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The Permaculture Design Certificate


Permaculture means Permanent Agriculture.  As the name reflects Permaculture is a philosophy and a practical approach to developing and designing sustainable human settlements. It represents a natural approach to creating sustainable systems, where the components of the system live in an integrated, balanced and harmonious, natural manner.

The concept of Permaculture was developed by ecologist Bill Mollison, and his student David Holmgren in Australia.

Born in 1928 Mollison is often called the ‘Father of Permaculture’. With David Holmgren,  Bill co-developed an integrated system of design. This encompasses agriculture, horticulture, ecology, strategies on land access, architecture, as well as financial and legal management of businesses and communities.

Bill has been largely instrumental in promoting and popularising this concept to a point where it is now a significant global movement, largely with a life of its own. As such, this has formed a unique and visionary approach to many of our current global issues.

You can watch a short video on what is permaculture here.


The Permaculture Design Certificate is awarded to students who demonstrate an understanding of the principles, ethics, design and implementation methods and techniques that are core to the field of permaculture.

ACS offer three different pathways to achieving a PDC. To be awarded a PDC students need to complete the courses and exams in one of the following pathways:


Complete Permaculture I, II, III, and IV.

Permaculture I (Introduction to Permaculture) VSS104
Permaculture II (Plants and Permaculture) VSS105
Permaculture III (Animals in Permaculture Systems) VSS106
Permaculture IV (Permaculture Design and Management) VSS107


Complete the Permaculture Systems course.

Permaculture Systems Course BHT201


Complete the Certificate In Horticulture (Permaculture) course.

Certificate In Horticulture (Permaculture) VHT002

ACS Distance Education is a member of the Permaculture Association (UK) and The Alternative Technology Association (Australia).


To find out more about studying for a PDC and which Pathway is most appropriate for your aims, please get in touch with one of our Permaculture tutors today. They will be happy to explain more about the courses and look at the different study options available.

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