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Study Herb Management and Business Management by Distance Learning.

This 700 hour course devotes a considerable amount of time to "getting to know" the industry, its current state and its future potential areas of opportunity.

  • Learn about the management of herbs.
  • Train to be managers or owner/operators in herb businesses, farms, nurseries or herb handling businesses.
  • Understand how to develop herb products, such as fresh produce, dried produce, oils, essences, crafts and medicines.
  • Develop skills to manage a herb business.
  • Study with the experts – our tutors!
  • Accredited by IARC.



Study Aromatherapy and learn more about growing and using essential oils.

This course is a safe introduction to the use of aromatherapy oils. You can study the course in your own home with support from our highly experienced and friendly tutors. They are there to guide you all the way.  The course is suitable for anyone wanting to use aromatherapy in the home or to use herbal oils for work.

Enrol today and take a step toward better understanding herb oils and their use.


More info & enrolment: AROMATHERAPY VHT104 »

Extend Your Knowledge and Passion for Herbs

  • Study in your own home at your own pace.
  • Learn more about herb production and growth.
  • Improve your job prospects or your own business.
  • Learn from industry experts – our tutors!

“A herb growers course designed for those serious about entering the herb growing industry – covers all types of herbs from culinary through to ornamental and medicinal. This course will give you the confidence to succeed in this interesting field.“
Gavin Cole B.Sc., Psych.Cert., Cert.Garden Design, MACA ACS Tutor

This course has been operating for decades and is designed for people who are involved, or wanting to become involved in the business of herbs. It covers less horticulture and focused more strongly on herbs than the Certificate  in Horticulture -Herbs. This course is more appropriate for the small business operator who not only grows herbs but also harvests and value adds (eg. perhaps producing herb products).

More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN HERBS VHT014 »

Learn more about both herbs and horticulture with this specialist course. 

A 700 hour course for those who work, or wish to work in the herb industry with half of the course teaching general horticulture, and the other 50% focusing on growing, harvesting, using and marketing of herbs (and herb products). 

The Core Unit - Herb Culture - covers; Introduction to Plants (taxonomy, plant families, basic botany),  Plant Culture (planting, potting, plant selection, pruning, irrigation, tools and machinery), Soils and Nutrition (soil structure, chemistry, nutrition, potting media),  Plant Identification and Use (seed harvesting and storage, germination treatments, cuttings) and Pests, Diseases and Weeds (identification and treatments -chemical and non chemical).
You then choose two optional modules from Aromatherapy, Culinary Herbs, Medicinal Herbs, Lavender and Scented Plants. 

Accredited through International Accreditation & Recognition Council


Learn to Grow and Use Different Herbs in Cooking

Edible herbs are important commercial products -
Growers farm them, Factories process them, Cooks use them.
Get a job or start a business in herbs!

"A great introductory course for those wanting to include herbs in their cooking but have been too afraid to do so. Covering a wide range of popular and not so popular herbs, this course will have you cooking with confidence!"
Gavin Cole B.Sc., Psych.Cert., Cert.Garden Design, MACA, ACS Tutor.

Learn how to identify and successfully grow dozens of common and uncommon edible herbs. Develop your skills and experience the delights of cooking adventurous new recipes with herbs. Learn drying and other methods of preserving the flavour (eg. herb oils, salts, vinegars).
Eight lessons as follows cover common and less common herbs used for cooking.
More info & enrolment: CULINARY HERBS VHT242 »

Learn how to grow Lavender

  • Learn from industry experts - our tutors!
  • Study in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Designed for the Lavender enthusiast who is interested in the basics of Horticulture.
  • A great course for anyone interested in growing lavender for personal and commercial reasons.

More info & enrolment: GROWING LAVENDER BHT228 »

Understand herb growth and herb culture.

A useful course for the enthusiastic amateur or someone wanting to set up their own business.

Study in your own time and at your own pace.

Learn with industry experts – our tutors!

"If you want to gain a very solid understanding of herbs, their culture and how to set up your own herb business then you need look no further. This would have to be one of the most detailed courses around. This is not a light weight course – you will be challenged throughout."
Gavin Cole B.Sc., Psych.Cert., Cert.Garden Design, MACA, ACS Tutor.

This course is designed to develop a solid grounding in herb growing and the herb industry. Half of the course deals with general herb culture, including identification, soils, mulching, feeding, watering, propagation, pest and disease control, harvest, storage, processing, companion planting, nursery management and herb farming. The remainder of the course involves detailed studies of major groups of herbs such as: mints, thymes, lavenders, scented geraniums, garlic, roses, artemisias and parsley.

More info & enrolment: HERB CULTURE BHT114 »

Learn how to grow herbs

  • An excellent introductory course to herbs.
  • Learn to grow herbs effectively.
  • Study different varieties of herbs.
  • Study in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Learn from experts in their field.


"An introductory course for the beginner – you will gain a good grasp of basic herb growing and be able to identify a range of herbs. An excellent starting point."
Gavin Cole B.Sc., Psych.Cert., Cert.Garden Design, MACA ACS Tutor




More info & enrolment: HERBS (Basic Course) AHT108 »

Find Out How Some Plants Can Promote Health

Medicinal herbs have been used by man for thousands of years. Even today, many societies around the world still make great use of medicinal herbs from knowledge which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Study this course to learn how to identify and administer herbs for medicinal purposes. Find out from the experts.

The course will not train you to be a qualified naturopath, but will help you on your journey to becoming one. It is a great introduction to medicinal herbs. A very down to earth and practical course that moves away from the romance and myths associated with herb growing towards a more solid and scientific approach.



More info & enrolment: MEDICINAL HERBS BHT227 »

Learn about herbs, how they are used and how to produce them.

The Proficiency Award in Herbs is for those who want to become an expert in herbs.

  • Increase your knowledge - for your customers or to improve your own career prospects.
  • Elective modules enable you to specialise in an area of your choice.
  • The course includes essential elements such as soils, nutrition, how to cope with pests and diseases, cultivation and propagation.


More info & enrolment: PROFICIENCY AWARD IN HERBS VHT058 »

"Learn to identify, grow and use scented plants"

  • Grow scented plants for pleasure or to start your own fragrant plant business.
  • Learn everything from growing to marketing of the plants.
  • Study in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Our tutors are all experts in the field.

If you have always wanted to bathe your garden in the gentle fragrance of scented plants, then this is a good place to start! There is more that you can do to create fragrance in your life!

Perhaps you have thought about starting your own business with the use of fragrant plants, you will learn a lot from this course.

The course covers everything from soil types, pests and diseases and greenhouse growing to marketing and plant health. It's all covered, so now there is no excuse to not indulge your passion!

More info & enrolment: SCENTED PLANTS BHT229 »