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Animal Health And Welfare

Caring for animals properly starts with knowledge and awareness of the animal’s needs, and things that can threaten the animal’s well-being.

The ACS 20 hour short course is aimed at people who work with animals, care for animals or are undertaking studies in animal care. This course can provide a very solid introduction to understanding animal health and welfare for any situation.

It is ideal for pet owners, it will empower you to make better decisions about caring for your pets.

For anyone working on a farm or in a zoo or an animal health care setting, it will broaden and deepen an understanding of what is required in day to day work.

The course will also help anyone aspiring to work with animals as it will improve their knowledge, expand their awareness of employment opportunities, and put themselves in a better position to seek employment working with animals.

Here are some of the topics that are covered in the course:

  • Preventing disease and injury.
  • Understanding and inspecting health issues.
  • Animal first aid.
  • Some common illnesses in animals.

As with all ACS courses, students can enrol at any time and study at their own pace.

Our 20 hour short courses are a great introduction to a wide range of subjects.  Students who may not be sure about committing to a full course, may find these as a useful starting point for future studies.

View further details of the 20 hour short course on Animal Health And Welfare.

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