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Practical Courses -All Disciplines Courses

How to gain course credits through work experience, voluntary or paid. How industry projects work at ACS Distance Education.
More info & enrolment: INDUSTRY PROJECT BIP000 »
100 hour practical journalism course -Develop your journalism shills by studying from home at your own pace under guidance of writing professionals.
More info & enrolment: JOURNALISM PRACTICE I BWR203 »
Learn about trade skills for bricklaying, stone masonry and concrete work - 100 hour distance education course for building or landscape construction work.
More info & enrolment: MASONRY BSS101 »
Student Enrolment Reactivation. How a student can reactivate their course after a period of deferment.
Learn Research, Product development, and Scientific investigation skills for business and career opportunities: studying online and by distance education, with Problem Based Learning and experiential learning.
More info & enrolment: WORKSHOP I BGN103 »
Learn to deal with technical and scientific issues in a work environment, collecting and analysing information properly and developing better products or services.
More info & enrolment: WORKSHOP II BGN203 »
Learn Research, Product development, and Scientific investigation skills to better solve problems in a workplace.
More info & enrolment: WORKSHOP III BGN302 »