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Learn the basics in Business & Marketing to apply in your work today!
Develop your core business skills and focus your studies on marketing.
This is a flexible, relevant course for those wanting to move into supervisory or managerial positions and focuses on marketing.
It offers core study options (including Office Practice, Management, Business Operations and Marketing Foundations), as well as specialist subjects, which focus on those areas highly applicable to marketing. These are: Sales Management, Advertising & Promotions and Marketing Systems.
In addition, this course offers further specialisation specific to your field of interest, in the form of an Industry Project.


This course provides a very sound foundation of knowledge and skills needed for managing a small business. Business success of course will always require more than just what can be learnt from a course, but this course certainly provides an excellent starting point for a career in business whether self employed or working for someone else. 

This course is internationally accredited through International Accreditation and Recognition Council.



It offers core study options (including Office Practice, Management, Business Operations and Marketing Foundations), as well as specialist subjects, which focus on those areas highly applicable to supervision and management. These are: Supervision, Motivation, and Personnel Management.  

This is a flexible, relevant course for those wanting to train to move into supervisory or managerial positions.
In addition, this course offers further specialisation specific to your field of interest, in the form of an Industry Project.
*This course is internationally accredited through I.A.R.C*


Develop Your Management Skills

for any type of enterprise -public or private; business or non profit


More info & enrolment: Advanced Certificate in Management VBS036 »
This course is designed as a program to help you firstly understand the marketing world; then assist you in making decisions and developing skills in marketing. Learn how to write and use effective advertising copy, and to plan and manage an appropriate promotional campaign for any product or service, in any industry.

More info & enrolment: ADVERTISING & PROMOTING BBS202 »


Learn to Do Business in a Changing World by studying this in depth distance learning course

The whole world is in a constant state of change. For a business to succeed it needs to keep up - it needs to be constantly developed and reinvented to compete and to grow. With this course:

  • Learn about business operations and planning - gain a solid understanding about how business function and how they can develop.
  • Understand the setting of objectives, the use of advertising and how to embrace different methods of commerce.



Start a Career in Business Here

This course is internationally accredited through I.A.R.C.
Study: Business studies, business planning, financial management, project management, workplace health and safety, introduction to psychology, industrial psychology, supervision I,II & III, sales management, advertising and promotions, marketing systems, research project I & II and 100hrs industry meetings.


Study Human Resource Management with this flexible, distance learning course

 Effective Human Resource Management is an essential part of the development and execution of company strategy.
A great Human Resource Manager is multi-skilled, and has a broad knowledge base.
This course is a comprehensive foundation on which to build a strong career in HR.

It covers a diverse range of subjects; which is indicative of the scope of this profession. The course has been developed by a professional with over 30 years experience in the field.
The course consists of 15 modules (1500 hrs) as follows: management, supervision, personnel management, motivation, introduction to psychology, psychology and counselling, industrial psychology, conflict management, instructional skills, educational psychology, project management, workplace health & safety, health & wellbeing, research project I and industry meetings I.
This course is internationally accredited through I.A.R.C.




Marketing Managers are responsible for all aspects of marketing, not just sales (sales managers deal only with sales). In smaller businesses, the marketing manager may often also be the sales manager, but in large well structured organisations, the Marketing Manager could find themselves in charge of tasks as diverse as stock control and transport, packaging, general promotions, and after sales service, with one or several sales managers heading sales teams working under their direction.

This course aims to train you on a broad basis to undertake anything from a narrow to very broad scope of activities within the realm of business operations, specific to marketing. The course includes: Business studies, sales management, sales skills, advertising and promotions, marketing systems, using the internet, writing a web site (HTML), freelance writing, publishing, digital photography, introduction to psychology, marketing psychology, e commerce, research project I, and 100 hrs work experience or industry meetings.

This course is internationally accredited through I.A.R.C.

More info & enrolment: ASSOCIATE DIPLOMA IN MARKETING VBS005 »


The next step beyond a foundation course! 

This course is a natural progression from Bookkeeping Foundations which focused on accounting for small businesses within the service industry. This course will focus mostly on accounting for Trading firms and the differences between recording and reporting. It consists of 12 lessons.

This course will teach you to:

  • Outline and implement a recording system for an enterprise, including the ‘physical’ and ‘continuous’ methods of recording transactions involving stock.
  • Describe and use control accounts
  • Prepare, analyse and interpret financial reports for trading firms, including those with more than one selling department
  • Outline alternatives in financing for small businesses including alternative business structures
  • Describe and illustrate alternative accounting approaches available to a variety of business

More info & enrolment: BOOKKEEPING APPLICATIONS BBS203 »

Start studying for a career in bookkeeping.

Are you looking for a career with lots of job opportunities and room to grow?

Bookkeeping enables you to work in lots of different and interesting industries.  It offers flexibility in that you can work part time or full time.  Every business needs a bookkeeper and that's great news for employment prospects.

  • This course focuses on the nature of accounting for small business, mainly service firms.
  • It provides a very sound foundation in bookkeeping through 13 comprehensive lessons.
  • Study with the full support of experts - our tutors!


More info & enrolment: BOOKKEEPING FOUNDATIONS BBS103 (UK Version) »
Business and Management Studies - Design your own course by choosing 6 appropriate modules.
If you can't quite find the certificate course to suit your requirements, then why not create your own course with help from one of our expert business and management tutors?


Get trained in the one of the world’s fastest growth professions!

Join the profession of Business Coaches and pass on your experience and knowledge to others.

  • Study for a career that is exciting and satisfying it is also very lucrative - Business Coaches are in huge demand and currently command high incomes.
  • Eight informative and practical lessons that can put you on the road to financial independence and a new career.  
  • Don't delay - start studying for your future with the Business And Coaching course today!

More info & enrolment: BUSINESS COACHING BBS304 »

Improve Your Business English.

  • Develop your English grammar.
  • Improve your writing for business and study.
  • Strengthen your English language skills, with particular focus on writing skills.
  • Learn by a range of different methods and exercises in each lesson.
  • A must for anyone wanting to improve their writing skills.

More info & enrolment: BUSINESS ENGLISH (ESL) -AWR101 »

Learn the essentials of business operations and planning  

  • A great foundation course to develop skills and knowledge in business operation and planning.  These skills are important in ensuring success in business. 
  • This course covers vital topics such as finance, financial record keeping, financial management, taxation, business planning, mistakes to avoid, and more.

This course does overlap with Business Studies and Starting a Small Business, so you should choose to do one or another, not any two of these.



More info & enrolment: BUSINESS OPERATIONS VBS006 »

Learn to write a business plan - determine a businesses direction, growth and marketing.

  • Businesses fail because they don't plan.
  • Learn what should always be planned for.
  • Learn systematic proved ways to plan.
  • Develop a better capacity to plan and manage a business.




More info & enrolment: BUSINESS PLANNING BBS302 »

Take control of your career and learn business management

  • Learn problem solving.
  • Learn how to manage staff.
  • Learn about communications, marketing, productivity and more.
  • Studying with this course will give you a good foundation in business management.

Exceptional support is provided by our tutors who are highly qualified professionals with decades of industry experience.

This course does overlap with Business Operations and Starting a Small Business, so you should choose to do one or another, not any two of these.



More info & enrolment: BUSINESS STUDIES BBS101 »

Every Enterprise Needs Good Financial Expertise.

  • Learn about managing money - borrowing, investing, planning.
  • Learn how business work - how to manage operations, how to plan for a business.
  • Develop skills to help you manage your own business or contribute to the better management of another.

More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN APPLIED FINANCE VBS021 »


Learn to be a Better Project Manager

Often people do project management without even realizing that is what they are doing. Building a house or organising a party, for instance; is project management.

Some people can be naturally competent to manage projects; but for others, there is a need to learn and improve.

This course is an opportunity for you to improve your capacity to manage projects, of any scale, any type and in any place.


Work in Business Coaching and Life Coaching with this flexible qualification

    • Study Life coaching, business  coaching, business operations, marketing psychology and more with this course. 
    • This combined qualification offers you wider options in terms of work - both in the business world and supporting the individual.
    • This 600 hour course offers an excellent opportunity to study business coaching and life coaching in your own home.



    How do people think in business? Learn more about the theories of psychology relating to business.
    • Unique course offering both business & psychology studies
    • Study from home saving yourself time and money
    • Increase productivity in your work place by understanding your staff and creating a workplace that supports them
    • Gain an understanding of marketing psychology and promote your business successfully
    • Learn about conflict management and apply this to your business to create a happy and productive atmosphere.

    More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN BUSINESS PSYCHOLOGY VPS017 »

    Why do people buy things?

    • Learn about consumer behaviour - what are the motivations behind a decision to buy (or not).
    • Understand the psychology of marketing - the power of influencing the decisions that people make.
    • Learn about the roles of advertising and PR - their roles within the marketing sphere.
    • Appreciate ethics, the do's and do nots, the impact of ethical approaches on individuals.


    Learn about theories of marketing and how to market horticultural products or services

    • Learn about the fundamentals of marketing.
    • Understand about different market places and how to sell to them.
    • Learn about marketing within the horticultural industry.
    • Understand the different channels for supplying your product.

    Would you like to improve your business or career? Sell more horticultural products? Then this could be the course for you. Learn more about marketing in general, but also specifically marketing in the horticultural industry.

    Complete six 100 hour modules that include Ecommerce Marketing, Horticultural Marketing, Marketing Foundations, Marketing Psychology, Advertising and Promotions and Marketing Systems.

    Do you want to work in the legal profession? Do you need to know more about the law for your job? This is the course for you.
    This course can be valuable for anyone who needs to work within a Legal office, Paralegal or Legal Support  situation (eg. Law office staff, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Solicitors, Law Professors, Legal Receptionists/Secretaries, Private Investigators, Authorised Government Inspectors and Officers, Law Enforcement Officers and many others.

    More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN LEGAL PRACTICES VBS016 »

    Improve your knowledge of management


    • Study six 100 hour modules that are flexible to suit you and your interests.

    • Learn about the theory and practice of management.

    • Enhance your career prospects - apply what you learn.

    • Business owners can learn to improve their management skills.

    More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN MANAGEMENT VBS004 »

    A specialist agricultural marketing qualification

    • A unique specialism in the agricultural industry.
    • Learn and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to market in a diverse industry.
    • Study the psychology of marketing, the processes used in marketing, how to market in an electronic world and much more.

    More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN MARKETING (AGRICULTURE) VBS036 »

    Learn the fundamentals of marketing, then focus your studies on leisure marketing

    A 600 hour certificate course consisting of six 100 hour modules made up of

    • E commerce Marketing,
    • Marketing for the Leisure Industry,
    • Marketing Foundations,
    • Marketing Psychology,
    • Advertising and Promotions
    • Marketing Systems.

    This qualification is accredited by IARC (International Accreditation and Recognition Council).


    A successful career in marketing depends very much on the most appropriate training. An outgoing personality, organized and communicative is an asset, but education is a key factor for success.

    This course provides a solid foundation for working in marketing, either in your own business, or in someone else's. The right combination of knowledge, skill, and personality will always be in high demand; so if you need the skills and knowledge, this course is a legitimate step in the right direction.

    Learn to sell goods and services. Learn to understand the customer, what convinces them to buy and what causes them to discard what you are offering. Learn to appreciate delivery systems, and manage marketing so that you are not selling above or below your capacity to service the customer.

    This course is internationally accredited through International Accreditation and Recognition Council.

    More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN MARKETING VBS002 »


     Become a Skilled Manager

    Management skills are in high demand, but for a successful career in management, it requires not only knowledge and skill, but an appropriate personality, and a depth of experience which can be drawn upon to make the right decision for each situation that is confronted.  This course is different to other management courses, and in being so, provides you with a uniquely attractive skills set.            


    This course is internationally accredited through International Accreditation and Recognition Council.

    More info & enrolment: DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT VBS009 »


    This is a Course for the 21st century. It builds a broad range of skills across several disciplines, an ability to communicate, solve problems and work in many different industries, and a foundation for a professional career that will be full of variety and change that reflects the ever changing opportunities of tomorrow's world.

    Research in Germany (and elsewhere) indicates that people who have a broader based tertiary education tend to develop more successful careers. This course provides a unique opportunity to study an unconventional combination of practical disciplines in order to provide a very broad capacity to adapt and apply yourself in a wide variety of industry roles. 

    This course is internationally accredited through International Accreditation and Recognition Council.


    Could you be the next Richard Branson?

    • Be innovative and find opportunities in business with ACS Distance Education Discover how to develop the entrepreneur in you!
    • Learn how to be more innovative in business, find opportunities and develop them.

    There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs in each type of business. Entrepreneurship is a process of looking at things in such a way as to make solutions to problems and perceived needs.

    • Be innovative and find opportunities in business with ACS Distance Education Maximise your chances of business success by enhancing your ability to apply entrepreneurial principles to business.





    More info & enrolment: ENTREPRENEURSHIP - BBS204 »
    An effective and useful course for small businesses and people who want to learn good money management.

    Most people live week to week, only just keeping their heads above water. Recent surveys in many developed countries point to people being one unexpected bill away from financial crisis each month.

    Many people would say they don't have the time to sit down and plan financially. Others say all the financial terms and options are too complicated. It could be an effort you can't afford to NOT make! There are many more options than you realise when it comes to improving your finances.

    This course will demystify the terms and concepts that underpin financial management. This could be the best investment you ever make. Work through the course at your own pace, and study from wherever you like.

    More info & enrolment: FINANCIAL (MONEY) MANAGEMENT BBS104 »

    Study marketing with this specialist Marketing Course now available by distance learning

    • Benefit from studying a unique qualification - there are lots of marketing courses available, but this course enables you to take specialisms in horticultural, agricultural and leisure industry marketing.  
    • Learn about theories, processes and strategies in marketing with this foundation diploma.  Take nine core modules and then choose one elective module.
    • Core modules cover E commerce Marketing, Marketing for the Leisure Industry, Marketing Foundations, Marketing Psychology, Advertising and Promotions, Internet Marketing, Agricultural Marketing, Horticultural Marketing and Marketing Systems.
    • Then choose one elective from – Business Skills, Sales Skills, Starting a Small Business, Project Management or Professional Practice for Consultants.

    More info & enrolment: FOUNDATION DIPLOMA IN MARKETING VBS113 »

    Study industrial psychology to improve staff performance in organisations. Study by Distance Learning.

    Industrial psychology is the study of psychology in the workplace - how a person's psychological state affects their work and their overall well-being.

    • This course looks at psychological factors affecting the workplace and employees and how to get the best out of staff.

    More info & enrolment: INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY BPS103 »

    Do you have a passion for teaching?

    An effective trainer is a valuable resource to any institution, company, or school. If you have the passion, make sure you have the right training behind you. This course will give you a solid framework from which to develop your skills as a trainer, with the added benefit of being able to study from home, at your own pace.


    More info & enrolment: INSTRUCTIONAL SKILLS BGN101 »

    Study internet marketing online

    • Learn about social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), online advertising, selling techniques using social media.
    • Learn web optimisation, marketing psychology, blogs, writing good advertisements and more.
    If you are not using the internet adequately to advertise your business it is inevitable that you will be left behind.
    Today's marketplace is global so you need to know how to tailor your advertising for different markets.

    More info & enrolment: INTERNET MARKETING BIT204 »

    Leadership and Management distance learning course.

    Develop your leadership skills -

    • At Work
    • At Play
    • In Your Community

    Leadership skills are needed in all facets of our society: from business to politics, religion, youth services, industry, and leisure.

    • This course is relevant to all of those areas, developing your understanding of, and capacity to apply leadership skills.



    More info & enrolment: LEADERSHIP BBS110 »

    Learn to Understand, Interpret and Use Legal Language

    Legal systems elaborate rights and responsibilities in a variety of ways. A general distinction can be made between civil law jurisdictions, which codify their laws, and common law systems, where judge made law are not codified.

    Businesses need to operate within the law, and an understanding of the law and the language of the law is critical for any businessman.

    More info & enrolment: LEGAL TERMINOLOGY BWR108 »

    Become a good manager and get results!  Realise your management potential with this ACS course.


    A great manager should be able to:

    • Improve productivity
    • Keep staff working happily and effectively
    • Notably increase profitability.

    This course goes looks at management theories and procedures, problem solving, decision making tactics, staff management, and much more.

    The course has been created by professionals with a significant amount of industry experience.  It is an ideal foundation for a successful career.



    More info & enrolment: MANAGEMENT VBS105 »

    Study The Theory and Practice of Marketing with this essential foundation course.

    Marketing is the cornerstone of most modern businesses. Lack of marketing knowledge is frequently the reason why a good business concept does not succeed. 


    • This course deals with all aspects of marketing from presentation and packaging, to advertising and selling.


    • You will develop an acute awareness of what is needed to achieve and maintain a good market share.




    More info & enrolment: MARKETING FOUNDATIONS VBS109 »

    Understand marketing psychology and know how customers think with this ACS course.

    • When you understand why people make a decision to buy, or not buy; you have a foundation for improving marketing of anything.
    • This is a different but very important and valuable course for anyone involved in sales, marketing or business of any kind.

    More info & enrolment: MARKETING PSYCHOLOGY BPS107 »


    How do products get from the maker to the customer?

    There's more to it than what you might think

    This course is designed as a program to help you firstly understand the marketing world; then assist you in making a decisions and developing skills in marketing. Emphasis is placed on profitability and efficiency!

    More info & enrolment: MARKETING SYSTEMS BBS303 »
    Discover the skills and knowledge necessary to apply motivation to individuals or groups.
    This course will develop the student’s understanding of motivating factors and how to use them to increase workplace motivation for individuals or groups.  Students will gain understanding of:
    • the use of rewards
    • how to initiate motivation
    • how to maintain motivation
    • avoid negative motivators
    • how to apply motivational techniques to real world situations.

    More info & enrolment: MOTIVATION VBS111 »

    Do you want to work in an office or improve your office skills?

    Experienced office workers are always in demand.

    • Gain the skills and knowledge necessary for the operation of an office with this course.
    • Ideal for people new to office work or those who want to refine their skills and knowledge on office practices. Develop knowledge and skills in office operations and procedures.
    • The course looks at business and systems from those traditionally adopted to the development and impact of IT systems today.

    More info & enrolment: OFFICE PRACTICES VBS102 »


    Are you about to launch a new business? Do you have a business idea and need to learn more about the processes of the business? Are you moving upwards in your current workplace and need to develop skills of managing the business operations? Do you want a new set of skills on your resume or CV?
    Business Operations provides absolutely essential knowledge on how most businesses operate and understanding how their functions are interrelated to other competitors and the economic environment overall. Learn more and confidently lead the operations of the business you work in!

    More info & enrolment: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT VBS201 »

     Learn to build an effective workforce - understand their motivations

    Personnel Managers provide specialist guidance to line managers and upper management.
    They are responsible for making sure that the biggest resource in any company - the human resource - is being used to full advantage, and is a happy one! The end goal of a Personnel Manager is to improve the value of an organisation and therefore it's profitability by hiring the right people for the job, developing the potential in each employer, and managing any problems along the way.
    This 100 hour course is self-paced and can be studied from home. If you think you have a natural aptitude for people management, get the conceptual knowledge behind you to develop your own skill set in this area.

    This revised and improved course will:

    • Develop the student’s ability to carry out the various tasks associated with managing personnel, such as recruitment, training and controlling.
    • Emphasis is placed on knowledge and methods that will improve workplace morale and productivity.

    More info & enrolment: PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT VBS107 »


    Become a consultant and work for yourself!

    Running your own consultancy business can be rewarding both financially and with regard to lifestyle. If you’ve ever dreamed about starting up your own consultancy firm, but didn’t quite know where to begin, then this course will lead the way. Having expertise in a particular area is not enough in itself. You need to know how to make a living from it. This course has been designed to guide you through the process of setting up and running a consultancy business in any profession.


     Become a Project Management guru with this ACS course!

    Project Management is a skill which is important in all industries and in all sorts of situations.  A great project manager is a valuable asset to any company. He/she understands how to keep a project on time and on budget.

    • Develop your skills in planning, strategy, leadership, conflict management and much much more.
    • This course is just as relevant to any type of project,  from construction to events or managing a new product launch. 
    • It is a best suited to someone who has some prior experience or training in management, or as an adjunct to management experience or business studies.

    More info & enrolment: PROJECT MANAGEMENT BBS201 »


    Sales managers don't just sell things: they manage sales. This may involve developing and implementing sales strategies. It may involve many things, such as managing sales persons, developing and overseeing the implementation of procedures and processes, record keeping, analyzing sales results, or reporting on sales to senior management.
    More info & enrolment: SALES MANAGEMENT BBS102 »

    Discover the salesperson in you, and get ahead!

    Sales is at the core of every business. Whether you are selling a product or your expertise, sales training will help elevate your business/career to the next level.  Everyone has to constantly sell themselves to get a good job, pay rise, or increase business. Learn how to make the most of what you've got by developing your skills in selling.

    You will learn about presentations, communication skills, buyer analysis and motivation. The course also covers decision making, problem solving, knowing your product, opening & closing skills, sales reports, and much much more.

    More info & enrolment: SALES SKILLS VBS108 »




    • Twelve lessons cover marketing, planning, budgeting, reviewing progress, improving profit and more.
    • The course gives you the opportunity to succeed in a new business - building your knowledge of how to run a business through to the practice starting a business venture.

    More info & enrolment: STARTING A SMALL BUSINESS VBS101 »

    A solid foundation course, covering the theory and practice of supervision, relevant to both supervisors and potential supervisors.

    Learn to recruit and train new staff, plan work, motivate staff, solve problems systematically, implement discipline, maintain a safe workplace and among other things use worker participation as a supervisory tool.

    LEARN TO SOLVE PROBLEMS -The problem solving technique is a well established and systematic approach to solving problems. This aspect of our supervision course is an essential tool not only for supervisors, but also managers and businessmen of any type. If you get nothing more than this from this course; you are likely to sooner or later find this an indispensable tool.

    More info & enrolment: SUPERVISION VBS104 »

    Study Health and Safety at Work by distance learning with this course - jam packed with useful information on how to develop and maintain health and safety in the workplace.

    ACS student comment: Yes [I find the course valuable], because it is opening my eyes further to what I am studying and making me look for info and answers on the internet rather than being spoon fed info from the course notes. The feed back from the tutor is great and is very encouraging and the marking time frame very efficient. Paula Farrell,  Workplace Health and Safety course.

    Get the Right Gear and Procedures in Place for a Safer Workplace

    Accidents in the workplace are not only a dramatic event for all the people involved, but also a legal nightmare, highly disrupt work and can be significant unnecessary costs. By identifying risks and either avoiding them or preparing contingencies to deal with accidents, a workplace can reduce the frequency of accidents and greatly minimize any problems when one does occur.

    More info & enrolment: WORKPLACE HEALTH & SAFETY VBS103 »