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Granting Exemptions - RPL and Credit Transfer

Continuing education and increasing our knowledge is important today.  You may already have studied, but are looking to improve and update that knowledge. We can help.

You may have studied horticulture, agriculture, psychology, writing and many other topics. We offer the opportunity for you to update and upgrade your existing qualifications, whilst gaining credit for what you have already studied.

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If you are interested in using your existing qualifications towards one of our courses, then why not consider recognition of prior learning.

It is possible to claim for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) if you have already learnt things which are taught in a course, either through previous study or work experience.

You may then be able to apply for credit towards the course you have chosen, to avoid the need to repeat material you have already studied and this then reduces the time you need to spend on the course.

Every person who applies for RPL with ACS will be looked at on an individual basis, but we consider your application using some broad principles.

These principles are –

  • We need evidence to support your application. This may be references from people you have worked for, certificates of previous studies.  We will also need to know the time you spent on your studies and work.

  • It is best to try to apply for exemption from a whole module. If you think you have covered part of a module in a course, it may be best to cover the whole module OR consider taking another module that suits you better. Our tutors are more than happy to advise on this.

  • If you would really prefer to take a module where you have already studied part of the course, this is possible. We can provide exemption from some of the assignments, but we are not able to reduce fees in this case.

  • We do not want you to repeat learning experiences where you are already very knowledgeable about that subject, but also consider that there are exams at the end of the module, so it is important to be sure that you have covered all topics required in the exam.

If you would like to apply for RPL please click here.

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