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Duration (approx) 100 hours
Qualification Statement of Attainment

Become a wellness coach and help your clients with their physical and psychological wellbeing

Wellness coaching can be used to help people reach their potential for physical and psychological health.

This course will help you understand what a wellness coach does and how you can practice as a wellness coach.

A career in wellness coaching can be very rewarding, this course will help you coach people to achieve wellness.


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Course Content 

There are six lessons in this course, each requiring approximately 17 hours of work including reading, additional research, completing the set tasks and assignments.
The content of each of the 6 lessons is as outlined below:

1. Wellness & Wellness Coaching
What is wellness
Wellness Coaching
Scope of Wellness Coaching
Health and Happiness

2. Qualities of a Wellness Coach

Industry Associations
Personal Skills
Professional Development

3. Dimensions of Wellness
Key Dimensions
Secondary Dimensions
Ways to Stay Healthy

4. Coaching Clients

Coaching Process
Wellness Vision
Tips to help clients set goals
SWOT Analysis
Telephone or online wellness coaching
Asking questions

5. Maintaining Wellness
Habit formation
Ending the coaching
Strategies to help the client help themselves

6. Working as a wellness coach

Practical Issues
Modes of Coaching
Employment opportunities
Small business in wellness coaching



Go online and watch a short video or two about wellness coaching.
Understand common terms such as “wellness coaching”, “introduction to wellness coaching” or “what do wellness coaches do”.
Reflect on your own experience or discuss happiness with someone.
Research wellness coaches or other coaching services working in your area.
Research the World Health Organisation’s and your Government dietary recommendations for diet recommendations and healthy eating guidelines.
Research fad diets that have become popular recently.
Compare the difference between fad diets with the Government and WHO recommended diets.
List the skills or attributes you consider to be most useful for a career as a wellness coach.
Compare your own skills with your list of attributes for a wellness coach, understand where your skills gaps may be.
Learn what constitutes sexual wellness.
Understand the key dimensions of wellness and how you could assess your clients and how they are performing on this dimension.
Interview people to understand how they rate their psychological and physical wellness and what improvements they could make.
Create a client questionnaire based on Maslow’s theory to gain an understanding of their perceptions of their wellness.
Use the questionnaire to interview clients.
Practice listening skills and paraphrasing things that people are telling you.
Prepare a SWOT analysis on some aspect of wellness for yourself or a friend/colleague.
Learn to change habits that you would like to change.
Learn how to break down goals into micro-goals.
Research business organisations that could be potential customers.
Learn to identify business opportunities.
Learn how to use networking to source new clients.
Prepare a business plan for your coaching business.
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