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Duration (approx) 100 hours
Qualification Statement of Attainment

Learn how to edit content and prepare layouts

Editing Practice has been substantially revised and updated.
  • Start a career in editing or publishing.
  • Learn the production of an online publication from start to finish.
  • Develop your ability to edit text and illustrations for articles.
  • Prepare the layout for articles.




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Improve your skills in Professional Editing

Editing Practice has been substantially revised and updated.

  • Learn hands-on experience in copy editing an online publication.
  • You will work with a tutor (member of our academic staff) who will oversee your role as copy editor for an online publication.
  • Use your knowledge to start or advance your career.

Course Duration: 100 hours.

Start Date: Start at any time - study at a pace that suits you, and with full tutor support for the duration of your studies.

Format: Study online or by eLearning (USB Memory Stick) - choose where and when you study.  5% discount for online studies.

Lessons: Editing Practice takes you through the processes of editing for a specific publication, submitting work for publication, and meeting the requirements of an editor and publisher.  The course comprises 4 lessons :-

  1. Working to Specifications

  2. Editing Articles for Online Publications

  3. Submitting Articles for Online Publications

  4. Preparing and submitting Layout for publication

Under the guidance of a mentor (a writing/editing tutor), you will learn to edit according to specific criteria, deal with a publisher, and communicate effectively with others involved in the publishing process.

Why is this such a valuable experience?
It is difficult to get a start in the publishing industry. Publishers are usually swamped by people seeking employment, and applicants may not even be considered unless they have already worked in the publishing field. This means that many qualified graduates never even get the opportunity to show what they can do!

This module gives our students just what they need – experience of copy editing. The module gives you that opportunity to work on a real-life publication. With something to show publishers, you have a much better chance of gaining employment in this field. On graduation, you will have a body of work that shows your experience in copy editing for online publications.

Gain hands-on experience as an editor in a student publishing team!
In this course, you will develop essential practical knowledge and skills that you will need in your career as editor or publisher. Under the guidance of a mentor (a member of our academic staff), you will plan, design, write, and publish a magazine, journal, or other publication. Think how that will look on your resumé!

Publishing I and Editing I, or equivalent.
Medium level computer skills.

You can start Editing Practice at any time.

It is studied by distance learning, so you can study in the comfort of your own home. But this doesn't mean you are all alone in your studies.  Our highly qualified and friendly tutors are there to help you every step of the way.  If you have any questions at all, they are always happy to help.

Each lesson includes set tasks, and is completed with an assignment which the student submits to their course tutor.  The tutor will mark the assignment and return this to the student with comments and suggestions for further reading.


  • Professional experience - Our courses are written and taught by experienced professionals, so you know you can expect a high quality of teaching and support.
  • Solid reputation - ACS was established in 1979, and is independently operated.  In this time we have helped and educated many students worldwide.
  • Relevant - our courses are reviewed and frequently updated so you know that they will continue to be relevant to today's world.
  • Start at any time - You can start the course at any time and study at your own pace (we do not impose a time limit for you to complete your studies).
  • Flexible studies - Fit your studies around your own busy lifestyle - we provide full tutor support for all the time you are studying.
  • Study where you want to - online studies offer the flexibility for you to determine where and when you study.


  • Learn the practical side of editing with this distance learning course.
    Continue to work while you study and develop new marketable skills in editing.
  • Take some time for you - improve your job prospects with this 100 hour course.


We encourage and receive a lot of feedback from our students.  You can view some testimonials here.  Below are some of the testimonials received from students who have completed the Editing Practice course:

"I took the course because I needed to learn to edit electronically. My previous editing course dealt almost exclusively with manual editing. What I wasn't prepared for was that a good deal of emphasis was placed on writing as much as editing. I found this very valuable, given that I actually prefer to write, but I also think you need to be able to edit as well."
ACS Student, Editing Practice

"[My tutor] continually challenged me and I rose to it every time. I had to repeat some of my work, but I did so willingly. What makes her so unusual is her positive attitude. I don't feel that she actually criticised me, but always made constructive suggestions aimed at improving my work, which is why I never minded repeating it. I am also grateful for the way she helped me to sell my writing for the first time. All my published work up to when I sold my first article last year was unpaid work. Her suggestions have also helped me to understand that there are many different types of writing and I would like to do a course in advanced freelance writing.
K. Box, Editing Practice


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Meet some of our academics

John MasonWriter, Manager, Teacher and Businessman with over 40 years interenational experience covering Education, Publishing, Leisure Management, Education, and Horticulture. He has extensive experience both as a public servant, and as a small business owner. John is a well respected member of many professional associations, and author of over seventy books and of over two thousand magazine articles.
Dr. Gareth PearceGraduated from the University of Nottingham in 1982 with a B.Sc.(Hons) in Animal Science. Between 82 and 85 worked as Research Assistant and Demonstator in Animal Science at the University of Leeds. Over more than 30 years he has furthered his studies, obtaining eight significant university qualifications including degrees in Veterinary Science, Wildlife Conservation and Animal Behaviour. Gareth has significant teaching experience around the world as a faculty member at eight different universities including Associate Professor at Murdoch University and Director of Studies in Veterinary Science at Cambridge University. He has over 100 prestigious research papers published, and enjoys an outstanding international reputation in the fields of animal and veterinary science.
Maggi BrownMaggi is regarded as an expert in organic growing throughout the UK, having worked for two decades as Education Officer at the world renowned Henry Doubleday Research Association. She has been active in education, environmental management and horticulture across the UK for more than three decades. Some of Maggi's qualifications include RHS Cert. Hort. Cert. Ed. Member RHS Life Member Garden Organic (HDRA) .
Tracey Jones (writing)Tracey has enjoyed creative writing since she was a child. She has had several short stories published and a novella. She is also a keen writer of children's stories and poetry. She has also written many academic and non-fiction books in the fields of psychology, sociology, child development, writing and marketing.

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