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Careers in Science

Most science students tend think of career opportunities as being competative and restricted largely to teaching or research.

There are in fact a diverse range of other options; but students should also be careful about their choice of studies if they are to optimize their career opportunities.


  • Take Applied modules (or courses) in preference to theory modules (or courses)
  • Take some non standard courses (If you have modules different to others at a job interview, you will stand out as having something different to offer).
  • Take modules that develop a skill which can enhance other scientific knowledge in a way that can be sold to employers or clients (eg. Environmental Assessment, Project Management, Computer Programming, Freelance Journalism, Business Studies, etc).
  • Enhance a basic Academic Science Qualification by studying shorter  complementary vocationally oriented courses. 

Further Studies

Consider a certificate course after a science diploma or degree.  Here are some scenarios that can work for science graduates to develop their career potential:

  • A Biological Science Graduate who completes a Marketing Certificate may get a job as a marketing manager or sales representative dealing with scientific equipment or products.
  • An Environmental Science Graduate who studies a certificate in Landscape Design or Draftsmanship  may get employment with a Planning office
  • A graduate in Botany who does a horticulture certificate may obtain employment in a Parks Department or Plant Nursery
  • A Physics graduate who completes a certificate in mechanics may find it easier to gain work in automotive engineering.
  • A graduate in Chemistry who undertakes a course in food science may gain work easier with a food manufacturer
  • A graduate who undertakes studies in management or business may gain a junior management position in an organisation providing scientific products or services

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