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New, Updated & Expanded Courses

NEW Course available to study online: Wedding Planning.

Well known Australian Magazine Complete Weddings are supporters of this great new course. We recommend that you visit their site – for everything ‘wedding’!

Updated and Expanded Courses

Time For a Change

How’s life for you? Perfect?

Almost inevitably, people take on a course because they have decided that it’s time for a change. It may be that they want to earn more money, be healthier, live in a different place,  pursue a passion, or make a change and get out of the rat race.

Whatever your motivation, it can be overwhelming just discovering the options available to you, let alone sifting through them and making an informed decision.

We find that the most successful graduates are those who have taken the time to talk with an industry expert and get a proper understanding of things before commencing a course.

We provide a FREE COUNSELLING SERVICE for people interested in study; so that you can make better more informed decisions.
Use it! Click here.

Which Education Gets the Best Job?

Myth: People presume that an accredited qualification is essential for success in a career.

In reality, this is only true for some jobs (e.g. doctor, solicitor, etc), and in certain countries.

For most jobs, a qualification is only one of many things that can help catch the attention of an employer or client when they are looking to employ someone. Often other things can be more important - such as perseverance, strong communication skills, presentation, and an ability to talk intelligently about the work.

If you do get an interview, the qualification will only be one small part of what the employer is considering. If you get a job, your future depends only on an ability to perform and offer a different set of skills to others in that workplace.

Many accreditation systems are preoccupied with bureaucratic compliance issues.

Passing government audits or securing government funding has often become more important than providing a learning experience that sets the student up for life.

The best education is one that gives you learning that is comprehensive. It must be one that puts learning before everything else, including accreditations. You cannot make teaching your top priority if accreditation audits are already your top priority.

ACS Courses have been developed with these considerations in mind.

Our students have:

- More options for selecting and combining modules that will provide a unique set of skills and set them apart from graduates of other education systems.

  • Longer certificates and diplomas. These might require more work, but our graduates have a reputation for being more knowledgeable and more prepared.
  • Highly qualified teachers.
  • Teaching staff with real world experience.

Before enrolling anywhere, look closely and choose a college that puts your learning first, giving you a solid education where your mix of skills differs from your competitors in the job market.


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Get Your Health and Wellbeing Back on Track

Courses to study:

RHS Horticulture Certificates Revised in UK

The Royal Horticultural Society Certificates are changing over the next 18 months; bringing new opportunities for highly prestigious international qualifications!

Students please note that the 31st November 2011 will be the last opportunity to register for our last level 2 examinations under the current NQF (National Qualifications Framework) system.  Students who wish to undertake the RHS Cert II and take the exam can still do so; provided they register before 31st July 2010 (and can sit the exam at a later date). There will be no exceptions after that date.
We have spent almost two years re-writing the units in order to comply with the mandatory structure. We have kept the same syllabus material, but adjusted the learning outcomes and assessment criteria. The size of each qualification is an important factor,  and we wanted it to be large enough to have a decent credit value, but small enough to be taught as an evening class.  So if you look on our website, you can see the three level 2 qualifications - two with 14 credit value, and one with 28 credits.  
The revised level 3 qualifications (science and amenity) can be taught and assessed in Australia as there is currently no compulsory practical component.  This means that all level 3 units are theory based and hence can be assessed in Australia either through Exceptional Supervision or through an institution of education of some description.
-Both level 3 qualifications under the current NQF system (i.e. the current advanced certificate and diploma) will be totally replaced by the revised qualifications under the QCF system.  The current qualifications will not be recognized after February 2012.

Affiliated Colleges Meet

Did you know ACS is part of a group of 16 colleges spread across the world?

Representatives from eight of these colleges met recently to discuss ways of providing better services, and improving recognition for all of our students. All of these colleges have a real passion for learning, and a commitment to providing our students with the best and most valuable education possible.

How to Save a Failing Business

These courses may help you to turn your failing business around:


Aerobic Fitness

Sustainable Agriculture – Second Edition

Growing and Using Vegetables and Herbs


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