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Be a Tour Guide

Ecotourism is now a major sector of the tourist industry world wide.

Significant numbers of people travel to see nature; whether in constructed displays (eg. zoos, museums) or in the wilderness.

Tour guides and interpretation officers present talks, conduct tours, answer questions -generally communicating information about the natural world to the eco tourists in their charge.

The job of an eco tour guide may sometimes require very highly skilled and qualified persons; or someone with a more basic knowledge of what they are presenting. Whatever the case, they do need to know their subject and how to present it.

Many eco tour guides start out as volunteerts. Others start by undertaking a courses in Ecotourism, Environmental Science or a related field.

If this is a career that interests you, any or several of the following may be a good first step:

1. Learn about either animals or plants -particularly how to identify different types. (eg. Zoology Course here)

2. Undertake an eco tour guide course. click here for details on our Tour Guide Course

3. Join clubs or societies (eg. Bird watching club, Wilderness Society, etc)

4. Join a volunteer or friends program at a zoo, wildlife park or aquarium.

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