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Changed study Approaches

A few years ago, here at ACS Distance Education, if someone enrolled we would post out a paper version of the course. People would enrol through the post. It seems so different to how things are now, but it is really not that long ago.

Today, with advances in technology and the way people work, we now offer courses online and by e-Learning, where students receive the course on a USB memory stick. But is this form of learning better for us?

Some researchers argue that spending too much time on computers and TV screens can be bad for us mentally and physically. It is easy to adopt a bad posture when working on a computer and this can cause backaches and headaches. We can also become so focussed on what we are doing that we do not move around enough, although this can be alleviated by taking regular breaks (perhaps by going to make a drink etc.). There can therefore be some negatives to studying online.

However, there are also a lot of positives to studying online.

Study Anywhere

You are in the coffee shop, on the train, on the bus, waiting for your children to come out of school or a club, sitting at the doctors or dentist waiting for an appointment. Once you might have sat twiddling your thumbs, daydreaming or flicking through an old magazine, but today, with ACS, you can study. You can make good use of your time.

We offer short courses requiring 20 hours of study through to certificates and diploma level qualifications.  Imagine being able to complete a 20-hour course while sitting in the coffee shop? Students can study as little or as much as they want. If you spent 30 minutes a day in the coffee shop at lunch time, for example, that would be 2.5 hours per week and you would finish a 20-hour course in 8 weeks. Or even quicker if you gave it more time.

If working online, you are also able to email our tutors from wherever you are. They are always happy to help you with any questions, or problems, and you can also submit assignments to us whilst working online.

Study when you want

Short courses can be useful for your professional development, CPD, a hobby or for interest.  You may want to study a more in-depth qualification, but you can still study in your own time and at your own pace.

The modern world can seem hectic and busy, but technology also enables us to study at times that we might not have been able to before. In the past, to study in a coffee shop, we might have had to carry a big folder of notes with us. Today we can study on a mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

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