Health, Fitness and Recreation Courses

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Everyone needs to know to maintain a healthy heart, lungs and circulatory system - either from themselves or for people they care about. 

Aerobic fitness is critical to maintaining a quality of life and having the ability to simply move easily without pain or difficulty - this is not age related. Aerobic fitness and wellbeing affects every human being on earth, at any age.

This course develops both an understanding of aerobic fitness, and a capacity to help others maintain their level of aerobic fitness, whether as a fitness leader, life coach, sports or health professional, concerned friend or in any other capacity whatsoever.


Why Study the Course? The Answer ... Fantastic Career Opportunities!

Health needs to be everyone's top priority. The fitness and well-being industry revenue in the UK is expected to growth to £3.9 bn by 2022 - now's the time to get involved!

We know any program of education or training should develop one's understanding or comprehension of the subject matter at the core. 

We also believe education can enhance skills too, such as: 

  • Improve your ability to communicate with others confidently

  • Develop problem solving skills relevant to this discipline 

  • Expand awareness and develop creativity

  • Facilitate networking and make new contacts

  • Develop attributes that set you apart from others in your industry

  • Motivate you, build confidence, and more

Learning Advanced Aerobics online means you will better understand the human body, and be better prepared to design and manage exercise programs, with a goal of improving and maintaining aerobic fitness. 

More info & enrolment: ADVANCED AEROBICS BRE208 »

Work in the health and fitness industry

This course creates skills needed to work in or manage facilities and services concerned with health or fitness (eg. exercise programs, fitness centres, clubs, gymnasiums, sports complexes, sports administration, swimming pools, etc).




This Advanced Certificate is designed to develop skills required to work in or manage recreation facilities or services (eg. Community centres, youth services, sporting clubs, tourist parks, camp grounds, municipal recreation services, supervised children's playgrounds, social clubs, etc). This is a good starting point for a career which might eventually lead to a position in management.

Learn about the Leisure Industry

Increase your knowledge, awareness & attitude toward

Possibilities and Opportunities for working in the Leisure industry

More info & enrolment: Advanced Certificate in Leisure Studies VRE053 »
Become a nutritional counsellor - help and advise people on how to lose weight!

This is an excellent course to enrol in if you are interested in working with people in a counselling capacity where you need knowledge of general human nutrition, children's nutrition (including expectant mothers and infants), therapeutic nutrition, nutrition for weight loss and weight maintenance or even sports nutrition.

Counsellors provide guidance for clients and a support system, rather than working with the deeper levels of the psyche. Many people need guidance on nutrition for example during pregnancy or support during a weight loss program. Others may like to find out about how to support people throughout a disease when nutritional knowledge and emotional support go hand in hand.

Coeliac Disease is an example of a medical condition related to diet and nutrition which if not treated can result in patients who have a high probability of being diagnosed with infertility, autism, depression and migraine headaches where nutritional counselling would be beneficial to support people and help them cope with any such diagnosis.






This course provides management oriented training for people wanting to work in the health and fitness or recreation industries on a technical or management capacity. Graduates will have a broad and extensive understanding of human health together with specialised skills that will be developed through your choice of elective units.


Are You Interested in Aqua Fitness?  

Teaching exercise in water is for anyone serious about fitness. 

The safety of water based exercise cannot be underestimated. Absolutely essential course for anyone working in the health and fitness industry. 

Aquafitness activities can be defined as physical fitness activity undertaken when the body is submerged or partially submerged in water. 

There’s an incredible range of aqua fitness activities! 

Some examples are: 
diving (high board or scuba)
hydrostatic stretching
deep water running 
water volleyball 
water polo

This course is perfect for anyone with the following responsibilities or interests:

with a general interest in water fitness 
responsible for the safety of activities around water and facilities
teaching or facilitating aqua fitness to classes or groups 
using the water based fitness equipment 
learning about hydrostatic and hydrodynamic principles
involved in fitness program design 

This course is derived from the bestselling book “Aquafitness” by John Mason, published by Kangaroo Press, and has a number of additions and revisions since its original release. 
Our school is proud to bring Aquafitness skills into the repertoire of skills of fitness professionals! 



More info & enrolment: AQUA FITNESS BRE207 »

  aromatherapy Distance Learning course

This course will give the learner a basic introduction to the safe use of Aromatherapy oils. It is suitable for those wanting to use Aromatherapy in the home, or a starting point for those wishing to develop a better understanding of herbal oils for work.

Comment from one of our Aromatherapy students:

"This course was very interesting, challenging and very worthwhile" N. Mills

Most people know essential oils by their common names, such as Lavender, Thyme or Eucalyptus; however, unless you are aware of the botanical names, you cannot be sure of the source of the oil you are using.

Enrol today and take a step toward better understanding herb oils and their use.

More info & enrolment: AROMATHERAPY VHT104 »
Do you want to be a coach? Do you want to improve your coaching knowledge and skills? This course is the one you are looking for.
Train to be a coach! A highly flexible qualification allowing you to specialise in certain areas of coaching or study a broad based of coaching such as sports, life, business coaching.  Study life coaching, business coaching, sports coaching, stress management, anger management, health and wellbeing, nutrition and more. Choose the options to suit you.

More info & enrolment: ASSOCIATE DIPLOMA IN COACHING VPS009 »
Study human biology, nutrition, problem solving and research skills with this food and nutrition diploma. The course is recognised by the International Accreditation and Recognition Council.

This associate diploma lays a foundation for working with Food, Nutrition or allied industries. Through a unique combination of modules, you develop both a sound understanding of human biology and nutrition; and broad generic professional skills in problem solving and research skills. Graduates may find employment opportunities in various areas, including:  complimentary medicine, health and fitness industries, food services (eg. catering), food processing, food retailing, food journalism/media, etc



Inspire and Motivate, be a Creative Leader

Leaders find employment in all industries; from leisure services to business. Some become motivational speakers or politicians and others business managers or teachers.

The stand out leaders, wherever they work, are the ones who understand what leadership is and have developed a capacity to inspire and motivate others.



Study Leisure Management at home - improve your career prospects with ACS!

  • A specialist course developed to improve your opportunities and your knowledge of the leisure management business.
  • Build on your existing skills and knowledge or suitable for a beginner in the industry.
  • Study in your own time and at your pace with help from our expert tutors.



This course provides a strong grounding in human nutrition and the basic skills needed to advise or counsel people in this area. It is ideal for those with existing qualifications in health. The course is also suitable for students who want to  provide general nutritional advice to improve fitness and well being through diet, or to improve their own diet. Students will NOT be qualified to advise others on nutrition related to medical or health problems, based on this course alone.

Study Obesity Management - learn about factors that contribute to obesity and how to manage these and encourage healthy living.

  • Learn about how nutrition affects weight.
  • Understand how lifestyle impacts on health.
  • Learn about evaluating and determining routes to change in people's eating habits.
  • Understand the scope and nature of food coaching.
  • Learn about different lifestyle elements that impact on weight and health - physical activity, diet, psychological factors.




Distance Learning Course - Recreation Studies

Do you want to work in the sport and recreation industry..? Well your career starts here! You can become a recreation leader or a recreational child and youth worker .  

Every day you work as as a recreation leader, you will be involved in the planning and running of a variety activities with people from all ages and backgrounds...

The course provides a solid grounding in skills needed to for leadership or management in leisure centres, community recreation, or related fields.

This course has now been revised by 2 of our course writers who have extensive experience in the industry! It is made up of 30 lessons plus practical assignments. It covers the nature and scope of recreation, leadership principles and practices, fitness and fitness testing, managing recreation facilities, first aid, staff supervision and management, marketing, budgeting, tourism, youth leadership, sports, environmental activities, organising exhibitions and more.

"It is a challenging and thorough course - really designed to develop skills, not just give theory. I worked with children and young people in the UK and Australia in a variety of settings and some of the practical skills outlined here would have benefited me and my colleagues ... if we'd only known! You get more out of this course than you could ever get from reading a book, plus you get the Certificate at the end to formalise what you have learned! Although we have operated this course for many years, and many graduates have successfully found work in this industry, now that we have revised it and added some more content, it can only be more valuable to those who study! I highly recommend this course". J.Pollock, Former Youth Worker (UK and Australia).

More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN RECREATION VRE001 »

Learn about sports psychology, nutrition and life coaching

  • Learn about performance and exercise psychology.
  • Learn about human nutrition and energy usage and diet in relation to atheletes.
  • Understand how to motivate and how to maintain motivation.
  • Elective modules include Strees Management, Life Coaching and Health and Wellbeing.
  • This is a great course for anyone wanting broad based studies in sporting health or anyone already working in coaching or other areas of sport and wanting to improve their knowledge.


More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN SPORTS STUDIES BRE213 »

Learn more about a healthy and balanced diet

for children, babies and during pregnancy with this informative course.  

This course/module will enable you understand all aspects of childhood nutrition and deal with them. It is an ideal course for people working with children in the child care industry. It is also a good course for mothers wanting to understand their children’s nutritional needs.


More info & enrolment: CHILDREN'S NUTRITION BRE304 »

Become a Fitness Leader? Work in the Fitness Industry.

This expanded version of our Fitness Leader's certificate will give practitioners a competitive edge in the fitness industry.  It is appropriate for people who wish to work as fitness specialists such as personal trainers.  It is internationally accredited through the International Accreditation and Recognition Council.




Learn about the planning and organisation of events
  • Develop your knowledge and skills in the planning and management of special events including concerts, festivals, exhibitions and sporting events.
  • The course covers: The Scope and Nature of Special Events; Originating and Developing a Concept, Timing, Funding, Budgeting, Sponsorships, Marketing, Managing Finances, Human and Physical Resources, Risk Management, Event Co-ordination and Evaluation after the event.

More info & enrolment: EVENT MANAGEMENT - BRE209 »

Make your passion for health and fitness your new career!

Have you always had a passion for sport, and feel you could motivate others to develop the same passion? This passion then leads to a healthier, more balanced life for clients of Fitness Leaders, and a greater quality of life overall.

This comprehensive Fitness Leaders Certificate is aimed at anyone who aims to work in a gymnasium or health club as a qualified Fitness Leader, and who wants to have an edge over other trainers in what they can offer clients.  

This course will provide credits towards other ACS courses, including the new Elite Fitness Certificate.

More info & enrolment: FITNESS LEADERS CERTIFICATE VRE004 »

Study Health & Fitness Management with ACS

  • Explore human wellness as well as fitness.
  • The course has an emphasis on common back and weight problems.
  • Look at elements such as understanding, recognising, and addressing back problems as well as weight control methods.


More info & enrolment: FITNESS RISK MANAGEMENT VRE104 »

Study Food Coaching - help your clients achieve their goals to healthier living.

  • Understand how to help clients define their goals.
  • Learn how to develop ways for clients to achieve their goals.
  • Understand the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on a person's health.
  • Learn to make a difference - help people develop strategies and motivation to change their eating habits.



More info & enrolment: FOOD COACHING VRE110 »

Study the Foundation Diploma In Obesity Management - gain valuable knowledge in nutrition, approaches to coaching and counselling, and more.

  • Understand about managing obesity in people by coaching them in their nutrition and lifestyle choices.
  • Gain an understanding of the lifestyle factors which affect our health.
  • Learn about assessing diets.
  • Learn about nutrition and understand the sources, actions, and interactions of nutrients from food.
  • Understand the importance of nutrition on physical and mental health.
  • Learn about tools typically used by a weight loss consultant - weight checks, BMI, nutritional advice etc.
  • Learn about delivering consultation services - from starting a business to conducting a consultation.


Health and Fitness Home Study Course

Develops an understanding of the fitness industry and the skills required to explain exercise and its importance to human health. Prerequisites: A first aid certificate (eg. St Johns) and an understanding of human biology (eg. Human Anatomy and Physiology); or equivalent. 




More info & enrolment: HEALTH & FITNESS I (FITNESS LEADERSHIP) BRE101 »

Everyone's Excercise Needs are Different

This course develops skills to manage fitness oriented services as well as covering fitness program management such as fitness testing, exercise programming, and prescription. Prerequisites are either Health and Fitness I or a recognized fitness leaders certificate.





Deepen your Fitness Knowledge

Improve your prospects in the Health & Fitness industry and take your career to the next level.

This course in fitness evaluation and management develops skills in analysis, evaluation to better manage health and fitness characteristics for a specific individual. Builds on Health and Fitness I and II.


  • Explain health risk factors in modern society.
  • Analyse the health care system, to determine preferred options for different individuals.
  • Determine social factors which may affect the status of health and fitness.
  • Evaluate different individual approaches to managing health and fitness, including both services and facilities.
  • Compare different fitness tests for different motor abilities.
  • Demonstrate statistical techniques used to analyse fitness test results.
  • Use fitness tests to analyse different sports skills.




Understand more about human health and wellbeing. 

Wellbeing can be described as the state of being healthy, comfortable or happy. It involves a complex combination of social, emotional, physical and mental factors.

This comprehensive introductory course provides a base on which to  improve your wellbeing. It covers fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, stress management, preventative health and alternative medicine.

More info & enrolment: HEALTH & WELLBEING VRE102 »

Buildings can make you unwell

Learn to determine the impact of building construction characteristics upon human health, and to recommend innovations in building design to improve habitability.

This course covers building materials, construction techniques, electrical wiring, temperature & light control, ventilation, plumbing, ergonomics and psychological factors.



Learn about how buildings affect human health

  • Develops skills to evaluate, describe and explain how physical characteristics of a building and its surrounds have an impact upon human health.
  • This course builds on Healthy Buildings I, but can also stand alone as it covers such topics as impact and the macro-environment.



Learn about what we eat!

Take the first step to a career as a nutritionist or health coach. Study Human Nutrition to improve your own health and support the wellbeing of your family and others through better eating. Guided by your own tutor.

This course provides an understanding of the sources, actions, and interactions of nutrients from the food that we consume. Looking at the balance of nutrients in foods and what makes up a balanced diet. Excellent for anyone interested in nutrition and health for themselves or to help or counsel others.

  • College Member of the Complimentary Medicine Association

  • This course provides credits in our Associate Diploma in Food and Nutrition (IARC accredited) and the Pre Med Diploma (Warnborough College).

Tutors and Course developers include:

  • Lyn Quirk M.Prof.Ed., Adv.Dip.Compl.Med (Naturopathy), Adv.Dip.Sports Therapy.

  • Karen Lee BSc. Hons. (Biological Sciences), PGDip. Nutrition and Dietetics.

  • Jade Sciascia B.Sc.Biol, Dip.Professional Education, Cert IV TESOL, Cert Food Hygiene.



More info & enrolment: HUMAN NUTRITION I BRE102 »

Understand a well-balanced diet - vitamins, minerals and the impact on emotional and physical health.

  • Learn about vitamins and minerals and how to develop a well balanced diet.

  • Learn about assessing nutritional needs.

  • Understand other dietary factors such as timing of meals the affects of processing and cooking.

A standalone course or study with Human Nutrition I & III





More info & enrolment: HUMAN NUTRITION II BRE202 »

Study Leisure Facility Management at home with ACS 


    • A comprehensive introductory course - useful and appropriate for anyone working in Leisure Centre Management, Event Management or even Tourism or Resort industries.
    • Focuses on the management and development of recreational facilities.
    • You will develop your ability to plan, develop and advise on facilities for a range of recreation and fitness activities.

    Study as a stand alone course or as part of a Certificate or higher level course. 


    More info & enrolment: LEISURE FACILITY MANAGEMENT I BRE205 »

    Study Leisure Facility Management with this ACS course

    • The course looks at facility design and facility maintenance
    • Students should already have some broad experience or knowledge of Leisure Facility Management


    Students studying this course will do the following and much more:-

    • Learn to identify work tasks involved in the maintenance of recreational facilities
    • Learn to manage the condition of buildings, facilities and equipment
    • Study ergonomics related to recreational facilities design
    • Develop a management strategy for the construction of a recreation facility



    More info & enrolment: LEISURE FACILITY MANAGEMENT II BRE306 »

    Learn to develop strategies to market recreation facilities or services. 

    Study Leisure Management (Marketing) online or by eLearning

    The course shows you how to:

    • Develop marketing and promotions to maintain or increase business.
    • Manage the delivery of a service to ensure customer satisfaction.
    • Monitor a membership database to ensure return business and

    • Manage complaints.







    More info & enrolment: LEISURE MANAGEMENT I (MARKETING) BRE103 »

    Manage people better to build a stronger business - Study Human Resources in Leisure Management

    This course will help you to:

    • Develop management strategies to maximise the productivity and efficiency of your workforce.
    • Address concerns specific to human resources management in a recreation or fitness service or facility
    • The course provides a strong practical and theoretical foundation in leisure management.





    More info & enrolment: LEISURE MANAGEMENT II - HUMAN RESOURCES BRE104 »

    Study Leisure Management

    • Develop management strategies for clerical and financial operations in a recreation or fitness environment. Keeping accurate and efficient financial records is paramount for successful business.
    • Learn to develop strategies for managing clerical and financial aspects for a recreation facility or service.
    • The course covers financial records, budgets, legal reporting, liaising with other departments, managing documents, forming a resource library, and using information technology.





    Learn about developing and managing policies and procedures

    • Study the development of management policy, procedures, and the planning aspects of a recreational service or facility.

    • Learn about policy development and management, meeting operational procedures, planning process management, meeting and conference management as well as supervising reports.







    Study medical terminology by distance learning. Start at anytime and study at your own pace.

    • A step toward employment in a medical or paramedical environment.
    • Develop the skills to communicate clearly and effectively using medical terminology.
    • Being able to converse with patients and employers, in their language, is commonly an essential prerequisite for employment in  health, alternative or complimentary medicine.



    More info & enrolment: MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY BSC109 »

    Learn to manage weight more effectively.

    Weight is affected by a number of things: exercise, nutrition, psychology and other things. This course lays a foundation for understanding weight control; particularly with respect to what a person eats. Study for self improvement (to help understand and reduce their own weight); or by someone working in the fields of health or fitness, in order to improve their understanding and capacity to help clients.

    More info & enrolment: NUTRITION FOR WEIGHT LOSS BRE210 »

    Learn How Food Can Impact Disease

    This course deals with the management of foods to optimize health as well as covering different ways of eating, food toxicity, and detoxification. Can stand alone as well as building on Human Nutrition I and II.






    What we eat is important to the balanced functioning of our bodies. We often hear that a car needs the correct fuel to run well, well the human body is the same.  This course provides you with more information on good nutrition and helps you to learn to manage the diet of people with medical conditions.

    Illness and Recovery can often be managed by planning a better diet. This course shows you how different foods relate to different illnesses.

    The practice of therapeutic nutrition involves the provision of nutrients to maintain and/ or restore optimal nutrition and health.

    Therapeutic diets may be required as therapy for a disease e.g. coeliac disease or to treat malnutrition arising from low energy and nutrient intakes or due to increased energy and nutrient needs.


    More info & enrolment: NUTRITIONAL THERAPY BRE211 »

    Learn more about managing your personal energy by distance learning. 

    Do you get Tired; Run out of Energy, and simply NOT Achieve Your Goals?

    • Understand what makes you energetic, and what makes you tired!
    • Learn to recognise your potential energy as well as limitations to that energy - in order that you may better manage this important but finite resource.
    • Developed by specialists in the art of Personal Energy Management.
    • This course gives you keys to effective energy management.



    More info & enrolment: PERSONAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT VRE105 »


    Understand ways to live longer, healthier and smarter

    This highly practical course helps you to understand what fitness really is, and enables you to develop a balanced fitness program for yourself or for people around you covering topics such as the human body, principals of exercise programming, and weight control.




    More info & enrolment: PERSONAL FITNESS VRE103 »


    Learn to be an effective play leader - the children you work with will know you're fun, being within your care is exciting for them; and of course, parents can relax as their children enjoy attending care and go home tired from carrying out a variety of activities you have designed.

    This course will able you to work as either a volunteer or in employment as a professional in this challenging and rewarding field. You will need to have lots of energy and imagination! You will need to love children and enjoy their care-free, often humorous personalities. 

    This course will develop valuable skills in anyone working, or wishing to work with children. 
    Our staff have experience training play leaders for over 35 years and have devised this truely fantastic course which will challenge you and arm you with the skills you need to succeed in this vitally important industry.  Children deserve the best!

    More info & enrolment: PLAY LEADERSHIP VRE101 »


    This is awarded upon completion of:
    a) Human Nutrition III & III
    b) A workplace project (200 hours)
    More info & enrolment: PROFICIENCY AWARD IN NUTRITION VRE504 »

    Recreational Leadership Distance Learning Course

    Become a skilled Recreation Leader

    This course is an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to work in a face to face situation, conducting recreation programs, or one to one as a recreation or youth leader. Successful completion of this module will develop the learner's understanding of leadership qualities of the fitness workers and the industry.

    More info & enrolment: RECREATION LEADERSHIP VRE100 »

    Learn about Exercises that Build Strength

    An introductory course for anyone wanting to go into fitness instruction.  Some of the areas covered include types of resistance training, equipment and applications as well as developing training methods.

    Students must have access to a gym for the practical component.




    More info & enrolment: RESISTANCE & GYM SUPERVISION BRE206 »

    Are you mad about sport?

    Turn your passion into a career and study to be a Sports Coach.

    A Sports Coach does much more than train and motivate athletes and teams...

    More info & enrolment: SPORTS COACHING VRE109 »

    Study sports nutrition to improve your performance and knowledge of nutrition for the sports person.

    What should you eat to optimise sporting performance?

    • Develop your understanding of the way nutrition relates to sporting performance.
    • This course details some elements such as energy in the athlete's body, fluids, competition and training diets.
    • Perfect for the amateur sportsman or anyone wanting to increase their training levels or those of someone else.


    More info & enrolment: SPORTS NUTRITION BRE303 »

    Study sports psychology to gain an insight into the mind of the professional and amateur sports person.

    • Develop your skills and understanding of psychological principles for use in sports.
    • The course covers motivation, team dynamics as well as psychological traits of successful athletes.


    More info & enrolment: SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY BPS106 »

    Managing stress is an important part of a healthy balanced lifestyle. Learn more about stress management with this course.  Anxiety, tension, mental and emotional strain are all common problems in today's society. This course introduces you to some practical approaches to combating stress

    More info & enrolment: STRESS MANAGEMENT VPS100 »
    Study Weight Loss at Home Distance Learning
    • Become a Weight Loss Consultant or Advisor
    • Learn about how and why people loose and gain control over their weight
    • Learn about the weight loss industry, employment and business opportunities, and develop a foundation for starting a business as a weight loss consultant

    More info & enrolment: WEIGHT LOSS CONSULTANT -BRE307 »