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Photography Courses

Online course in management and photography - manage a photo business. Study photographic equipment, technology and practice; with business, marketing, management and office practices.
1500 hour professional training to work in print or electronic media. Study publishing, freelance writing, editing, IT, advertising, research, and more.
More info & enrolment: ASSOCIATE DIPLOMA IN MEDIA VPH003 »
Distance Learning Photography Diploma. Learn technical, artistic and management skills for a professional career in photography or related industries.
More info & enrolment: ASSOCIATE DIPLOMA IN PHOTOGRAPHY (VPH011) »
600 hour certificate in photography -a longer course to learn more, be better and advance your career.
More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN PHOTOGRAPHY VPH002 »
Study Digital Photography, build photographic skills for professional or amateur use. Learn from professional photographers, at home. 100 hour course.
More info & enrolment: DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY BPH202 »
2100 hour, 2+ year full time photojournalism diploma. Develop knowledge and skills to work in photojournalism or the media.
More info & enrolment: DIPLOMA IN PHOTOJOURNALISM VPH009 »
Study Amateur Photography: Develop practical and theoretical knowledge for your hobby. Digital or film. 100 hour course.
More info & enrolment: HOBBY PHOTOGRAPHY APH001 »
Foundation online course in technical photography and the practice of photography. Study cameras, equipment, lighting, fault finding, digital, film, etc
More info & enrolment: INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY BPH100 »
Study online to create exceptional landscape photos - study the principles for creating an impressive image; harness the weather for different effects and develop your individual style.
More info & enrolment: LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY BPH203 »
Learn about using light to create better photographs: optical science, lighting equipment (meters, filters, flash, etc), zone system; studio or on site lighting, etc.
More info & enrolment: PHOTOGRAPHIC LIGHTING BPH204 »
Learn to create a professional portfolio of your photographic work; to use for work applications to employers or presentations to clients.
More info & enrolment: PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTFOLIO BPH301 »
Online course - learn to compose, process and produce different types of photos for different purposes, professional or amateur, portrait, landscape, studio, nature, etc.
More info & enrolment: PHOTOGRAPHIC PRACTICE BPH101 »
Study Photographic Equipment: understand technology that underpins photography.: image formation, sensitometry, lighting, understanding colour, filters, lenses and more.
More info & enrolment: PHOTOGRAPHIC TECHNOLOGY BPH201 »
Study Portrait Photography - a 100 hour distance learning course to take professional photos of people. Capture images of friends or family; start a business, help your career.
More info & enrolment: PHOTOGRAPHING PEOPLE BPH102 »
Learn to tell a story with pictures, as a photojournalist -100 hour, practical course to prepare for work opportunities.
More info & enrolment: PHOTOJOURNALISM PRACTICE I - BPH302 »
Study Travel Photography - take better photos as an amateur; or a professional -learn the principles and different effects to apply in streetscapes, natural areas, interiors, etc.
More info & enrolment: TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY VPH005 »
Learn to photograph weddings and establish a wedding photography business. Learn to plan, shoot the wedding ceremony, then reception, and finally process the photos as a viable business.
More info & enrolment: WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY BPS206 »