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ACS - Our Students Stand Out In The Crowd

We are Different!

Many colleges and universities struggle with change in today’s world.
As a result, some are simply not meeting their student’s expectations; but not ACS.

  • Our focus is global (courses written and delivered jointly by experts in different countries), and develop a capacity to adapt skills and apply knowledge to a changing world.
  • Courses are continuously updated. Feedback is sought from every student, as well as staff, and any valid issues raised are the basis of immediate changes to the courses.
  • We develop ability adapt to industry changes (more than current competencies).
  • Study a totally unique study programme! (impossible at most institutions, but not here).  Being unique does give you an edge! (Ask and see how we do this).

This uniqueness has resulted in outstanding career and business successes amongst our students.


How We Teach

  • Lots of options: Choose from online or courses on a USB memory stick. We communicate (depending on the courses) through words, drawings, photos, video, voice etc.
  • Very practical. Many courses incorporate PBL (Problem Based Learning), networking, research, real life observation tasks and other practically oriented work. Most students not only learn about their subject but also, through their studies, develop contacts and relationships with expert tutors and industry professionals.
  • Personal Interaction. Every student is treated as an individual and given serious individual attention by not one, but a team of experts. We provide lots of mechanisms for you to interact with tutors, administration staff and also fellow students. If you embrace and use these, an ACS distance education course can involve more (and easier) one on one interaction than what you are likely to obtain through attending classes at a university or vocational college (Where personal attention today has all too often become an under-financed luxury).



  • Established in 1979, by John Mason, well known Author (over 40 books and 150 magazines published in horticulture, agriculture, fitness and business).
  • Recognised provider of Education and Training through the British Education Dept., member of various peak industry bodies in Australia and the UK.
  • Exceptionally well qualified Academics (all tutors have at least 5 years industry experience following a 3 year full time diploma or degree). Many are active industry leaders aware of industry needs: courses reflect that awareness.
  • Around 4000 students in 56 countries.



  • Unlimited tutor support on any matter related to courses you are studying. Tutors and administration centres provide support both in the UK and Australia, giving access to ACS 16 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • Prompt support – priority is given to enrolled students. Student correspondence is generally answered within 1 working day, and often sooner if not on receipt, assignments are marked  within 7 days of receipt.

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