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Become an expert home gardener - study this Foundation Certificate in Plant Growth for Horticulture Level 2
ACS courses have been educating people across the UK and beyond, for many years.
  • This course is a great starting point for studying horticulture
  • It lays a foundation for further ACS Courses or for more advanced courses.
  • Learn about plants, understand your garden and how to make it exceptional!
The course covers:
  • The Plant Kingdom.
  • Plant Nutrition, The Root Environment.
  • Pests, Diseases and Weeds.
  • Sexual and Asexual Propagation.



Distance Learning Fruit Growing at Home Course

"Learn how to grow fresh fruits at home"

  • Study the principles and theory of growing fruit at home.
  • Learn from experts in the field – our tutors!
  • Study in your own home and at your own pace.

To pick and eat fruit from your own garden is a wonderful, healthy and satisfying experience.  This course aims to expand your capacity to do just that.

More info & enrolment: HOME FRUIT GROWING AHT104 »

Become an expert in your own garden!

  • An advanced course in home gardening.

  • For anyone who wants to become an expert in their own garden.
  • Study in your own home and at your own pace.
  • Learn from our highly qualified and experienced tutors.


This is a blue ribbon course aimed at garden enthusiasts who want the best! Become a true garden guru, impress your friends and family with your gardening knowledge or just become confident in your gardening abilities.



More info & enrolment: HOME GARDEN EXPERT COURSE AHT101 »

Learn how to make your own vegetable garden at home 

  • Understand the principles of growing vegetables at home.
  • Learn how to get a healthy crop.
  • Watch plants grow from seed to harvest!

Harvest your crop and know that the armful of vegetables you have just gathered for the evening meal will be on the table within an hour or two! An exciting and satisfying experience with the added benefits of knowing that you and your family are eating the freshest, healthiest chemical free produce.





More info & enrolment: HOME VEGETABLE GROWING AHT102 »

Landscaping Distance Learning Course - Learn how to design and construct your own home garden 


  • Learn the principles of landscaping for your own home.
  • Learn how to plan, lay out and construct your own home garden and how to identify and chose plants most suited to your situation.
  • Study to develop your own landscaping business.
  • Study in your own home supported by our expert tutors.

Have the garden of your dreams!
This course concludes with a special project to help you help you develop a stunning garden that will be admired and enjoyed by you, your friends and neighbours.

More info & enrolment: LANDSCAPING HOME GARDENS AHT103 »