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Animal Behaviour

Animal behaviour is linked to so many aspects when working with animals, and as a zookeeper, conservationist, veterinary nurse, welfare officer or pet sitter, all would benefit from studying the behaviour of animals.

The study of animal behaviour is a major component when working with animals, or studying subjects relating to animals.  Understanding how their brains work, and why they behave in a certain way, can provide us with such an insight into their lives.  Animals are such a big part of the world around us, whether in the wild, as captive species or as domesticated pets, the study of animal behaviour allows us to improve their welfare, understand their requirements, and assist in their conservation.  Studying animal behaviour improves our knowledge and helps us to understand why some birds are migratory, what motivates certain behaviours, the social constraints within certain groups, and how animals learn and develop.  

It is assumed that all animal behaviour is an adaptation designed to support survival, either directly or indirectly.  However, this is not always the case.  Animals can behave self-destructively, out of habit, or out of boredom, just as humans can.  To better understand different behaviours, we should also consider the motivation behind these.

Genetics is of prime importance (i.e. inherited characteristics).  Genetic characteristics are also sometimes referred to as “inborn”, “innate” or “instinctive”.  Most animals are genetically programmed to act in certain ways in certain situations.

Experience (i.e. learned characteristics).  Experience may encompass terms including: “acquired”, “experiential” or “environmental”.  Behaviours can be learned through the experience of interacting with the environment (which includes the people or other creatures in it), or it can be learned through personal, subjective experience (perceptions, thoughts and feelings).  In the case of animals, these latter factors are usually difficult to identify.

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