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Essential Considerations For Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare
In our modern world, thanks to the science and studies of animal behaviour, we know that animals are sentient beings who require similar basics for life, very much like humans.

We now have a better understanding of an animal’s natural behaviour, therefore we can understand their needs and requirements.  This is an important consideration when keeping any animal under captive conditions, especially to meet welfare standards.  In order to achieve the minimal welfare standards, we should consider five important factors:

  1. Provide the captive animal with the correct diet for the species, and fresh drinking water.  A diet must be suitable, and fulfil all the nutritional requirements to keep the animal in optimal health.  
  2. The animal should be provided with a suitable environment for its needs.  This can be different for each species, and it may refer to indoor and outdoor areas, housing and enclosures, and also size and space.  The environment should protect the animal from the elements, potential predators or any harm.  
  3. Any captive animal should be free to exhibit natural behaviours and be provided with an environment in which they can behave naturally.
  4. We must also take into consideration whether the animal is a social species, naturally living in groups or pairs.  If this is the case then this can have an effect on the animal’s welfare.  A social captive animal must be provided with social interaction.
  5. Finally, any animal deserves to live free from pain, injury, suffering and disease.  If an animal is suffering, its welfare is under serious threat and it is important intervention takes place.  It is unnecessary to cause an animal harm, or to not seek veterinary advice where required.

These five considerations can be used on any captive animal, and when assessing the welfare of an animal and their situation.  These are only minimal considerations, and it is important to always try and improve animal welfare standards as best we can.
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