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Duration (approx) 100 hours
Qualification Statement of Attainment

Create a stunning portfolio of photographs and sell yourself

  • This course is designed to be a component of a larger course (eg. certificate or diploma), and anyone attempting it should have first studied photo practice or a similar course, to develop their skills and style.
  • The focuses on your ability to select appropriate photographs for a purpose and to then present these in an appropriate way.
  • The ultimate aim of the course is for the student to produce a portfolio which can be used to either promote themselves when applying for a job or for making a presentation to a client.




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Create your own portfolio of images under the guidance of an expert tutor


  • Learn how to determine how to select and apply photographs for a specific purpose.
  • Understand how photographs should be presented in a style consistent with their intended purpose.
  • Produce your own portfolio - to promote yourself in your career moves, or for use in presenting to a client.
  • Course Duration: 100 hours of self paced study.  Start when you want, study when and where you want.


This course is designed to be a component of a larger course (eg. certificate or diploma), and anyone attempting it should have first studied photo practice or a similar course, to develop their skills and style.

This course is not focused on improving the photos you take; rather it focuses on your ability to select appropriate photos for a purpose, and to then present those photos in an appropriate way.

There are four lessons in this course as follows:

1. Creating a Portfolio
2. Systems of Organisation
3. Writing a Biography
4. Making a Traditional Portfolio

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone whose work entails the use and production of photographic imagery.

  • Use your created portfolio to promote yourself, your business or to improve your prospects of promotion in your existing work.





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Meet some of our academics

Kara WightKara Wight - Animal Scientist, Photographer and Business woman. BSc (Applied Bioscience and Zoology), HND (Animal Care), HND (Photography & Imaging) Kara gained an HND in Animal Care and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Applied Bioscience and Zoology. She has a wide range of experience working with animals such dogs, small pets, birds, zoo animals, British wildlife and reptiles. Kara gained this experience working within animal parks, canine rescue centres and a wildlife hospital. She also managed an animal care training facility for a college. At this training facility she instructed and lectured students within Animal Care and Veterinary Nursing from National Certificate level to Higher National Diploma levels. Kara also gained an HND in Photography and Imaging and has 5 years’ experience within this sector. She ran a small portraiture and wedding photography business and also exhibited work in art exhibitions. Kara gained more experience photographing sporting and festival events. Kara currently runs a pet care and training business in the UK and also has entry to undertake her MSc in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law this academic year.
John MasonMr Mason has worked 45+ years in Writing, Education, Horticulture and Recreation. His experience in both public & private sectors is extensive; particularly across Australia and England.

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