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Work in the Equine Industry - Increase your knowledge, get a job or get a promotion!

A course designed to equip students with a range of necessary management and horse care skills. Students undertake core studies in marketing and business operations combined with three stream units in horse care, plus two elective units of study.

Topics covered include: horse psychology & handling, buying a horse, conformation, the digestive system, principles of feeding and watering, pasture management, grooming, shoeing, exercise and conditioning, stable design and general management. Coupled with a workplace project ensures that this comprehensive qualification is to a standard required in the horse industry.

Accredited by the International Accreditation and Recognition Council - IARC

This course provides a useful study option for people in the horse industry who wish to extend their knowledge base and gain an industry relevant qualification”  M. Cullen - (Tutor) Dip. Land Care and Natural Resources, A.D. Stock and Meat Inspection, B. Teaching, B. General Studies


Jump start your management career in the Equine industry

Jump start your management career in the Equine industry with ACSA foundation qualification for a career at management or technician level in the equine industry.  Graduates may find employment opportunities in any horse industry establishment including stables, stud farms, riding schools, veterinary practices, equine supply and service organisations and companies, event management or race courses.

  • Accredited by International Accreditation and Recognition Council.
  • Provides advance standing (credits) in higher qualifications (including Advanced Diplomas and Degrees) with A.C.S. Distance Education, Warnborough College (UK & Ireland), and an international network of A.C.S. affiliated colleges.




Become a Qualified Agriculturist
With a unique skills set, that sets you apart from your competition
This is a very solid certificate, involving around 600 hours of study, it is as intensive as diplomas at some institutions.
Our certificate graduates have seen great success over the more than 3 decades we have been training people; and that has a lot to do with the quality of tutors, service, and the extensive nature of our courses. A longer course takes more effort; but to learn more anywhere, it always takes more effort. You cannot short track quality learning. 

More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN AGRICULTURE »

Equine Husbandry Distance Learning Course

A highly recommended foundation certificate

Students of this certificate will learn in detail about the many facets of keeping a horse at grass or in the stabled environment. Core modules ensure students have a firm understanding of the key elements of caring for their horse. Elective modules are chosen to allow them to undertake more in depth studies in areas such as: animal anatomy and physiology, feed and nutrition, animal health or animal breeding. While the elective modules have a more general large animal focus, the knowledge is easily translated to a horse management situation through the focus of lesson assignments and set tasks.

Once completed this Certificate can be used as credit toward an Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Horses) or Associate Diploma in Equine Studies.

The Nature of Horses - Improve Your Horsemanship
  • Recognise normal and abnormal behaviours in horses.
  • Learn how to respond appropriately and confidently, correcting and rewarding in language horses understand.
  • Study equine behaviour to develop sensitive and informed care, handling and training techniques.
  • Lessons cover simple genetics, perception and behaviour, communication and social behaviour, sexual and reproductive behaviour, learning and training and behavioural problems.

Student Comment: "[The course] was more in-depth than I thought it would be and it was information that I could apply with my own horses. The feedback was very helpful and it was information that could only have been gained from experience with horses. The tutor would always answer any questions that I have and always had something positive and helpful to say!" Paula Grima 

More info & enrolment: EQUINE BEHAVIOUR BAG216 »
Learn to manage the daily requirements of a horse
  • Learn about horse psychology and handling.
  • Evaluate conformation.
  • Understand the importance of dietary requirements to the horse.
  • Learn about the horses digestive system and the principles of feeding and watering a horse.
  • You will also learn to use correct grooming procedures, and develop appropriate horse management procedures.
  • Broaden your existing knowledge of commercial opportunities in the horse world.

More info & enrolment: HORSE CARE I BAG102 »

This course follows on from Horse Care I. While the course is relevant to horses at grass, it does focus more heavily upon care of the stabled performance horse. The course covers feed and nutrition, stabling, foot care, bedding, tack and conditioning of the horse. This is a stand alone course and may be taken without Horse Care I as a prerequisite.


More info & enrolment: HORSE CARE II BAG204 »

Horse Care Distance Learning Course

Manage the health and condition of your horse

Manage the health and condition of horses in different situations. Learn to identify signs of poor condition and ill health, and address the problems appropriately. Understand the things that can stress a horse and increase susceptibility to problems. Learn how to manage situations to minimise risk factors.

This course has been designed to complement Horse Care I and Horse Care II – but can be studied as a “stand alone” subject.

More info & enrolment: HORSE CARE III BAG302 »