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Home Landscaping Course

Landscaping Home Gardens Course (AHT103)


Landscaping and Maintaining a Beautiful Garden

This course is designed to teach you how to design (or renovate), and maintain, a home garden. It is suitable both for beginners and for experienced gardeners who want to develop a solid understanding of the principles and procedures underlying the design and development of garden areas.



Course Aims

  • Understand the design procedure and the principles of landscape design.
  • Develop knowledge of garden styles through history and apply this to your own designs.
  • Develop skills in graphical techniques for plan drawing.
  • Develop knowledge of soil properties and their relevance to home horticulture.
  • Understand the principles and practices of basic landscape construction.
  • Develop knowledge of pests and weeds, and their management in home horticulture.
  • Develop skills in planting and pruning for home gardens.
  • Develop knowledge of lawns and surfaces appropriate to home landscaping.
  • Develop knowledge of landscape furnishings and other features appropriate for home gardens.
  • Utilise skills developed during this course to develop a landscape design for a home garden


Course Structure and Lesson Content

There are 10 lessons in this unit as follows:


 1. Designing Gardens

- the basics of design concepts through to understanding how to use them.

2. Styles of Gardens

- formal, informal, natural, and other themes.

3. Drawing Plans ‑Designing Gardens

- learn how to draw basic landscape features and garden designs.

4. Understanding Soils

- clays, loams, sands - how to identify them and treat them for better plant growth.

5. Basic Landscape Construction

- what is involved to build basic structures like steps, walls, paths, etc.

6. Weeds & Pests

- how to identify and treat garden weeds and pests.

7. Planting and Pruning

- techniques to plant, prune and care for garden plants.

8. Lawns, paving and other surfacing

- care for various surfaces

9. Garden Features

- how to select and use garden features in a landscape.

10. Developing Your Garden - Special Project


What You Will Do In The Course

  • Find a site to be landscaped and record pre planning information required to design the landscape;
  • Photograph or sketch a plant of three gardens representing three different styles, and discuss any historical influences on the design;
  • Using the pre planning information collected earlier, produce a design for an un-landscaped area;
  • Test the drainage of a soil sample and comment;
  • Explain how you can tell if a plant is suffering a nitrogen deficiency;
  • Contact your state government's forestry department to discover what timbers are suitable for different uses in landscaping, what timbers need treatment with preservatives and which do not;
  • Draw a design for detailed construction of some garden structure) and describe how you would go about building and installing the structure in a landscape;
  • Explain the difference between a systemic pesticide and a contact pesticide;
  • List the plants in your garden which require regular pruning, and how and when you would prune each;
  • Contact several quarries in your area to find what is available and the prices;
  • Draw a sketch plan of a site in your garden and a plan for a garden bed on that site;
  • Prepare a full landscape plan (including plant lists) for developing your garden;
  • For each lesson, prepare plant review sheets with descriptions of 6 different plants.



Suggested Reading

Garden Design Part 1 - The first of several volumes, inspirational and highly illustrated with hundreds of colour photos.

by our principal, John Mason.


Garden Design Part 2 - Second book in the series. Hundreds more colour pics and lots of inspirational reading.


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