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Duration (approx) 100 hours
Qualification Statement of Attainment

Study at Practical Horticulture for growing better gardens or crops.

"Advance the development of your practical skills with Practical Horticulture II".

 Further develop your skills of practical horticulture.

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Would you like to become the boss or be your own boss? Acquire the practical skills required by the horticultural supervisor or project manager in a variety of horticultural situations normally learned working under the supervision of a horticultural expert. A step on from Practical Horticulture 1 but a course that can be taken in its own right by those with fundamental horticultural knowledge.

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Study at Practical Horticulture for growing better gardens or crops.

"Advance the development of your practical skills with Practical Horticulture II".

" I really appreciate Gavin's (tutor) comments and look forward to receiving the feedback from him."
- Nadine


Course Content

There are eleven lessons in this course as follows:

  1.    Materials and Equipment
  2.    Horticultural Calculations
  3.    Practical Risk Management
  4.    Machinery and Equipment Assessment and Maintenance
  5.    Propagation Management
  6.    Hard Landscape Maintenance
  7.    Soft Landscape Maintenance
  8.    Practical Plant Identification Techniques
  9.    Pest, Disease and Weed Control
  10.    Identifying plant tissues
  11.    Planning -identifying needs for management of horticultural sites.

Course Duration - 100 self paced study hours (approximately)


Know the Skills, then Plan to Use them Appropriately

Work planning and project management is an important aspect of the type of work that would be generally carried out by the professional horticulturist. It may be in diverse areas within the horticulture industry i.e. a planting program, plant sales program, landscape project, re-vegetation project, sports or turf management, irrigation and drainage systems implementation, production planning (crops and nursery), conservation of natural resource areas, conserve a heritage area and so on. Project management may be under the broad direction of superiors in certain situations however self directed application of knowledge that has substantial depth is expected at this level.

Some supervision is required for this course by an independent horticultural expert such as your work manager or other expert. The course contains all the tips to develop excellent practical skills in the management of a variety of horticultural situations. It covers subject areas such as: horticultural calculations, propagation management, hard and soft landscape management, planning - identifying needs for management of horticultural sites, identifying plant tissue and much more.


Want to take the next step up in your horticultural career or business?

This course can help you to stay ahead of the competition and fulfill your horticultural aspirations.


How This Course Could Help You

This course builds on knowledge and skills acquired through our Practical Horticulture I module which it is intended to complement, although once again the course but may be taken by itself. The emphasis here is more on planning and managing practical tasks, as well as use of machinery. Graduates will also develop skills in plant identification which is very useful in maintaining and establishing gardens. The course is most likely to appeal to those looking to work in the following areas:

Garden establishment

Garden maintenance

Supervisory & foreman roles

General horticulture

Grounds maintenance






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