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This is a requirement in some certificates, diplomas and other qualifications.

The IndustryProject is designed to foster networking, practical skills and industry awareness.  There are various ways that the requirement can be satisfied and it can be completed from wherever you live in the world.

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Journalism Home Study Course

Develop your ability to write articles to specification and submit those articles for publication in a periodical (ie. Newspaper, Magazine or Ezine). By the end of this course, you will actually have something published!
More info & enrolment: JOURNALISM PRACTICE I BWR203 »

Learn about construction, repair, and maintenance of brick, stone and concrete structures.

Trade skills are in great demand - masonry structures will need continued maintenance and repair.

  • Learn about the construction and repair of walls, fences, buildings or other structures.

  • Study with ACS and gain the know how and capacity to develop your skills - for your personal interest or for your business.




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Develop your capacity to identify, select and apply knowledge and skills to appropriate perform workplace tasks in any industry.


  • Develop your capacity to identify, select and apply knowledge and skills to appropriate perform workplace tasks in any industry.
  • Through a PBL (problem-based learning) study program this and other workshop projects will develop a "real world" relevance in your overall learning experience.
  • The Workshop modules/courses provide the same outcomes as would normally be achieved by attending face to face or residential workshops. By utilising a PBL approach to learning which has been tried and proven over many years, we have been able to refine this module to create a very effective program that can relate to any discipline in a specific and very practical way. In short, it works and it can be undertaken from anywhere in the world, with the student working in one to one liaison with an academic member of our staff.







More info & enrolment: WORKSHOP I BGN103 »

Develop your ability to perform a variety of scientific or technical procedures, using problem based learning strategies (PBL)

  • The Workshop II course increases your knowledge of performing scientific and technical procedures through the use of problem based learning strategies. 
  • What is PBL? Problem-based learning has been defined as: “A learning method based on using problems as a starting point for acquisition and integration of new knowledge.”
  • PBL involves working through a problem in communication with one or more other people, to find and report on possible solutions. The project is well structured and the final report is highly specified. The student learns not only about the subject, but also how to work to specification, and by following the specified pathway set down, they strengthen many valuable generic life skills in a way that relates to the discipline concerned.








More info & enrolment: WORKSHOP II BGN203 »

Develop more in depth practical skills for working on and solving problems in and discipline

  • Develop your ability to plan, implement and assess management strategies, applicable to your industry sector

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