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How A USB Memory Stick Works

Studying on a USB Memory Stick is Even Better than Online

Studying on a computer has a lot of advantages, including:

  • Transportability - You avoid carrying heavy books everywhere. You can boot up a computer and start studying whenever and wherever it suits you. You can even view a course on a hand held device that can be carried in your pocket (e.g. iPhone).
  • Searchability - Information in a course can be found by searching electronically instead of having to wade through paper.
  • Cost - Colleges can provide information, photographs etc, easier and cheaper than in printed notes and books.
  • Interactivity - Students can be given programming that allows interactivity, such as asking questions, allowing them to answer, then reporting the results (correct or incorrect).

These advantages can be found in any type of electronic learning (ie. e-Learning).

Studying online is one popular form of e-Learning, but online education can have some disadvantages:

  • Connectivity - You need to be able to connect to the internet when you want to study, and the reliability of the internet connection can sometimes be a problem.
  • Cost - Online training systems are often expensive for a college to establish and maintain. These costs may be passed on to the student, and though perhaps cheaper than using books and notes, online training can be more expensive than a Memory Stick.

The USB Memory Stick Option
This can offer all of the advantages of online training, and none of the disadvantages

Our staff have over the years written a large range of books and eBooks, many of which are are available through our school's online book store.

To visit the book store and browse some of these titles, click on any of the books below:

Colleges offering CD Courses include:


Warnborough College ( U.K. )

Based in Canterbury in the UK , Warnborough operates through a network of affiliate institutions in the USA , Asia and elsewhere.

Warnborough College Ireland
Based in Ireland offering degrees and post graduate qualifications both by course work and metoring, across the world. ACS offers a range of bachelors degree, and a pre med diploma jointly delivered with Warnborough


Lifestyle Learning Direct

LLD is a relatively new institution, but part of a large 30 year old Gold Coast Company with a reputation for quality and service.


Australian College of Sports and Fitness (Sydney, Australia) "Nationally recognised Fitness qualifications including the Certificate III and Certificate IV of Fitness". Phone: (02) 9283 2588     



Health Academy Australia

(incorp. Medical Pages)

PO Box 119, Mudgeeraba, Qld. Australia, 4213

Website: &


Courses Direct

UK Website:

Australian Website:
NZ Website:

Warwickshire College

Warwickshire College is a large further education college with two of its 6 campus's solely dedicated to the study of land based subjects. Courses can be studied part-time, full-time and via distance learning at all levels from short courses to full honours degrees.  It’s Distance Education School has offered a small range of equine courses for a number of years. The College has recently been graded as 'Outstanding' in the 2008 Ofsted Inspection and has some of the most highly qualified teaching staff in the country.

Pershore College is a part of Warwickshire College. It is one of the Uk's most reputable and long established horticulture schools, based in Worstershire, south of Birmingham.   




The Garden Design Academy

45 Rue de Varennes, 36210 Chabris, France

Phone 0033 (0) 254 40 15 42





ACS Distance Education UK

Australian Correspondence Schools



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