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Food Technology and Processing

The food industry is a vital part of the world’s economy. Food products are necessary to life, and advancements in food technology can improve nutrient density and delivery, lower cost, and provide nourishment to communities all over the world.
Food is generally divided into two categories – processed or preserved, and fresh. While there are development processes for fresh food, such as the development of new fruit strains, a significant amount of new food development is in the processed and packaged space. Sometimes, this is as simple as repackaging a fresh food, such as offering green beans in a ready-to-cook format. More often, though, it’s developing a more complex processed or packaged product that meets a consumer need.  
New product development is an important part of any food business, from a small family business through to large corporations.
Without products – and new products – to bring to market, business growth is more likely to stagnate. Most companies use a staged approach to product development.  
Being informed and knowledgeable about how to produce new products is just as crucial as is creating products that have market value. This course provides a foundation for developing those new products better, and minimising all types of risks along the way from product quality risks to health and business risks.
This course covers the following lessons: • Overview -Scope and Nature of Food Processing Industry • The Role of Nutrition in New Product Development • Chemical Processing, Preservatives and Additives • Thermal Food Processing, Pasteurisation and Microwave Cooking • Managing Health Claims and Other Statements • Developing New Food Products (including Marketing) • Packaging, Labelling and Storage • Legal, Policy and Management • Developing a New Product - Problem Based Learning (PBL) Project
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