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Herbs Courses

Online Certificate -half management, half herb production: Learn herb identification, growing and use, as well as management theory and practice. Prepare for a career or to develop a business.
Online course - learn to identify and grow herbs and fragrant plants for aromatherapy; and understand how, where and why extracts from those plants can be safely used for therapeutic purposes.
More info & enrolment: AROMATHERAPY VHT104 »
Study online -herb identification, culture, harvest and processing; then using harvested herbs (eg. in landscaping, medicines or cooking); & finally study a series of herbs in greater depth.
More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN HERBS VHT014 »
Online certificate course. Study general horticulture (identifying plants, soil, pests, watering, pruning, etc), landscaping & propagation; then focus on herbs to be a horticulturist and herb specialist.
Learn to grow and use different herbs in the kitchen. Edible herbs are important commercial products -Growers farm them, Factories process them, Cooks use them. Get a job or start a business.
More info & enrolment: CULINARY HERBS VHT242 »
Learn lavender identification, growing and use. Explore a passion or build knowledge and skills to work with lavender in the herb, perfume, landscaping or cropping industries.
More info & enrolment: GROWING LAVENDER BHT228 »
Learn herb identification, growing and use. An intense course for the serious herb grower or passionate amateur; focused on commercial production.
More info & enrolment: HERB CULTURE BHT114 »
A practical online course for amateur gardeners covering all the commonly grown herbs where you grow, harvest and use herbs in cookery, crafts, and more.
More info & enrolment: HERBS (Basic Course) AHT108 »
Learn medicinal herb taxonomy, culture and uses - types and preparation of remedies, .poisonous plants production planning etc. Explore opportunities with herbs.
More info & enrolment: MEDICINAL HERBS BHT227 »
Online professional development course in herbs and herb production. A flexible CPD program for people working in the herb industry to learn more through theoretical and practical training.
More info & enrolment: PROFICIENCY AWARD IN HERBS VHT058 »
Learn to grow your own scented plants, what are scented plants, pest and disease of scented plants, roses, lavender, herbs, propagation, and more.
More info & enrolment: SCENTED PLANTS BHT229 »