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Duration (approx) 500 hours
Qualification Proficiency Award

Gain a solid foundation of knowledge in the cultivation, production and harvesting of nut crops


  • Develop good horticultural practices - gain a solid knowledge of soils, nutrition, watering, environment, and pest control methods.
  • Learn about the different types of nuts and their uses.
  • Understand and know the requirements for choosing the right site for your trees.
  • A great course for enthusiasts to improve their knowledge and for commercial nut growers to improve their business or prospects.

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Improve your knowledge and skills in growing and harvesting nuts
  • Learn about growing and harvesting nuts - develop sound approaches to planning and cultivation.
  • For the enthusiast or commercial grower. This course provides a sound foundation for growing a wide variety of nuts.
  • Practical elements to the course will equip students with the confidence to apply the skills they have learned.
  • Our horticulture faculty includes a dozen university trained professionals most with decades of industry experience.


Nuts are widely grown across the globe and used in a variety of products and food.  Some nuts are edible, whilst others are not.  Being able to classify and identify different types of nut is therefore important.  Similarly the growing of nut trees requires plenty of pre-knowledge and forethought.  Climatic conditions need to be considered - many nut trees are intolerant of frosts, whilst high winds can result in heavy losses to a crop.  Likewise, physical location needs to be considered too as many nut trees require a lot of space to grow.

This course seeks to provide the commercial grower and enthusiast with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully cultivate and propagate nut trees.  From the essentials of good horticultural practice, through an understanding of soils and nutrition, to the harvesting and marketing of crops.  With such a solid foundation of knowledge students will have the tools to enable them to move forward confidently in their career paths.


The Proficiency Award In Nut Growing has a nominal duration of 500 hours of study.  ACS Courses offer students the flexibility to start when they want to and to study at their own pace (perhaps fitting studies around existing work or home commitments).  Full support is given to students throughout the period of their study.

The course comprises 3 Core Modules and a Workplace Project.  The course elements are summarised, below.  Please click on the module titles to follow the links to more detailed information on each.


Crops I BHT112
The Crops I module comprises 10 lessons covering all aspects of the production of different crop types (tree fruit, soft fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, herbs, and nuts).  The broad based studies will equip the student with useful knowledge on the principles of crop production – the types of crop to select, appropriate sites, managing nutritional requirements and the different systems used for growing crops outdoors.

Nut Production BHT219
Nut Production consists of 8 lessons, aiming to provide students with a sound foundation for growing a wide variety of nuts, particularly in temperate climates.  Those studying with this module will learn to identify different nut crop varieties and determine the cultivation and propagation practices applicable to these.  As well as looking at the harvesting of a nut crop, the module includes lessons on the marketing of nuts and risk assessment and management in the workplace.

Warm Climate Nuts BHT308
This 8 lesson module is exclusively concerned with nuts grown in the tropics and sub-tropics. In this module you will learn about the basis of all good horticulture with soils and plant nutrition. You will understand the importance of maintaining the correct cultural techniques for the long term health of your trees and methods for propagating them.  The module includes lessons which focus on particular types of nut, such as the Macadamia, and the Pecan.  It is completed with a lesson looking at the harvesting and use of nuts.

To complete this qualification, you are also required to complete a workplace project lasting 200 hours.  

There are 4 options available to you to satisfy this requirement.  The options will be different dependent upon whether or not you currently work within the industry. The project can be work experience, voluntary experience, a project you carry out, other training you have already undertaken and there are other options. Don’t worry if you are not sure how to proceed at this stage, as your tutor will be there to discuss how to proceed and help you every step of the way.


For enthusiasts and those wishing to pursue a career in the industry, this course is an excellent option.

The Proficiency Award In Nut Growing will provide you with a broad and detailed knowledge of producing healthy nut crops.

  • Understand good horticultural practices – soils, nutrition, irrigation, and environmental considerations.  Learn about choosing the particular type of nut to grow and how and where to site your nut trees.

  • Are you looking to develop in a business or personal capacity?  The course will provide you with plenty of skills and practical experience that you will be able to apply to both commercial and private ventures.

  • The course will provide you not only with knowledge about nut growing, but it will give you the tools with which to plan and approach your chosen tasks with confidence.

Throughout the course you will be supported by our highly experienced and well qualified tutors.



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Meet some of our academics

Maggi BrownMaggi is regarded as an expert in organic growing throughout the UK, having worked for two decades as Education Officer at the world renowned Henry Doubleday Research Association. She has been active in education, environmental management and horticulture across the UK for more than three decades. Some of Maggi's qualifications include RHS Cert. Hort. Cert. Ed. Member RHS Life Member Garden Organic (HDRA) .
Diana Cole (Horticulturist)Horticulturist, Permaculturist, Landscaper, Environmentalist. Holds a Diploma in Horticulture, degree in geography, permaculture certificate and various other qualifications. Between 1985 and 94, Diana was a task leader with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers. Since 2001 she has been chairperson of the Friends of Mellor Park (with Stockport MDC). From 2005 she has worked exclusively in horticulture as proprietor of her own garden design and consultancy business in and around Derbyshire; and at the same time as part time manager of a small garden centre. Diana has been an enthusiastic and very knowledgeable tutor with ACS since 2008.
Yvonne Sharpe (Horticulturist)Started gardening in 1966, studied a series of horticulture qualifications throughout the 1980's and 90's, culminating in an RHS Master of Horticulture. Between 89 and 1994, she worked teaching in horticultural therapy. Founded the West Herts Garden Association in 1990 and exhibited at Chelsea Flower Show in 1991. In 1994, Yvonne joined the staff at Oaklands College, and between 1996 and 2000 was coordinator for all Amenity Horticulture courses at that college. Since leaving Oakland she has been active as a horticultural consultant, retail garden centre proprietor and sessional lecturer (across many colleges in southern England). In 2000, she also completed a Diploma in Management.

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