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Canine Distemper

What is Canine Distemper?

Can you Deal with Canine Distemper Naturally? 

Canine distemper is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus. The disease is common worldwide. Younger dogs and puppies are the most susceptible to infection. Among puppies, the death rate from distemper often reaches 80%. The disease also strikes older dogs, although much less frequently. Even if a dog does not die from the disease, its health may be permanently impaired. A bout of canine distemper can leave a dog's nervous system irreparably damaged, along with its sense of smell, hearing or sight. Partial or total paralysis is not uncommon, and other diseases, particularly pneumonia, may strike dogs already weakened by a distemper infection. Cases of this serious disease have reduced since after using the conventional vaccination programs against canine distemper. However, holistic veterinarians point out that there are serious concerns about the wisdom of routine vaccination and its long term effect on the health of dogs or canines.

Symptoms: Symptoms of distemper grow increasingly severe as the disease progresses, they include:
Conjunctivitis (a watery, pus-like eye discharge) and inflammation of the eye, fever, nasal discharge, lethargy, reduced appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea, seizures, increased sensitivity to sensory stimuli, muscle twitching, progressive deterioration of mental abilities and motor skills. Complete or partial paralysis may also result.

Treatment: treatments will vary however the first step is to isolate the dog immediately in a quiet, warm, but well ventilated place. Herbal antiseptic tablets should be given morning and night. The following home-made tablet could be substituted: Finely grate raw garlic, mixed with honey, and add a small amount of flour to bind the mixture. Keep the mouth and teeth cleaned using diluted lemon. Clean eyes and nose regularly. Use cotton swabs dipped in an infusion of rosemary, elder flower, or chickweed.

Vitamins are of value, an injection of multi-vitamin B or 5-10 ml of a vitamin tonic is helpful. Treat diarrhoea and cough using natural products.

Activity: Research useful natural anti-diarrhoea, cough mixtures and other treatment strategies suitable for use in the treatment of distemper. Obtain brochures from suppliers or other information for your resource file.

Another suggested course of treatment might is:

  • One dose each week, of Distemperinum 30C potency mixture, for a total of three treatments.
  • Wait for two weeks.
  • One dose every three weeks, of 200C potency mixture, for a total of three treatments.
  • Wait for one month.
  • One dose of 1M potency mixture, to be repeated every four months for the life of the animal.


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