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Duration (approx) 1000 hours
Qualification Foundation Diploma

Learn about nutrition, well-being, and life coaching with the Foundation Diploma in Nutrition

  • Learn about the different aspects of nutrition - healthy eating, food preparation, foods with medicinal properties and more.
  • Understand the importance of balanced life styles - learn about and how to coach individuals for a healthy life.
  • Learn about health and well-being and how to motivate people.
  • Specialise with elective modules in areas that interest you - Motivation, Starting Your Own Business, Life Coaching, Health and Wellbeing.


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A nutrition course providing a wide range of study in children's nutrition, sports nutrition, weight loss and more

  • Learn the key elements of nutrition - understand the properties of different foods and how these effect people.
  • Understand the different food requirements of individuals - of different ages, and in different circumstances (such as athletes).
  • Learn to plan diets to cater for different food requirements, and how to approach weight control/loss.
  • Learn about therapeutic nutrition - how to maintain or restore optimal nutrition and dealing with food intolerances, disease etc.


The Foundation Diploma In Nutrition is suitable for anyone interested in learning more about healthy nutrition and a balanced diet, such as people involved in catering, health and fitness, teaching, social work, weight loss, working with children, parents, care workers and more.



There are eight Core Modules made up of Nutrition I, II and III, Children's Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Therapeutic Nutrition, Nutrition for Weight Loss, Weight Loss Consultant.  Students are then required to study a further two modules which they select from the following Electives - Motivation, Starting Your Own Business, Life Coaching, Health and Wellbeing.

Course Duration: 1000 hours.

 Start Date: Start at any time - study at a pace that suits you, and with full tutor support for the duration of your studies.

These modules provide foundation knowledge for the QUALIFICATION - FOUNDATION DIPLOMA IN NUTRITION.

Human Nutrition I BRE102
This 9 lesson module provides a broad introduction to the important elements of nutrition and how it affects human health.  Students will learn about the digestive system and how it works.  The module looks at the different food groups and the relevance of the different nutritional elements – fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water.  Students will understand the basic daily intake requirements for a human and be able to determine specific dietary requirements for individuals.  The module concludes with a lesson on disorders related to food and diet.

Human Nutrition II BRE202
Human Nutrition II builds and extends upon the lessons from Human Nutrition I.  In this 8 lesson module, we look further at the dietary intake of individuals and consider how different elements affect the body and physical health, our mental, and emotional health (state of mind).  The module also looks at how food is prepared and the effect this has on its properties and concludes with a lesson concerning when and what we eat.  Students learned in Human Nutrition I how to determine dietary requirements and with this module will also gain a further depth of knowledge which also covers areas such as the different dietary needs for people of different ages, planning diets for different specific purposes, and producing 7 day diet plans.

Nutrition For Weight Loss BRE210
This 9 lesson module focuses on the impact of diet upon weight and looks at different ways of controlling and reducing weight.  The module considers the basics of nutrition and the recommended daily intake of different food types and nutrients.  It looks at different approaches to diet, from popular approaches and fads, as well as the use of commercially available products and supplements.  There are a variety of routes to desired outcomes which include changing eating behaviour and restricting calorific intake and these are all considered in this module.  Often, problems with weight are not directly the result of poor diet, and the module looks at medical conditions and eating disorders which have a bearing on this.  The module is completed with the student undertaking a special project where they present outcomes or recommendations to a dietary problem.

Nutritional Therapy BRE211
Nutritional Therapy is a 9 lesson module concerned with the approach of using nutrients to maintain or restore optimal nutrition and health for an individual.  The module looks specifically at allergies and food intolerance, diabetes, heart disease, cancers, and other conditions and disorders.  The module is concluded with a lesson looking at the planning of diets for someone with a medical condition.

Children’s Nutrition BRE304
Children’s dietary needs are different to those of adults, and continue to change throughout their growth and development.  The 10 lesson course looks at the elements which contribute to a child’s healthy development.  Nutrition starts before birth and the course therefore spans the period from pregnancy through to infants, childhood, and puberty.  As well as looking at the appropriate foods for each developmental stage, it also considers the promotion of good eating habits, and the impact of fast foods and snacks on a diet.  The module includes a lesson looking at the preparation of diet plans, and also includes a problem based learning project which aims to provide some practical experience in the area of providing guidelines for diet.

Human Nutrition III BRE302
This 8 lesson module is concerned with health issues arising from diet.  It looks at foods which can have a negative effect on certain people and diseases that occur as a result of an individual’s diet. Students will consider which foods are harmful to some, whilst offering nutritional benefits to others.  They will also consider properties of different foods – some which may act as a stimulant, for example, and others which may have a positive medicinal effect.  As well as looking at toxicity, the module also contains a lesson on detoxification and cleansing.  Human Nutrition III is then completed with a lesson on consulting and giving advice to others.

Sports Nutrition BRE303
Through 9 lessons, the Sports Nutrition module looks at diet and nutrition for athletes.  Different levels of energy are required at different times and an athletes diet will need to vary to match their physical requirements, whether they be training or in competition.  The module considers how energy is utilised in the human body and the athletes needs for proteins, fats, carbohydrates, other nutrients, and fluids.  Students will learn about the composition of an athletes body, along with weight management, and the use of dietary supplements.

Weight Loss Consultant BRE307
Through 8 lessons, students of the Weight Loss Consultant module will learn about the weight loss industry, studying the scope and nature of weight loss.  The module contains lessons which look at managing a diet, through elements such as portion control as well as food types (calories, fats etc.).  It also considers the psychological aspects and looks at what tools a consultant has at their disposal to evaluate weight and health, and provide nutritional advice.  Particular aspects of the module focus on how a weight loss service may be provided and how a consultation may be conducted.  The module is concluded with a lesson which looks at how a weight loss business might be established and the various aspects which need to be considered.

In addition to the Core Modules, students are to study any 2 of the following 4 Modules.

Health And Wellbeing VRE102
Health And Wellbeing is an 8 lesson module which provides an overview all areas which impact upon an individual’s health and wellbeing on a day to day level.  The module considers the problems of lifestyle which different age groups encounter and the difficulties in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.  As well as looking areas such as stress management, the module includes lessons on preventative health and alternative medicines.

Motivation VBS111
Through 8 lessons, the Motivation module looks at paths to the motivation of individuals and groups.  It considers reinforcement, conditioning, and reward as well as looking at the effect of group influences on personal motivation, and other less direct forms such as space and time management.  The module concludes with a special project where a student will apply their newfound knowledge to plan strategies for improving individual’s motivation in the work place.

Starting a Small Business VBS101
Through 12 lessons, this module introduces you to the world of running a business.  Students will learn about the first steps to take – what types of business there are, planning, and marketing a business.  As well as learning about forming a business, the module considers all important aspects in lessons including planning, budgeting, and bookkeeping.  The module will provide the essentials basics to forming a business and give those studying the pointers to the correct approach to making a success of their venture.

Life Coaching BPS305
This 10 lesson module will enable the student to determine what life coaching is and what distinguishes it from other professions such as psychotherapists, counsellors and so on.  Students will understand the balance and relationship of elements required for a well-balanced life and the relationships between these.  The module highlights key coaching processes and the skills that a life coach needs to develop in order to effectively communicate with their client.  It covers such key areas as psychology, physiology, stress, and nutrition, with the concluding lesson of the module looking at the review procedure and determining whether or not and how a programme may be reassessed.

Food Processing and Technology

This nine lesson course teaches you to plan and manage the processing of food on or off farm; to produce salable food products including: value added in farm products,
factory produced food products suitable for retail selling, cottage industry products and processing food for serving in cafe’s and restaurants.

Not quite ready for the whole Foundation Diploma?  Then please note you can study any of the modules mentioned above as a standalone course.  Simply click on the links above for more details on the courses and fee rates.

You can start the course at any time.

It is studied by distance learning, so you can study in the comfort of your own home. But this doesn't mean you are all alone in your studies.  Our highly qualified and friendly tutors are there to help you every step of the way.  If you have any questions at all, they are always happy to help.

The Foundation Diploma In Nutrition requires approximately 1000 hours of study. It is made up of ten 100 hour modules.

To pass the course –

  1. Pass all assignments on the ten 100 hour modules. There will be an assignment at the end of each lesson to submit to your tutor for marking and feedback.
  2. Pass ten examinations – one on each module. These are usually taken at the end of the module and can be arranged at a time and location to suit you.

This qualification is accredited by IARC (International Accreditation and Recognition Council).


  • Learn extensively about all the different factors of nutrition – differing requirements (children, athletes, weight control, aged people etc.), properties of foods – therapeutic and medicinal benefits, and planning diets.
  • Suitable for those looking to work a wide range of different areas – social workers, teaching staff, lunch time and food preparation staff, counsellors.

Promotion? You will have a greater span of knowledge than colleagues - this will be beneficial in your career development and enable you to move into a particular area of responsibility.
What could this course lead to? You could move into more responsible, management positions, or start your own business.
You want to be in a position of responsibility where you can make a difference, or you are seeking a management role or even looking to start your own business -  to succeed you will need passion, persistence and a willingness to do whatever it takes.

Ask Yourself:

  • Do you want to understand more about healthy nutrition?

  • Do you want to help others live a healthy, well balanced life?

  • Do you live a busy life and would like to study at times to suit you?

If you have answered yes to all of these questions, then this is the course for you.

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