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Duration (approx) 100 hours
Qualification Statement of Attainment

Learn about construction, repair, and maintenance of brick, stone and concrete structures.

Trade skills are in great demand - masonry structures will need continued maintenance and repair.

  • Learn about the construction and repair of walls, fences, buildings or other structures.

  • Study with ACS and gain the know how and capacity to develop your skills - for your personal interest or for your business.




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Learn to Work with Brick, Stone and Concrete.

  • Learn about the construction and repair of walls, fences, buildings or other structures.
  • Build your own shed, landscape or home.
  • Save money by knowing how to do your own repairs.
  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to work in construction, contracting or property management businesses.
  • Start your own business as handyman, landscaper or something else - study and learn whilst you grow your business.
  • Course duration: 100 hours of self-paced study.
  • Start the course at any time.


The Masonry course comprises 9 lessons as follows:

Lesson 1. Scope And Nature Of Masonry.

Lesson 2. Cement And Concrete.

Lesson 3. Construction Method And Structural Considerations.

Lesson 4. Working With Brick.

Lesson 5. Working With Stone.

Lesson 6. Construction for Fire (inc. Fireplaces, Barbecues etc.).

Lesson 7. Landscape Applications And Hybrid Construction.

Lesson 8. Repair And Miscellaneous Work.

Lesson 9. Building Applications.



  • Describe the materials, tools and equipment used for masonry construction, and the nature and scope of work that might be undertaken by those skilled in the use of those tools and materials.

  • Explain how to use cement as a mortar or in concrete appropriate to the circumstances of construction

  • Explain how to construct with brick stone or concrete in a way which is structurally sound and appropriate to the circumstances.

  • Explain how to work with different types of bricks for different construction purposes

  • Explain how to build different things with different types of stone.

  • Explain how to build fireplaces and other structures that will be exposed to fire. 

  • Explain the use of masonry in the landscape 

  • Explain how stone, brick or concrete should be maintained and repaired when damaged

  • Explain the construction of a house and other type of building with brick, stone and concrete.








Masonry commonly refers to construction with brick, stone or concrete units, joined together to create structures. Those structures may be buildings, fences, walls, or perhaps something else.

Definitions of masonry vary though. One definition may be the work undertaken by a “mason”.  Some definitions describe masonry as working with clay or concrete bricks and stone. Other definitions may consider masonry as working with a more diverse range of materials including glass bricks, cob and ceramic blocks and tiles.

This course is mostly about understanding materials used by bricklayers, stone workers, concreters and masons; and expanding your knowledge of the different ways those materials may be used to both build and repair things.


  • Property owners
  • Handymen
  • Landscape Gardeners
  • Building Contractors
  • Project Managers/Property Developers
  • Garden Designers
  • Property Managers
  • Hardware Store staff


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