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Value for Money Courses

Are you getting value for money in the courses you take?
In the modern world, we are all encouraged along the path of lifelong learning. We need to continue to learn and develop to stay up to date with an ever-changing world.

To this end, many of us will be taking courses of study regularly, but are you getting value for money?

A cheap course may look good, but are you really learning what you need to learn?
Or is really a short quick course without much content.

You may look at the cost of a course and think, that is cheap or that is expensive, but it is not just the cost that you should consider. You should also consider whether it is good value for money.

A £100 course that would only take 5 hours to study and has no tutor involvement is costing you £20 an hour. Whereas one of our 100 hour courses would cost you £325, which is only £3.25 an hour. For this price, you get a detailed and intensive 100 hour course AND tutor support from our highly experienced and well qualified tutors.

In each course, there are a number of assignments. For example, in Managing Mental Health in Adults, there are nine lessons with an assignment at the end of each lesson, so nine in total. Each of these assignments, you submit to your tutor for detailed feedback and support.

We are not saying our courses are quick and easy. We are not saying we will give you a qualification for doing hardly any work.

We ARE saying that

  • We offer high quality tutor support and feedback throughout the course.
  • If you have any questions, you can ask your tutor and they are more than happy to advise.
  • We offer high quality learning materials.
  • We offer excellent administration support.
  • We also offer VALUE FOR MONEY.

If you would like to learn more about our courses, then please visit or contact us via our free course counselling with any questions you may have.
Some examples of our 100 hour courses
Introduction to Psychology
Stress Management
Life Coaching
Animal Husbandry I
Hydroponics I
Permaculture Systems
Creative Writing
Writing for Children
Writing Poetry
Marketing Foundations
Home Hydroponics
Commercial Vegetable Production

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