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Duration (approx) 900 hours
Qualification Advanced Certificate

An ACS course to develop your knowledge of Wholesale Nursery Management


  • Train to be a supervisor, manager or owner operator of a wholesale or production nursery.
  • A 900 hour course covering management and horticultural studies, specifically designed for the wholesale nursery business.

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Are you looking to move into management or ownership of a wholesale nursery?


  • This all-encompassing course provides a detailed foundation to forward your career or business ambitions.



The course content is as follows:

Core studies - 4 modules (400 hours) of compulsory subjects for all students. The 4 core modules are Office Practices, Business Operations, Managementand Marketing.

Elective studies – 3 stream units for the development of knowledge in a chosen industry sector. The 3 stream modules are Wholesale Nursery ManagementPropagation 1 and Cutting Propagation.

Further information on the modules is shown below; you can also click on the module titles to go to the specific course pages for each of these.

Project – a workplace project of 200 hrs relevant to your field of study. The project specifically aims to provide the student with the opportunity to apply and integrate skills and knowledge developed through various areas of formal study.

You can find more information on the workplace project here.



Totalling 400 hours. All 4 of these modules must be studied and passed.

1. Office Practices VBS102

Develops basic office skills covering use of equipment, communication systems (telephone, fax, etc) and office procedures such as filing, security, workplace organisations, etc.

The module comprises 8 lessons, as follows:

1. The Modern Office

2. Communication Systems

3. Interpersonal Communications

4. Phone Skills

5. Writing Letters and Other Documents

6. Computer Applications

7. Office Organisation and Procedures

8. Health and Safety in the Office


2. Business operations VBS006

Develops knowledge of basic business operations and procedures (eg. types of businesses, financial management, business analysis, staffing, productivity, etc) and the skills to develop a 12 month business plan.

The module comprises 6 lessons, as follows:

1. Introduction

2. Finance

3. Financial Records

4. Financial Management

5. Business Planning (Developing a 12 month business plan).

6. Mistakes to avoid


3. Management VBS105

Develops knowledge of management structures, terminology, supervision, recruitment and workplace health and safety.

The module comprises 7 lessons, as follows:

1. Introduction and Organisational Structures

2. Management Theories and Procedures

3. Problem Solving and Decision Making

4. Management Styles and External Influences

5. Employing People and Interview Skills

6. Staff Management

7. Ethics and Equity


4. Marketing Foundations VBS109

Develops a broad understanding of marketing and specific skills in writing advertisements, undertaking market research, developing an appropriate marketing plan and selling.

The module comprises 10 lessons, as follows:

1. Marketing and the Business

2. The Scope of Marketing

3. Target Marketing

4. The Marketing Mix and Managing the Marketing Effort

5. Product Presentation and Packaging

6. Promotion

7. Product Pricing and Distribution Pricing

8. Customer Service

9. Market Research

10. Organisations - Structures and Roles



The stream studies are as follows:

Wholesale Nursery Management BHT212

The module comprises 8 lessons, as follows:

1. Nursery Site Organisation

2. Management

3. Nutrition and Pest Management

4. Growing Media

5. Irrigation Management for Production Nurseries

6. Modifying Plant Growth

7. Nursery Marketing Strategies

8. Selection of Nursery Crops


2. Propogation I BHT108

The course comprises 10 lessons, as follows:

1. Introduction to Propagation

2. Seed Propagation

3. Potting Media

4. Vegetative Propagation I

5. Vegetative Propagation II

6. Vegetative Propagation III

7. Propagation Structures and Materials

8. Risk Management

9. Nursery Management I

10. Nursery Management II 


3.  Cutting Propogation BHT211

This module comprises 8 lessons, as follows:

1. Introduction

2. Stem Cuttings

3. Non-stem Cuttings

4. Materials and Equipment

5. Growing Media and Propogation Media

6. Factors Affecting Rooting

7. Setting up a Propagation Area

8. Management of Cutting Crops


Benefits of Studying This Course

With some subtle differences to our Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Retail Nursery), take this course if:

  • You wish to learn about management and marketing, but with a bias towards the horticulture sector.
  • You want to advance your career and move into a management position within the industry.
  • You are looking to own a business and need to expand your knowledge.

This is an extremely comprehensive course. It covers your choice of horticulture based units under the elective component but being a management based course the key focus in the core studies is on developing a thorough understanding of how to run a business and promote it. It will appeal to owners and operators of nurseries as well as to key staff in those operations. Take this course to bring success to a wholesale nursery or related business. Those completing this course are likely to be in the following fields:

Nursery & propagation

Nursery management

Horticulture management

Supervisory & foreman roles

Retail nursery owner/operator

Market gardening

Crops management

Hydroponics management






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Meet some of our academics

Maggi BrownMaggi is regarded as an expert in organic growing throughout the UK, having worked for two decades as Education Officer at the world renowned Henry Doubleday Research Association. She has been active in education, environmental management and horticulture across the UK for more than three decades. Some of Maggi's qualifications include RHS Cert. Hort. Cert. Ed. Member RHS Life Member Garden Organic (HDRA) .
Diana Cole (Horticulturist)Horticulturist, Permaculturist, Landscaper, Environmentalist. Holds a Diploma in Horticulture, degree in geography, permaculture certificate and various other qualifications. Between 1985 and 94, Diana was a task leader with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers. Since 2001 she has been chairperson of the Friends of Mellor Park (with Stockport MDC). From 2005 she has worked exclusively in horticulture as proprietor of her own garden design and consultancy business in and around Derbyshire; and at the same time as part time manager of a small garden centre. Diana has been an enthusiastic and very knowledgeable tutor with ACS since 2008.
Yvonne Sharpe (Horticulturist)Started gardening in 1966, studied a series of horticulture qualifications throughout the 1980's and 90's, culminating in an RHS Master of Horticulture. Between 89 and 1994, she worked teaching in horticultural therapy. Founded the West Herts Garden Association in 1990 and exhibited at Chelsea Flower Show in 1991. In 1994, Yvonne joined the staff at Oaklands College, and between 1996 and 2000 was coordinator for all Amenity Horticulture courses at that college. Since leaving Oakland she has been active as a horticultural consultant, retail garden centre proprietor and sessional lecturer (across many colleges in southern England). In 2000, she also completed a Diploma in Management.

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