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Why Study Physics?

What is Physics?

Physics is a fundamental scientific discipline, with applications across many fields. It depends on experimentation and testing, to help understand how the universe works. It studies matter, energy, and fundamental forces – in large scale and small.

Uses of Physics

Although it might seem like Physics is inaccessible to most of us, we use it every day. When we tell our children that the white streaks a plane leaves as it flies are caused by hot air hitting cold sky, we're discussing Physics. When we push off and jump higher playing basketball, we're applying our understanding of forces: pushing off the ground more increases the force we're using on the ball, which makes the ball travel further.

A general understanding of Physics is useful across a variety of fields. It can help horticulturalists and irrigation designers implement or improve water flows. It provides a basis for implementing alternative energy practices in the home, and understanding energy use. Understanding loads, load-bearing, and gravity is useful for fitness leaders and health professionals.

Physics is still a developing area of science and many mysteries of the universe remain unknown. This is one of the main reasons why we choose to become Physicists so that we can reveal these mysteries and let them fascinate us.

How can ACS help me?

The Physics course through ACS Distance Education is a dedicated course covering the fundamental topics in Physics from small scale through to large scale. It also provides a firm foundation for further studies within Physics.

The course is delivered through distance learning, allowing your studies to be carried out around your everyday life.

The course details can be found via the link below, and please contact us with any questions you may have.

Physics - 100 hour course.


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