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Self Designed Certificate in Animal Studies

Duration (approx) 0 hours

Design your own Animal Studies certificate

  • to suit your own interests and requirements.
  • choose six 100 hour modules  
  • with the help of highly experienced animal studies tutors.

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Design your own Animal Studies certificate!

If you cannot quite find the course you are looking for, then why not consider designing your own certificate in animal studies.

A self designed certificate must contain SIX 100 hour modules.

You can choose any six modules from the 100 hour courses available, as long as the combination makes sense and is approved by one of the school's academic staff.

To enrol in a self designed certificate, you must first determine at the subjects you will take.

This is usually done by contacting the school and discussing this with an academic staff member (by email, letter or phone).

Choose any combination of Animal Studies modules, such as equine, animal psychology, pet care, animal husbandry and more.

You can view all modules here.

You may even include one or two modules from outside of this topic list provided that they are relevant to the broad area of study, or can be readily justified as relevant to your particular situation.

Once your subjects have been determined and approved, you will be issued with a unique Course Code. Supply this code, the course title and the name of the tutor (or staff member) who approved the course when you enrol.

You may enrol via any of the following methods:

· Use the shopping trolley on this page to enrol

· Phone the school

· Submit an enrolment form by post or fax

· Use the Custom Payment section

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER YOU MUST DISCUSS YOUR COURSE CHOICES WITH A TUTOR BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR ENROLMENT. This is important as it ensures you are making the right choices to suit your requirements.






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