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Duration (approx) 900 hours
Qualification Advanced Certificate

Learn and work in the Leisure Industry.

  • Increase your knowledge, awareness of services sought after by clients.
  • Understand how to fulfil clients needs by delivering structured, targeted services in a safe and reliable manner.
  • Understand how to plan and deliver services - working to specifications and budgets.
  • Learn how to mange events and services.
  • Explore possibilities and opportunities for working in the Leisure industry - expanding your skills if you already work in this area, or to gain a foundation of knowledge to seek employment in the Leisure industry.
  • Elective Module options for the course provide students with the opportunity to study diverse subject areas from Fitness and Risk Management, to Ecotour Management.

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Learn about planning, managing and delivering services in the Leisure Industry.

Leisure services overlap on many other industries from sport and tourism to arts and crafts.

  • Learn to understand the broader industry and the career possibilities it offers
  • Develop specific skills to work in any leisure setting, as a leader, manager or in any other capacity.
  • Understand about planning, budgeting and delivering safe events and services.
  • Study 6 Compulsory Modules (3 Core Modules plus 3 Stream Modules), plus a further 3 Elective Modules (approximately 900 hours of study).

The Compulsory Modules

The Core Modules

These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Advanced Certificate in Leisure Studies.

Recreation Leadership VRE100
Event Management BRE209
Leisure Facility Management I BRE205

The Stream Modules

The Stream Modules provide further studies in more specific topic areas.

Industry Project BIP000
Food & Beverage Management BTR102
Bed & Breakfast Management BTR203 

The Elective Modules

In addition to the above modules, students study any 3 of the following modules. The Elective Modules provide students with the opportunity to study areas of specific interest in more detail, gearing their qualification to align more with their own needs and goals.

Travel Photography VPH005
Aromatherapy VHT104
Business Studies BBS101
Classroom Delivery Skills BGN106
Ecotour Management BTR101
Fitness Risk Management VRE104
Freelance Writing BWR102
Health & Fitness I BRE101
Health & Wellbeing VRE102
Leisure Management 1 - Marketing BRE103
Leisure Management II - Human Resources BRE104
Nature Park Management I BEN120
Personal Fitness VRE103
Research Project I BGN102
Sports Coaching VRE109
Tourism 1 BTR103
Aquafitness BRE207
Bar Service VTR204
Bushcraft And Wilderness Activities (Survival Skills) BTR201
Food Preparation - Foundations of Cooking BRE212
Hotel Management BTR202
Internet Marketing BIT204
Leisure Management III - Administration BRE204
Nature Park Management II BEN207
Operations Management VBS201
Project Management BBS201
Research Project II BGN201
Resistance Exercise BRE206
Zoo Keeping BEN208
Ecotourism Tour Guide Course BTR301
Leisure Facility Management II BRE306
Leisure Management IV - Policies & Procedures BRE305
Sports Nutrition BRE303

Studying the Advanced Certificate In Leisure Studies

Each module consists of a number of lessons and assignments to be completed by the student. Each assignment is submitted to the School for marking by your tutor and will be returned with personal feedback and any recommendations for further studies or reading.

There are a total of 8 examinations to be taken for the Advanced Certificate. These are usually taken at the end of each module and can be arranged at a time and location to suit you.

Leisure Services can Provide an Exciting Future

Though many people organise their own leisure needs, many others utilise services provided by recreation organisations. Organised recreation involves three main things: 

  • The consumer (user) of the recreation service. Everyone is a potential user of recreation services.
  • Recreation professionals. These people can serve in many different types of capacities from planning; teaching; group leadership; organising and counselling; through to researching.
  • Volunteer Workers. Recreation programmes and professional workers depend to a large extent on volunteers to make activities and services work.

The main areas within society where recreation services are provided include community, therapeutic, youth, industrial, cultural and the Armed services.  
Some examples of Community Recreation services are: 

  • Children’s playgrounds (supervised and unsupervised)
  • Children’s camps
  • After school and holiday play programmes
  • Teenage coffee shops and drop in centres
  • Organised sports programmes
  • Hobby or adult education courses
  • Organised community service projects
  • Meeting places for clubs and special interest groups
  • Community celebrations and festivals
  • Playing fields, Swimming, tennis, golf facilities
  • Theme parks
  • Organised exercise programmes

In today’s complex society, there are many different groups which can very easily become forgotten when it comes to provision of recreation opportunities. The most obvious group would be disabled persons. There are other groups which can be equally disadvantaged; the elderly, ethnic minorities and new mothers for example.   In a modern, health conscious and generally educated society there should be access to recreation services for all. 

There are certain ‘barriers’ which prevent people from enjoying full and meaningful recreation experiences.  Reasonable examples of these barriers include physical and/or mental disability; language; poverty; poor education; or even accessibility difficulties (no private transport or poor public transport).  

The above outlined ‘barriers’ have an influence in recreation services.  Various economical, demographic and social factors play a role.  Also, people’s attitudes and expectations are also significant influences.  The increasing spread in interest in personal growth, self-realisation, and even holistic health create demands on the recreation industry that possibly were not prevalent 10 years ago. A fundamental consideration which should remain in the forefront of recreation management is inclusion for all.  There should be emphasis on social justice and an understanding of the rights of different social groups with expansion of inclusion in all areas.  

Recreation services should aspire to demonstrate and accomplish a commitment to the premise that access to human services is a right, not a privilege, and human services should enrich people’s lives, by helping those correct deficiencies in their own self-esteem and gain a sense of satisfaction and self worth. In order for the recreation and leisure industry to evolve to meet consumer needs and demands we must think about the way in which recreation services are managed.

Learn to Better Manage Leisure Services

The key to success of any company or organisation is good management. 

Can you explain the difference between ‘good management’ and bad? What do you consider to be good management?

Effective management involves organisational and leadership skills; as well as managing finance and other resources.

  • Learn about planning, managing, and providing targeted services with the Advanced Certificate In Leisure Studies.
  • Broaden your knowledge to advance in your industry, or as a starting point for your career.

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