Apply to join our network of highly successful affiliates. Start your own school, deliver our courses, and join the education revolution. Click here to view our full Affiliate list, click here to view a sample Affiliation Contract, or click here to send an email direct to our Affiliation Manager.   

Some UK affiliates:

Find out if you are compatible with ACS Distance Education:

ACS is keen to find affiliates who are like minded and compatible. Are you:

  • Passionate about QUALITY LEARNING and less focused on ACCREDITATION and RECOGNITION?
  • Prepared to work with our standard contract?
  • Prepared to join IARC (International Accreditation & Recognition Council) AND maintain your membership?
  • Willing and able to attend our Australian or UK staff for several days to fast track becoming familiar with operations, services and products?

If you answered "YES" to all of the above, please read on:


  • Run OUR courses at YOUR school or online
  • New courses being added annually
  • Set your own fees and adjust courses
  • ACS in both Australia and the UK, provides business support and advice
  • An online affiliates room provides training videos/audios, promotional documents, artwork etc.
  • ACS makes it easy to find tutors; and backs up affiliates with emergency tutor support
  • Option for an online bookshop, to sell ebooks
  • ACS provides unique software, making it easy to burn courses on CD, access updated files (daily), establish websites (templates supplied).
  • Affiliates (Licensees) market, teach and administrate
  • ACS takes the difficulty out of establishing a Distance Education school

Who can be an affiliate?

  • Established colleges or institutions
  • Businesses involved in training who are ready to move into successful online training
  • Anyone who is ethical and capable
  • Anyone who's ready to run a school
  • Any individual or company interested in selling quality educational products
Standard affiliation Contract
  • The affiliate delivers the course.
  • ACS provides electronic copies which the affiliate can brand & delivery as their own (daily upgrades accessed online via repository)
  • ACS supplies additional support (eg. advice, procedures, student room resources, affiliate room, tutor register etc).
  • ACS is paid a monthly royalty on courses sold 
  • For details regarding costs and royalties, please see our "Sample Contract" below under "Want to know more".
  • Affiliates are expected to maintain certain ethical and operational standards. (This is normally assured by a requirement to join IARC)


Affiliates have in the past set up viable operations with an investment as low as £5,000 and 20 hours a week, though typically the initial investment has been more.
  • We have seen affiliates grow at rates exceeding 300% per year in their first few years.
  • Some (generally those who are either under resourced, or who do not follow our advice)have had very poor growth.
  • Some affiliates have achieved sales in excess of 300 courses in a single month.
  • If you are serious; we are happy to discuss the potential for you on the phone or in person.
"Not only are the courses of the highest standard and quality, the student feedback is great. We highly recommend any institution to deliver ACS courses."
- Shane Collison, Learning Cloud

"Partnering with ACS has given us the ability to greatly expand the range of course we offer our students. During our first year of partnership, the support and encouragement provided by the ACS team has been exceptional." - Matthew Smith, NSW School of Massage
“ Working with an ethical institution like ACS as an affiliate has been a very positive experience. I appreciate the fact that the affiliates are valued highly and any suggestions are taken seriously and acted upon.” - Dr Ramana Panda, Director, Health Academy Australia

"Warnborough is proud to be in partnership with a leading provider of distance learning programmes. ACS students obtain solid course guidance throughout their study programme. The bedrock of ACS, like Warnborough, is academic quality and attention to career needs." - Dr Daryl Tempest-Mogg, President, Warnborough College

Our Products:
- Distance Education Courses
We offer over 700 courses by distance education which can all be customised for affiliates and run as their own courses.

- Online Courses
Approximately 200 courses can be delivered as online with interactive self-tests, lessons and assignments.
- E-Learning Courses
Approximately 200 courses delivered on a CD complete with interactive, lessons, tests & assignments.We provide software & customisation of CD's for affiliates.

Student Resource Room
Affiliates are given  student resource room software, including an online library, virtual community and other facilities.

Want to know more?
Want to know more? Click on the following links for more info before registering your interest


Contact Information


Phone: (UK) 01384 442752 between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (GMT)
Fax: International: +44(0)207 6812702
Fax UK: 0207 6812702



Phone: International: +61 7 5562 1088 In Australia: 07 5562 1088
Fax: International: +61 7 5562 1099 In Australia: 07 5562 1099
  • Available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week
  • AFFILIATES ROOM - affiliates can access a range of useful resources via this password protected area, including a jobs directory that lists people seeking work as a tutor, other advice on how to find and employ tutors, copies of internal documentation used by ACS (e.g. procedures), copies of advertising/marketing materials, etc.
  • COURSES REPOSITORY -this is another password protected area, which gives you direct access to download the latest versions of all ACS courses. Our academic staff are continually revising and updating courses and those updates are loaded into this area continuously, almost every working day of the year. Affiliates can organise their computers to access and download these updates onto their own computers overnight; and in doing so, always have versions of the course that are most up to date.
  • Tutors can be given access to the repository; which then allows them to see the course notes and the assignments they are marking. It is also possible to view old versions of courses as well; so tutors can see changed questions if a student is working from an earlier version.