Holistic Treatments.
  • Understand how treat animal illnesses and adopt a natural, preventative approach to maintain good animal health.
  • Students will learn the importance of good nutrition and how this promotes good animal health by providing the essential elements needed to boost an animals immune system.
  • Recognised course - recognised by the Complementary Medical Association.





More info & enrolment: NATURAL ANIMAL HEALTH CARE BAG218 »
Learn more about the care of pets with this distance learning course in pet care. Understand more on pet behaviour, animal breeding and selection, animal health care. A great course for pet owners, people wanting to work with pets and those wanting to improve their knowledge of pet health care.


More info & enrolment: PET CARE AAG100 »

Poultry Course

 An introduction to the care and management of poultry

  • 100 hour distance learning course.
  • Learn to keep chickens and other poultry.
  • Understand the care and management of poultry.
  • Suitable for people wanting poultry at home or for commercial purposes.
  • Develop strategies for a poultry business.

More info & enrolment: POULTRY BAG208 »
Professional Award in Animal Care Distance Learning
Become a Professional Animal Carer through Distance Learning. If you already know your discipline and industry, you have a head start on being a successful animal care specialist. This course is designed to "top up" the skills you already have; giving you expanded skills you can offer employers or clients; and new ways of applying the knowledge you already have in an industry you already know.

Add training or health concepts and practical skills to your existing skills, to broaden business opportunities or attractiveness to employers. You don't need to commit to a degree to be an Animal Care Professional Many Animal Care professionals are in fact not qualified at all Success in Animal Care comes by having up to date, usable skills; good networking (contacts with industry) and being sensitive to the needs of owners and their pets.

What is a Proficiency Award? a type of “specialist” certificate; a way of topping up an existing degree or diploma with professional training that gives your employablilty a quantum leap forward; designed to provide a qualification to reflect “knowledge or skills” in a specialised area.