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The Practical Side of our Animal Courses


What students will do on our courses?

ACS Distance Education offers a fantastic range of courses to study in the animal sector. These courses range from Pet Care to Wildlife Conservation and Animal Behaviour to Zoo Keeping. All these courses are delivered through distance learning.

So, how can there be a practical side to a distance learning course. Our courses are designed to offer you flexible learning. Yes, you read through lesson materials and answer assignment questions, but our courses are more unique than this. Within our courses, you are encouraged to use all possible research resources and to carry out more practical work and research. With this type of study, your learning is really enhanced and it will help you place your learning into practice.

Many of our animal courses require a certain amount of theoretical lessons, but to fully learn this knowledge you may be required to complete a practical side. For example, our Dog Psychology and Training course requires you to make many practical behavioural observations throughout the course. Within this course you will learn theoretically how the dog’s body language shows communication. To fully learn this practically, you will observe canine body language throughout the course. You are required to visit places to assess how dogs interact socially, and there is even a section which requires you to teach a new command to a dog.

Our Animal Health Care course encourages researching outside the computer by asking you to contact veterinary practices and governing bodies regarding the lessons aims. One lesson requires you to visit an establishment which keeps animals and discuss common health issues in this facility. Another requests you to observe the behaviour of a sick or injured animal.

The Aquarium Management course also encourages you to set up a mini ecosystem to enhance you learning for lesson two. Throughout the course you will make practical visits to compare and research local stores, visit aquariums and interview an aquarist or professional in the trade.

Some of these practical tasks may seem a little out of the “normal” distance learning comfort zone, however it is all completed to your own ability and your localities availability of required locations/establishments. Completing each and every aspect of our courses will deliver you the highest and most enhanced learning possible.

Some of our courses, for example Zoo Keeping and Vertebrate Zoology, include a Problem Based Learning (PBL) project as the final lesson. This involves contributing a number of research skills, including practical, to create a small project or report regarding a hypothetical situation. This is not as daunting as it sounds, and is all completed with expert tutors on hand.

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