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Our special Christmas Gift to new Students

If you enrol in a course over the phone before Christmas, we will give you a 5% discount and 3 bonus ebooks. All you need to do is mention this offer when you call our office and talk to one of our friendly staff members to help you with this.



Who wouldn't love to get paid for partying?
It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but most people do love a good party! What could be better than having a job and being paid to organise and plan parties? Christmas parties, birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries - everyone's life is full of events that scream out to be celebrated and need to be organised!
Have you ever thought of starting a business as a Party Planner? Start studying event management today!


Food Preserving: Download this handy new ebook today
This ebook is a perfect companion for students studying courses in nutrition, self sufficiency, food preparation and hospitality. Learn the different food preservation techniques that you can do yourself to save time, money and eat healthy preserved food that you have made at home.


Now is the time to Study Aquaculture
Aquaculture as an industry grew by around 20% last year. As global fish resources come under increasing pressure, this is an industry that continues to grow rapidly.
Aquaculture can be:
In salt water or fresh water
As small as you like (Grow fish for your own food in a pond at home)
As large as you want (Commercial enterprises might be an intensive half acre or hundreds of acres.
Combined with other farming (eg. Aquaponics)
How can you learn more?
1. We have courses including: Freshwater aquaculture, saltwater aquaculture and aquaponics .

2. Use our free course counselling service to talk with an expert. Our tutor, Barbara Seguel holds a masters degree in aquaculture engineering. Ask to have your enquiry referred to Barbara & get advice from someone who is in the know!


Course Relaunch, Plant Breeding

The plant nursery industry is huge. Think about all of the plants that are propagated and supplied to home gardens, public parks, forest plantations, orchards, etc. One thing you may not realize that in some countries, more money is paid in royalties to people who own the rights to plant varieties, than what is paid to the nurserymen who grow the plants.
Plant breeding can be a long term business, but it can be big business! If you learn to breed and select plants that serve a real purpose, you can generate a very good, long term income from your work.
Our plant breeding course is an excellent starting point, whether you are interested in growing plants for a sideline interest and potentially make a little income on the side or even create serious larger scale enterprise. This is an area of horticulture that doesnt need a lot of space. In fact some very successful plant breeders have operated their business from as little space as a quarter acre property.
Our plant breeding courses has only recently been revised and had the notes expanded. Visit our website for more information.


Economic Reports

Australia’s economy was reported last week to be weakening. At the same time, the UK economy was reported to be strengthening.
It is an interesting fact that most people tend to over react to such reports, and in doing so, they open up opportunities for others.
Many businesses become unnerved by reports of weakening economic conditions, and will slow their economic activity, the smart businesses will see this as an opportunity though, because their competitors are weakening.
When conditions strengthen, many will over react by spending too freely and without proper caution. The businesses that remain well managed will gain an advantage over their competition
In reality, whatever the economic conditions, there are always opportunities to be had and advantages to be found by not reacting the way that most others do.
Many things have changed in the world but some remain the same.


Want a Stable and Secure Career? Forget it!
You should get used to the reality of a volatile business world and job market!
Career security disappeared in 2007 with the global financial crisis and the world that has been emerging since that time is indeed a very different world. Many people still aspire to the idea of doing the right course, to secure the right job, which will guarantee a wonderful and relatively worry free life. Unfortunately this is not reality though in todays world.
Become more proactive and get the knowledge and know how to become more competitive with an ACS Distance Education course.


Importance of insurance
Whilst on a distance learning course, it is important to understand there may be times when things don’t go as smoothly as hoped. Towergate Insurance want to ensure you have the appropriate cover in place should a claim be made against you in relation to your professional activities.
Being faced with a claim can be a very stressful experience and could really damage your finances if you don’t have appropriate cover in place. Whether you give the wrong advice to a client or they get injured while on your premises, you want the reassurance that you are protected; this is where professional liability insurance comes in. 
What is professional liability insurance?
Professional liability protects you should a client, or anyone else, decide to take legal action against you as a result of your professional activities. Towergate Insurance offer professional liability which includes cover for professional indemnity, public liability, product liability and libel and slander. The following explains some of the scenarios you may find yourself faced with, where professional liability would cover you.
Public liability
If, as a therapist, you were seeing a client for treatment at your home and they tripped while on your property and injured themselves, there is a chance this client would make a claim against you for public liability. 
Product liability
If you work as a management consultant and are required to provide clients with training aids such as books or CD’s and, as a result of using them a liability arises, product liability would cover you in this circumstance.
Professional indemnity
What would you do if somebody takes legal action against you because the advice you gave resulted in them losing business or resulted in them injuring themselves? If you have professional indemnity in place, legal costs would be covered should this type of complaint arise.
Libel and Slander
An example of how the libel and slander element would protect you is if, as a photographer, you took photos of a client and shared these in journals or newsletters and your subject claimed your photos were defamatory.
If you were to find yourself in a situation similar to any of the above, you can be assured Towergate will help make the experience as smooth as possible by providing you with sufficient professional liability insurance to protect you.

To take out cover today call 0844 346 3307
Alternatively you can take out cover online by visiting or by emailing



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