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Learn Successfully

How Do You Learn Successfully?
Whatever the type of education, whether classroom based, distance learning, book learning, audio learning etc., learning works best when students participate. This can be easier for some students than others. For example, some students may find it easy to go and ask a teacher a question, some may find it easy to put up their hand in class, some may find it easier to email a distance learning tutor and ask a question.
“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.”  Bruce Lee
Some students may find it hard to ask a tutor a question at all. But all students should be encouraged to ask and learn, even if you are studying by distance education or online. We learn by gaining information. This can be through reading, writing, observation and also by asking others. We all have different learning styles to and once you have found yours, whether you are someone who learns more by seeing by listening or by hands on practical work it makes study and learning a whole lot easier.
The most effective learning tool for the student, in any learning situation is to ask questions.
  • Your learning is your own responsibility, you have a choice, what you choose to do and how well you do it.
  • The more you ask questions, the easier it becomes to ask questions
  • Good direct questions should give good thorough answers
  • You are perfectly entitled to say “I do not understand”; and if you remain confused after being answered; you are equally entitled to say “I still do not understand”.
  • If a student finds it difficult to ask; they could start by asking questions before or after class; or writing a question down.
Teachers should encourage students to ask questions; foster participation by all; and be aware and sensitive to those who do not naturally participate in asking questions. If you find it personally difficult to ask questions, be aware of this then and work on conditioning yourself to ask more questions to foster more complete better learning.
More tips for better learning
Create a Definite positive focus for you learning 
  • Do this by identifying and writing down why you are studying, and where you might use what you learn in the future (This may build awareness of relevance, and in doing so raise your sub conscious motivation.)
  • Be more attentive, determine to focus on your future gains by concentrating now
  • Learn to put your mind into a positive and enthusiastic state before studying (e.g. For some this can involve meditation techniques, everyone should be well rested and properly fed; healthy and well.
  • Be prepared before starting a lesson (Whether attending a lecture or reading notes, unless you have an understanding of what you were supposed to learn in a previous lesson; you are unlikely to get the full benefit from what you confront in the next).
  • Do not try to rush though a course with minimal effort in order to simply complete it.
  • Communicate with fellow students, or anyone else who has studied, is studying or just has an interest in what you are studying.
  • Understand your teacher, the course, the methods that are being used to teach you and the aims that you and the teacher are working toward
  • Know the expectations of your teacher
Read a book, do a course, join an organisation; talk to people, observe the world.
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