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Professional Development for Horticulture

Horticulture is a huge subject and the profession is almost as varied as the plants grown in gardens around the world.  Just the range of scale is mind boggling from the sowing of dust-like orchid seeds on agar jelly to pruning a 70 metre tall tree.


When we enter horticulture we all select one of the areas that appeals most, be it tropical glasshouses in a botanical garden or mowing the greens on a golf course.  We quickly realise that to move up in the profession we need qualifications and often a course at a college is taken.  This gives the basics that are applicable to almost every area but the experience gained from working alongside skilled practitioners “on the job” is also very important.


After few years our interests develop and change and we realise that more studying is needed but now there is a difference.  Whereas studying at college early on is almost obligatory and can be a chore, as one’s career develops studying is so much easier because one is genuinely interested in the subject and the level of motivation is so high that the studying is a real pleasure.  The only problem is finding the information in a structured form outside of a college setting.

This is where the courses offered by ACS come in because unlike a college course they can be fitted around your life, and not around the life of the teaching staff!  There are no minimum class sizes because you are essentially in a class of one – just you and your tutor to whom you have unlimited access.  You can start at any time of the year and you can work at you own pace.


The courses are extremely varied and can even be created as a cocktail of modules to suit your own very personal needs.  You may choose to study a new area of you existing specialism, such as plant propagation if you are already working in amenity horticulture, or you may wish to change direction from amenity gardening to commercial production of plants for the amenity sector.  You may wish to move into garden design having seen how many gardens would benefit from good design principles.


Our courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills that will set you apart from the other candidates to get your dream job or be successful in your chosen career.  Take a look at the horticultural courses and then get in touch to discuss the options or email us on

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