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Horticulture Degrees

Horticultural Studies - pathways to learning with ACS Distance Education:
choose from a wide range of courses written and taught by our specialist tutors.

Today degrees are often pushed as an essential route to a good job. However, there are so many other factors which will determine whether a person gets a good job or not -

  • Enthusiasm
  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Knowledge
  • Education

We also have to consider what do we mean by a “good job”? Not everyone wants a high-flying job earning a lot of money. Some people will consider a “good job” as one they enjoy, one that is rewarding, one that makes them feel good about themselves.

Only you know the answer to whether a degree is essential for you to get a “good job”. There are a number of pathways you might take before moving on to a degree. If you have not studied for sometime, this is also a good way to get you used to stduying again.

In addition, studying by distance learning with ACS gives you a flexible approach - you can study at a time and place that suits you, using our online and eLearning options. This means that if you are working, you can continue to earn whilst you study.

Why not consider a 100 hour course to get you started?
Amenity Horticulture II
Arboriculture II
Horticultural Marketing
Horticultural Research II
Horticulture III (Plant Health)
Organic Plant Culture
Soil Managment

Or move on to a certificate course?
Certificates – 600-700 hour courses, which include:
Certificate In Arboriculture
Certificate In Horticulture (Plant Protection)
Certificate In Horticulture (Propagation)

Advanced Certificate – 700-900 hours, which inlcude:
Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Arboriculture)
Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Horticultural Technology)

Diploma – 2100 hours
, which inlcude:
Diploma In Horticultural Science

Advanced Diploma – 2650 hours
, which include:
Advanced Diploma In Horticulture - Ornamental Horticulture

Then, if you are interested in a Horticulture degree, please visit our affiliates, Warnborough College.

If you are looking for other subject areas, or use our search tool.

Study at home – start at any time – study online or by eLearning – receive full tutor support for the full duration of your studies – all with ACS.


Choose the right course to suit your goals or career plans – connect with one of our specialist Horticulture tutors – use our FREE COURSE COUNSELLING SERVICE.

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