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Develop skills in not only photography, but also photographic management (business, office practices, staff management, financial management, marketing etc). Specific photography studies cover Introduction to Photography, Photographic Technology and Photographic Practice, and are relevant to both film and digital..


Want to work in media?

Use the skills developed in this course as a foundation for a career in print, photographic, IT or advertising media.  
This course is packed with the essential information you need to launch yourself into a creative career! 
Studies will include: Freelance writing, advanced freelance writing, introduction to publishing, introduction to photography, photographic technology, photographic practice, digital photography, writing an internet web site (HTML), visual basic programming, advertising and promotions, research project I and 100hrs industry meetings plus other elective modules. This course is internationally accredited through I.A.R.C.

More info & enrolment: ASSOCIATE DIPLOMA IN MEDIA VPH003 »

Develop a career in photography

Develop your photography skills and repertoire, and your ability to present your work for maximum impact to the public, employers, clients, publishers, galleries and others. Gain first-hand experience in photography, presentation, and publishing to prepare you to work in any aspect of photography. This course provides an excellent and diverse basis on which to begin and build a career.
Accredited by International Accreditation & Recognition Council.

More info & enrolment: ASSOCIATE DIPLOMA IN PHOTOGRAPHY (VPH011) »

 Photography Certificate Distance Learning Course


This course prepares you for a career in the photographic industry. It creates awareness and understanding in the industry, helps develop knowledge and skills in using a camera to a professional standard, and teaches you the all important communication and business skills needed to be successful in the real world.

Student Comment (from N. Huettmann, Germany)
"Yes, I do learn a lot" ...." I'm absolutely satisfied"..."Because I already run my own business as a photographer, the freedom to handle the course whenever I find the time is just great".
More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN PHOTOGRAPHY VPH002 »

Home Study Course - Digital Photography

Learn how to take good digital photographs.
For the budding professional or the hobby photographer this course is an invaluable guide to digital cameras and technology.
Learn how to take good photos, use special effects, alter images, how computers can manipulate images and much more.
Get your photos appraised by professionals and get valuable feedback.
You can take this course on it's own or as part of a larger certificate or diploma.

More info & enrolment: DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY BPH202 »


Photojournalists work in publishing (electronic or print media) either self employed (freelance) or in house (employed by a publisher); contributing images and (in smaller enterprises), writing as well to published work. Opportunities are relatively strong and diverse for skilled photographers, but for the person who can also write text and process images using software, demand for this mix of skills has been very high.


More info & enrolment: DIPLOMA IN PHOTOJOURNALISM VPH009 »




This course will show you the way.  An integral part involves you putting into practice what we teach you about film speed, exposure and composition of photographs, and developing your individual photographic style. Photos which you take are carefully considered by professional photographers who advise you on how to improve your photographic techniques.
More info & enrolment: HOBBY PHOTOGRAPHY APH001 »

Learn to take better photographs


  • A comprehensive introduction to still photography relevant to either film or digital photography.
  • To complete the assignments you need access to camera. (Whilst any camera is satisfactory, an SLR is best. Your tutor can advise on buying a camera if you do not have one). 




More info & enrolment: INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY BPH100 »


Learn to capture the essence of the landscape in your images. 

This course will show you the techniques necessary to capture the individual expressions of each landscape.  Learn about special affects, colour richness, photographic terms, & achieving sharpness. Develop your skill in creating different effects, and using different materials & equipment and see the difference show in your pictures.

More info & enrolment: LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY BPH203 »


Learn to use light and lighting equipment to take better photos.

Knowing how to use light is a key element of photographic success.

This course develops your understanding of light in photography and how to use different lighting equipment and techniques to achieve desired effects in a final image.




More info & enrolment: PHOTOGRAPHIC LIGHTING BPH204 »

Create a stunning portfolio of photographs and sell yourself

  • This course is designed to be a component of a larger course (eg. certificate or diploma), and anyone attempting it should have first studied photo practice or a similar course, to develop their skills and style.
  • The focuses on your ability to select appropriate photographs for a purpose and to then present these in an appropriate way.
  • The ultimate aim of the course is for the student to produce a portfolio which can be used to either promote themselves when applying for a job or for making a presentation to a client.




More info & enrolment: PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTFOLIO BPH301 »

Develop skills in taking better photographs.


Learn to compose your photos properly, choosing the appropriate equipment and subject material for desired results. A big part of this course is the opportunity to interact with a professional photographer, who as your tutor will comment on and suggest improved approaches to practical work you undertake throughout the course. 

More info & enrolment: PHOTOGRAPHIC PRACTICE BPH101 »

 Photographic Technology Distance Learning Course

 This is a fascinating area of photographic study which any good photographer needs to understand in order to not only take good photos, but also identify and understand problems when they occur. This course is equally relevant to digital and film covering such things as image formation, light, lenses, filters, colour and the sensitivity of film or electronic surfaces that record the image.

Did you realize that lenses for film cameras are not going to perform the same if used on a digital camera?
More info & enrolment: PHOTOGRAPHIC TECHNOLOGY BPH201 »
Discover many ways to photograph people - study photography by distance learning.  

  • This intensive course will show you how to set up a photo session, organize a studio, create different types of effects, and compose elements of an image to convey the desired impression.
  • A highly practical course, giving you an opportunity to focus on those areas of people photography which are of most interest to you.
  • The course includes categories of photography such as fashion, action, nude, wedding, street and portraiture.




More info & enrolment: PHOTOGRAPHING PEOPLE BPH102 »

Photojournalism Online Course

Gain valuable journalism experience by publishing photos for a student publication.

This course takes you through the processes of selection and publishing for a specific publication, submitting work for publication, and meeting the requirements of an editor and publisher. Under the guidance of a mentor (a photography/publishing tutor), you will learn to write according to specific criteria, deal with a publisher, and communicate effectively with others involved in the publishing process. And, you will come away with at least one published work (maybe more), which will set you on the path to a career as a writer. No matter what you want to write, you will find this a great learning experience.


More info & enrolment: PHOTOJOURNALISM PRACTICE I - BPH302 »

 Home Study Travel Photography

An ideal course for anyone planning a holiday; or wanting to work as a travel photographer. 

Over eight lessons, you will be shown how to achieve a quality record of your trip on film.  Your tutor will advise you on what type of equipment you need and where to buy it.

More info & enrolment: TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY VPH005 »

Wedding Photography Distance Learning Course

Be a Wedding Photographer

At a wedding, the total focus is on the bride and groom - they are the event!  The photography needs to maintain this strong focus on the bride and groom and convey the image that they are first and best in every way on that occasion. The whole concept of a wedding is always romantic, frequently fashionable and preferably overflowing with optimism and life.

More info & enrolment: WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY BPS206 »