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Planning a Party

If it’s a couple of days before or weeks before, you can quickly and easily plan a party with our twelve easy steps -

  1. Who are you going to invite? This sounds so simple but can easily go wrong.You decide to invite a few couples you know. But if you invite Bert and Jane, you should also invite Bill and Liz. But if you invite them, what about….? But Bert doesn’t get on with …..? And so on it goes.The main thing is to think – who do YOU want to spend your time with at the party? Who is going to be fun? Decide how many people you want to invite and stick to it.If there are people you have left out, you can always invite them round at another point.
  2. Send out your invites.If you have the time and the inclination, hand printed invites are nice, but if not, a phone call, email or text is acceptable .Remember to ask for an RSVP by a certain date or you might not get replies.
  3. Decide on the menu – snacks or a sit down meal. Can you prepare some meals beforehand and freeze them? When do you need to go shopping? Can people bring food themselves, such as puddings and deserts? Could a local deli or restaurant deliver food?
  4. Do you need any help? Do you need professional waiters and waitresses? Or do you have children who can help out with serving? Or will everyone help themselves?
  5. Make sure you have enough glasses, cutlery, plates and so on.If not, why not purchase paper plates, plastic glasses or hire glasses.
  6. Music – what are you going to play? A big party may have a band or disco. A smaller party may have a playlist or CDs.
  7. Make sure the house is clean. Put away anything you don’t want broken.
  8. Rearrange the furniture so it is suitable for a party.
  9. If you think the party might be noisy, tell the neighbours. Or even invite the neighbours.
  10. Put up any decorations, such as Happy Birthday signs, balloons, Happy New Year etc.
  11. Decide where you are going to put any coats.
  12. Set out tables and get everything ready before the party is due to start, so you are available to greet your guests when they arrive, not be stuck in the kitchen harassed and hot with last minute preparations.

We hope the party goes well!

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