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Lay a Strong Foundation for a Career in a Health Discipline

All health science knowledge is reliant on a sound understanding of Human Anatomy & Physiology.

If you want to be a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, massage therapist, naturopath or a personal trainer you will need to understand the human body.

Our students enjoy the flexibility of studying from home in their own time; the advantage of payment plans and best of all - unlimited tutor support.

Our students gain the benefit of a solid foundation in human anatomy & physiology.

For an overview of some of our courses in this area, click here!

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Some Great Courses!

Anatomy II: Advanced Anatomy Course: learn about Cytology, Surface Anatomy, Systemic Anatomy, Regional Anatomy, Radiographic and Diagnostic Anatomy.Read more...

Physiology II: Covers Cell Physiology, Histophysiology, Systems Physiology, Neurophysiology, Endocrinology, Cardiovascular Physiology, Immunology, Respiratory Physiology, Renal Physiology and more. Read more…

Muscles/Movement: Learn how muscles and nerves work together to produce movement. Study posture, flexibility, muscle organisation and much more. Read more…

Cell Biology: Cell biology is fundamental to all health science; learn about organelles, cycles, membranes and more. Read more…

Cardiorespiratory: Gain an understanding of cardiorespiratory performance and what affects it; study blood pressure, ventilation, gas exchange, disease and more. Read more...

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