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Childrens Publishing

Children today are in the main I.T. literate. They read more than ever before; but where they read and what they read may be very different to generations before them.
Past generations read comics, books, magazines and perhaps parts of newspapers.

Writers and publishers catered for the times; with children’s pages and comics in newspapers; significant numbers of comics on the news agency stands, children’s books for sale wherever books were sold and even magazines with fiction and/or non fiction articles, published just for kids!

Quote from author, John Mason…

“I visited a major international publisher in the 1980’s and was told that over 50% of the printed books which they sold were for children”

The world has changed. Fewer titles are published in print today; and the overall profitability of writing and publishing in print, has diminished. Nevertheless, children and adolescents still read things.

Scope of Children’s Writing and Publishing
The scope of writing and publishing has been constantly changing and expanding; only limited by imagination ant technology. To be successful, a writer or publisher needs to at the very least, be acutely aware of changes that are occurring, and adapting the direction of their work, constantly. The most successful writers and publishers are those who do even more: they are part of the change.

Change can be scary and disruptive for many; but it is a reality, and an opportunity for wonderful creativity for those who embrace it.

Writing might find its way to an audience in any of four ways:
  • Printed Publishing –printed books, magazines, newspapers, marketing brochures, technical reports, instruction manuals, etc
  • Electronic Publishing –ebooks, blogs, electronic newsletters, web sites, online courses, technical reports, instruction manuals, etc
  • Audio Visual Publishing -Radio, TV, Film, Podcasts, etc
  • Multimedia Publishing – eg. Ebooks with hyperlinks to film clips, interactive experiences, computer games, etc
When publishing was dominated by print media, it was a longer and more expensive process to publish something. Distribution and marketing of printed books was (and still is) a relatively complex and expensive process.

For the most part, writers and publishers were different people.

Today it is feasible for writers to self publish; particularly as an electronic publication.
What you choose to write and publish can make or break your success

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