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New Videos Just Developed!

What style of garden do you want? Click the image to watch.

This new video covers some basic concepts of Garden Design by reviewing common garden styles: Mediterranean, Water Gardens, Oriental, Modern and more.

Where can you grow vegetables? Click the image to watch .

A fascinating introduction to growing vegetables in your own garden. If you enjoy this video, why not check out our related course, Home Vegetable Growing.

How to use Herbs. Click the image to watch.

Learn how to grow and use herbs in your home with our new video. If you enjoy this video, have a look at our related course, Herbs.

Course Update News
New on CD & Online:  

Bookkeeping II

This course is a natural progression from Bookkeeping I. It covers stock control and other issues not covered in Bookkeeping I, it looks at accounting for trading firms and the differences between recording and reporting.
ACS has been named an "Accredited Training Centre" by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. Students who complete the Bookkeeping I or Bookkeeping II courses are eligible to join this institute. For more information on this institute, see

Aged Care & Counselling

Develop your understanding of the ageing process and your ability to help otheres cope with all that it brings. The gradual biological impairment of usual functioning may mean mobility can decrease, the need for medical interventions may incrase in disposable income; change in residence, loss of friends, collleagues and loved ones.

Pasture Management

Pastures are critical to many types of farms. Farmers have been known to turn unprofitable farms into commercial successes by simply improving pasture. Whether dealing with small or large properties, pasture management is an important part of many types of farm enterprises. Learn to evaluate, design and make decisions about the management of pasture for different purposes.

Course Notes Revised and Expanded:  

Earth Science course has been expanded by more than 10,000 words. Learn about rocks and minerals, meteorology, global weather patterns, the oceans, surface chances (eg. earthquakes and volcanoes), geological time and more.

Environmental Studies has also been increased by around 3,000 words. This course is an excellent introduction to environmental studies providing a broad-based grounding in environmental and conservation issues, and a foundation course for higher learning.

Pasture Management

Several Horticulture courses have also been revised and expanded over the last month. Some have also had illustrations added.

These include Fruit Production (Warm & Temperate), Nut Production, Cut Flower Bulbs, Azaleas & Rhododendrons, Acacias, Eucalypts, Fuchsias, Proteas, Scented Plants, Camellias, Annuals and Ferns.

HTML (Writing a Website) has been expanded by over 15,000 words, and has been prepared for online & CD delivery. This course can be studied as a hobby or used to create a website for your personal or business use. Keeping in mind that web development companies charge thousands of dollars to develop websites for businesses, this course is a good investment.

SQL for the Web has been expanded considerably. This course is most suitable for programmers and web developers who are looking to expand their skills with SQL server .

Recreation Leadership has been revised and expanded by several thousand words.
Leisure Management 3 and Leisure Management 4 have been revised & expanded.
Health & Fitness 2 and Health & Fitness 3 have also been revised & expanded.

Biochemistry III Animals and Biochemistry III Plants have had chemical diagrams created and added.

New Courses in Development

Several new courses are currently being developed. The first of these (Aged Care and Counselling) has just been completed.

The others (planned to be launched over the coming month or two) are:

  • Nutrition for Weight Loss
  • Deciduous Trees
  • Natural Health Care for Animals
  • Legal Terminology
  • Criminal Psychology


…Enrol in any of these in advance of the launch, pay when the course is available & get 10% discount (all are S3 Fee.) Click here to register your interest and take advantage of this temporary offer!

The Future of Horticulture by John Mason

Veteran Horticuralist John Mason makes predictions about the future directions of this major industry. Click here to read article.

Garden Gurus Magazine

The Guru magazine is not just a gardening magazine. It’s a unique magazine focused on the environment, food and travel as well as gardening. You will still find all the gardening “regulars” that you used to read in The Garden Guru newspaper. In addition, read all about growing and cooking using produce from your garden and how to be environmentally friendly. Also featureed are exciting international and Australian travel locations from The Gurus Explore travel TV show. The next edition features an article written by ACS Principal John Mason, and includes Gardening Tips from ACS Tutors.

Choose to Study by CD

… and choose the environmentally friendly option!
You’ll not only save 5% on course fees (one discount per person pre enrolment), but you’ll have access to features not available through traditional correspondence (Flash Self Assessment Tests), and avoid the internet–reliant online study option.

Recession Busting Professional Development

Lift the spirit and outlook of your company – invest in your staff!
You can now up-skill your staff with no down time. ACS students study at their own pace, and at their own place!
Some great professional development options for businesses include:
Advertising & Promotions
Marketing Psychology
Personal Energy Management

Your Opinion Please...

Would you be interested in any of the following courses if they were developed?
Click here to complete a 'no obligation' course survey. Your feedback is behind our course development choices!

Therapeutic Diet Course
Managing Finance (Loans & Financial Restructuring)
Financial Controller/Accounts Manager
Retail Management
Human Resources Management
Principles of Business Law
Managerial Accounting
Financial Accounting
Diagnosing Animal Diseases
Script writing (Video,Film,TV)
News Journalism
Self Publishing
Dramatic Writing
Writing Magazine Articles
Biographical Writing
Garden Writing
Domestic Violence & Abuse
Family Counselling
Child Care

New Tutor Profile

Tracey Morris Dip.Hort., Cert.Hort., Cert III Organic Farming 
Tracey has worked in the horticulture industry for 14 years - in Sydney, Northern NSW and Qld - across a range of industry sectors from nut farming  to indoor plantscaping and plant nurseries  to garden maintenance and landscaping.

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