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Duration (approx) 1500 hours
Qualification Associate Diploma

Jump start your management career in the Equine industry.

A foundation qualification for a career at management or technician level in the equine industry.

  • Graduates may find employment opportunities in any horse industry establishment including stables, stud farms, riding schools, veterinary practices, equine supply and service organisations and companies, event management or race courses.
  • Provides advance standing (credits) in higher qualifications (including Advanced Diplomas and Degrees) with A.C.S. Distance Education, Warnborough College (UK & Ireland), and an international network of A.C.S. affiliated colleges.


Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the ASSOCIATE DIPLOMA IN EQUINE STUDIES VAG009
Elective ModulesIn addition to the core modules, students study any 2 of the following 5 modules.

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Learn about the running an equine facility, service or farm.

Many equine businesses are run in conjunction with other farming or animal based enterprises.

This comprehensive course allows students to study horses in conjunction with other farm animals, to assist in developing both business integration and business diversity.

You will learn how to care for horses and other farm animals, manage events, and develop marketing plans.  All of which are necessary in order to run a successful equine farm, combined farm, or equine event facility.  Particular emphasis is given to learning event management principles and developing the skills to plan, initiate, host and evaluate a successful event in the equine industry.

Course Duration:  1,500 hours of self-paced study.


This comprehensive course is made up of the following 15 modules (13 Core – compulsory – modules, plus a further 2 Elective modules), totalling around 1,500 hours of study.



The horse industry is a huge employer; and anyone with the extent of knowledge and experience that comes from this course will be a prime candidate for a career in this industry.  The degree of success you might have though, will be determined by more than just your knowledge.  This industry like most others values a good work ethic, experience, and generic skills such as communication, IT and management; just as much as it does, knowledge of the discipline.

Our course works on helping you to develop all of these attributes with a particular relevance to all things equine.

Opportunities may arise across a wide range of enterprises, from horse breeding and training, to equine supplies and services.  The racing industry and recreational riding are also significant employers in this industry.

Horse Breeder

A horse breeder may be involved the buying, selling breeding and studding of stallions, mares and foals.  A horse breeder is someone who has to have a great deal of skill in handling horses and a knowledge of horse breeding and genetics.  It can be a high responsibility job and they may have to plan and carry out the successful breeding of expensive racehorses.

Horse Riding Instructor

A horse riding instructor is someone who teaches people with varying levels of horse riding experience to ride horses, conducts trail rides and other equine recreational activities and events i.e. pony club.  To get started in this type of employment you would have to gain some sort of equine knowledge perhaps by taking an equine foundation course and gain a solid level of experience either through paid or volunteer work experience.  Some people volunteer as stable hands, at horse riding academies, horse studs and for charities such as riding for the disabled.


A stable hand is someone in charge of the caring for the husbandry needs of horses.  They perform tasks such as feeding, watering and exercising horses, mucking the stables, grooming the horses and getting them ready for riding and other events.  A stablehand is required to be experienced in handling and caring for horses of varying types and temperaments, they would also have to possess a genuine interest in horses and their care.


You can start the course at any time.

It is studied by distance learning, so you can study in the comfort of your own home. But this doesn't mean you are all alone in your studies.  Our highly qualified and friendly tutors are there to help you every step of the way.  If you have any questions at all, they are always happy to help.

Each lesson includes set tasks, and is completed with an assignment which the student submits to their course tutor.  The tutor will mark the assignment and return this to the student with comments and suggestions for further reading.


The Associate Diploma In Equine Studies requires approximately 1,500 hours of study. It is made up of fourteen 100-hour modules, a research project and 100 hours of industry experience/work experience. 

To pass the course –

  1. Pass all assignments on the 100-hour modules. There will be an assignment at the end of each lesson to submit to your tutor for marking and feedback.
  2. Pass 14 examinations – one on each module. These are usually taken at the end of the module and can be arranged at a time and location to suit you.
  3. Complete Research Project I.
  4. Complete a Workplace Project. The project should last around 100 hours. There are four options available to you to satisfy this requirement. Don’t worry if you are not sure at this stage, your tutor will be there to help you every step of the way.



At ACS we provide you with more than just a set of course notes.

Your 'learning package' includes:

  • Course notes.
  • Self-assessment quizzes.
  • Assignment feedback.
  • You can interact one on one with a professional tutor with decades of experience - just email, phone or log on to chat to connect with them.
  • Depending upon your course, your studies may involve independent research, interviews, practical exercises, assessments, Problem Based Learning projects, and more.


"Yes [the course was a valuable learning experience]. It is providing me with new insights and development beyond my former knowledge of this subject. It also provides me with a proper basic knowledge to pursue my dreams in this career path."
Arnold Taen, Netherlands - Diploma in Animal Management

"My time with ACS has been extremely beneficial... and I would recommend the school to anyone seeking to study by Distance Education"
Victor, studying Adv. Certificate in Applied Management (Horses)  


 If you want to work in the equine industry, this course is an excellent option. The Associate Diploma In Equine Studies will provide you with a broad and detailed knowledge of horse care.

  • Understand how to care for horses, and learn about the important aspects of farm management.
  • Specialise in areas of your own particular interest – sustainability, soil management, genetics or event management – which area of the business do you want to develop more specialised knowledge in?  Do you want to work in a management capacity within the industry, or are you looking to expand into your own business?
  • Job opportunities in the equine industry are varied – this course empowers you determine and shape your career path.
  • The course will provide you not only with knowledge about horses and animal care, but it will give you the tools with which to plan and approach problems with the confidence to resolve them.


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Meet some of our academics

Alison Pearce (animal)B.Sc.(Hons) in Animal Science. Masters Degree in Ecotourism. P.G.Cert. Ed. (Science). Alison's first job was in 1982 as a stockwoman, working with pigs in Yorkshire. Within a few years she of that she was working for the University of Western Australia as a Research Technician and instructor with their school of Agricultural Science.In 1989 she moved to Melbourne University as Unit Manager and Instructor in Animal Husbandry. By the mid 1990's she moved back to England to work in Animal Care and Veterinary Nursing at Cambridgeshire College of Agriculture. Throughout her career, Alison has developed and delivered courses in veterinary nursing and animal sciences for vocational colleges and universities in Australia, New Zealand and Australia. She has built a high level of expertise and an outstanding international reputation as an expert in animal sciences.
Dr. Gareth PearceGraduated from the University of Nottingham in 1982 with a B.Sc.(Hons) in Animal Science. Between 82 and 85 worked as Research Assistant and Demonstator in Animal Science at the University of Leeds. Over more than 30 years he has furthered his studies, obtaining eight significant university qualifications including degrees in Veterinary Science, Wildlife Conservation and Animal Behaviour. Gareth has significant teaching experience around the world as a faculty member at eight different universities including Associate Professor at Murdoch University and Director of Studies in Veterinary Science at Cambridge University. He has over 100 prestigious research papers published, and enjoys an outstanding international reputation in the fields of animal and veterinary science.
Cheryl McLardyA scientist, teacher, writer and animal scientist, with more than 20 years experience including: Sports Horse Stud Groom, Stable Manager, Yard Manager, Equine industrial Training Manager, FE Distance Learning Manager. Cheryl has travelled widely, working in England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand; and is now based in Scotland. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons), Higher National Diploma in Horse Management, and a City and Guilds Teaching Certificate.

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Horse CareThis book is an accumulation of information from biology, agricultural science and veterinary medicine. It looks to explore and explain the fundamentals of appropriate horse care aims and techniques. In doing so it will consider horsemanship as a combination of art and science.
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