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Water Gardening

Water Gardens

Well managed ponds, that are kept filled up, are needed, so that birds have somewhere to drink and amphibians have somewhere to hang out.

It is very important to remember that urban gardens play an increasingly important role as wildlife refuges. Gone are the days when gardens were pesticide-soaked, biodiversity deserts. Building a water garden is a very simple way to increase the number of natural predators in your garden. Some of these may also become dinner themselves to birds, so a pond is a wonderful way to bring life to your garden.

A garden may be defined as a place where plants and people meet. However, a garden without any animals will seem flat and strangely life-less. Birds can be enticed in with feeders, and frogs, toads, and myriad invertebrates are easily introduced by a building a pond. Water gardens do not have to be lakes, or even involve great earth works. A raised pond surrounded by railway sleepers, 750 mm high and with a surface area of five square metres will be plenty big enough to bring the most exotic of dragonflies to your back door.

Most gardeners try to grow plants that really do not like their soil or their climate, but we take a chance. There are many beautiful plants that either need to be grown with their roots permanently in water, or at least on the margins of a pond or river where the soil never dries out. The construction of a water garden with the associated bog garden will give you the opportunity to grow some of the best garden plants in the world.

Water is a fundamental requirement for Life on Earth as we know it.  Astronomers looking for life on other planets use it a proof that life could exist elsewhere.  This may seem like a bold claim, but if you build a water garden in your backyard it is very easy to believe. Within just 40 minutes of filling a pond you may have a blue damselfly in your garden. Water is so fundamental to life that a garden without water feels incomplete.

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