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Newsletter September 2008


Contents of this Newsletter

1. New ACS Handbook now available
2. Significant Course Upgrades
3. Common Q & A's - On Recognition
4. Fees increase
5. Student Testimonial
6. News from our affiliates
7. Bookshop - New books in the bookshop
8. Featured course



1. New ACS Handbook now available

The 2008-10 handbook is now available, so order one today! Either request a handbook to be sent by post, or make a greener choice by downloading the PDF version at https://www.acsedu.co.uk/Info/Advice/Handbook.aspx

2. Significant Course Upgrades
Among our regular upgrades of ACS courses are upgrades to the following popular courses. They have undergone substantial re-development to ensure industry-relevance.

Vertebrate Zoology

This course will give you a thorough understanding of “higher” animals’ Zoology and Evolution, together with some principles on animal ecology and morphology. You will learn with the help of highly qualified and experienced tutors. The course is accepted by some animal health professional associations as points for their Continuing Education Recording Scheme, category “Correspondence courses”.

Nursery Sales Assistant

This valuable and information packed course aims to develop your capacity to effectively sell plants to a customer in a retail situation. You will learn valuable sales techniques including how to open and close a sale.  You will also learn all about plant identification, soils and plant care, so you can advise your customers on everything they need to know! This course will propel you or your staff forward in the nursery business.

Anatomy II

An advanced anatomy course developed for people wishing to develop a career in health and human sciences, paramedical, and alternative therapies. This course is especially useful for massage therapists and other health care professionals working in close contact with patient's bodies.

3. Common Q & A's - On Recognition

Q. Are ACS courses recognised?

A. Like all colleges, we are formally recognised by some systems and not by others. This is true for even the most elite and highly respected universities.
There are thousands of different recognition & accreditation systems in the world. Most are run by either governments or industry bodies; and very few are designed to cater to institutions beyond just one country. Institutions are rarely recognised formally outside of their country of origin, or by more than just a few systems.

Q Is ACS Internationally Recognised?

A. We are internationally recognised by IARC (International Accreditation & Recognition Council)

Q What Does International Recognition mean?

A. IARC is managed by an annually elected committee made up of representatives from member colleges (elected annually) from members located in more than a dozen different countries.
IARC recognition means that the institution has been judged and endorsed by the committee and member institutions as having satisfied a set of minimum quality standards related to the administration, course content, course delivery and student assessment.

Q How toes IARC recognition relate to government recognition systems?

A. Government systems meet standards that are commonly set and endorsed by politicians and/or government bureaucrats. IARC standards are set and endorsed by education professionals (managers or teaching staff in member institutions). IARC tries to determine & live up to standards that all countries would consider academically sound. A government system is trying to adhere to standards that are considered sound by that one particular government only.
These are totally different systems; it’s like trying to compare chalk & cheese.

Q  How can someone determine which course, college or university will give them the best education?
A.   Compare content and duration of the course, the professional and educational background of the teachers, the range of student services, what guarantees are given  (e.g. is access to teaching staff guaranteed or just implied), history (how old is the college and has it ever suffered financial problems), how independent it is (is it reliant upon government budget decisions etc).

4.Fees increase
The fees increase took effect in August.

5. Student Testimonials

Virginie – Advertising & Promotions
I have been very happy with the service your school offers. The administration staff always reply within 48 hours, the tutors are reliable and never late with marking assignments, and the course itself is very well done and useful!

Stephanie – Conservation and Environmental Management
(The course) has provided me with a stepping stone to university, and furthered the knowledge I got from high school, preparing me for university. I wanted a course that covered a broad range of environmental aspects so that I could pinpoint which area I was most interested in. This course did just that.

View a larger collection of comments from satisfied students at: https://www.acsedu.co.uk/Info/Enrolment/student-testimonials.aspx

6. News from Affiliates

Those wanting to maximise the value of their study now have more options. ACS Distance Education has formed a growing network of international colleges that enables recognition and articulation between members.

Over a dozen institutions deliver ACS curriculum and modules. Our framework is increasingly recognizable internationally. As a graduate, you can articulate/transfer credits to other colleges in the network, many of whom have their own accreditations and network of supporters within their own country.

New Accredited Training Company web site launched:


Australia College of Psychology web site launched:

Warnborough Ireland move – Warnborough is now operating a second college in Ireland: Warnborough College Ireland

Health Academy Australia offers new allied health course

7. Bookshop - New books in the bookshop
Check out our bookshop. We have new titles and book descriptions being added every month.
Bookkeeping for Dummies 
Domestic Animal Behaviour
What Tree is That ?

Why buy here?
– Because these books have been hand picked by our academic staff for their accuracy and usefulness for students studying ACS courses.

One of our best selling courses over the last month has been Hotel Management.
This broad based course provides basic training for working in hospitality, accommodation, hotels, motels or resorts. It is a popular and substantial starting point for anyone in the hotel industry.

All of our courses are tutored by highly qualified and experienced tutors who are still active in industry.


  • Recognised by International Accreditation and Recognition Council (IARC)
  • Highly qualified, experienced and respected staff
  • A range of memberships and affiliations in the UK, Australia and elsewhere.
  • Affiliations and articulation arrangements with a range of other colleges in the UK and Australia.


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