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Travel Photography

Travelling can challenge photographic skills a lot. This is because there is usually such a variety of photographic subjects and photo opportunities.

The choice of digital or film can confuse some people; and though digital is certainly more widely used today; some people still prefer film for various reasons.

Because the subject matter, light and other conditions all vary so greatly, the equipment and film you use will never be ideal for everything you are doing. This will challenge your skills considerably, and probably cause you to develop tricks and innovations that you might otherwise not have developed.

Most travel photos are taken in medium or average light conditions. In these conditions, the film speed (or digital settings) may not be so critical. Medium speed film (e.g. Ektachrome 100 or Kodacolor 200) is probably the most appropriate giving you a wide range of photo opportunities with sharp, rich coloured photos.


Often time is of the essence when travelling. You may only have a short amount of time to take photos at each stop (or while you move through an area in a vehicle. If this is the case, you can loose opportunities if you take too long to set up a photo.

Things that can take time include:

  • Changing lenses
  • Setting up a tripod
  • Changing settings on a camera
  • Setting up a flash
  • Changing filters (on lenses).

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