Permaculture and Self Sufficiency Courses

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Build on a PDC with this Advanced Permaculture Course

  • Study permaculture at an advanced level.
  • Build on your existing skills and knowledge.
  • An excellent follow on course from a PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate).

"Complete this course after Permaculture Systems and you are ready to create a design for a range of situations - as a consultant to others or for your own property." Adriana Fraser Cert.Hort., Cert.Child Care., Adv.Cert.App.Mgt., Cert 1V Assessment and Training., Adv.Dip.Hort. ACS Tutor

More info & enrolment: ADVANCED PERMACULTURE BHT301 »

Learn about alternative energy sources and how to use them

  • Learn to become less reliant on the electricity and gas companies and save money through alternative energy sources.
  • Now more relevant than ever, Alternative Energy covers the basics of electricity, how to generate electricity from renewable resources, how to store energy, non electrical systems, energy consumption and conservation. Learn to understand why alternative and renewable energy is so important and how to go about it.



More info & enrolment: ALTERNATIVE ENERGY VSS102 »

A detailed course looking at the interaction between animals and the permaculture system.  This recently upgraded course focuses on self sufficiency, management of animals, beekeeping, keeping rabbits and much more.  
This course can be studied as part of the Permaculture Design Certificate or as a course in its own right.  

It concentrates on the animals in a permaculture system, how they relate to each other, how they relate to surrounding environments, and selection and management of different types of animals in a permaculture design.

If you satisfactorily complete all of the following courses - Permaculture I, II, III and IV. You will be awarded a Permaculture Design Certificate, recognised by the Permaculture Institute.

We also offer a Permaculture Systems course and a Certificate in Horticulture (Permaculture),which lead to the above certificate.




Learn to work with brick, stone and concrete

 Trade skills are in demand. People who know how to build and repair buildings or other structures will continue to find work as long as we have a need for buildings, landscapes and interiors.

This is a course which will help you to gain skills for the construction and repair of walls, fences, buildings, driveways or other structures.

Study with ACS and gain the knowhow and capacity to develop these highly desirable skills.

More info & enrolment: BRICK AND STONE WORK BSS101 »

Manage or work on building renovations

Study this course to help you with building renovation, whether for personal benefit or for work or business. 

There is a lot more to renovating than many people realise. Sometimes people start a project only to find they don't have the skills, time or money to complete it. Other times people put off revamping a room or building because they are not sure where to start. Take this course to give yourself the knowledge and confidence to complete projects, small or large.  

Learn to evaluate, prioritise and plan the renovation of a building or part of a building.

Put your plan into action, and undertake or manage renovation work.

Gain knowledge and expertise you can transfer to other projects in the future.




More info & enrolment: BUILDING RENOVATION BSS104 »

Learn how to make things from wood  

Whether you wish to learn as you undergo your apprenticeship or you simply want to develop your carpentry skills for personal development, this course has something to offer you. 

  • Study online - at home, wherever you want, and when you want.
  • Learn about carpentry techniques from choosing timber to cutting, joining and finishing, and apply what you learn to making several woodwork projects. 

  • Gain useful practical skills which can be applied in many careers, such as property management, handyperson, property manager, farmer, home DIY expert, building construction, furniture making, and much more.

More info & enrolment: CARPENTRY BSS100 »

Gain an Advanced Certificate in Alternative Farming with this great distance learning course.

"Learn the alternative approaches to farming required by the modern world"

Farming has changed greatly over recent decades, and to survive, the modern farmer needs to increasingly seek alternative approaches, whether in terms of what is produced, or how it is produced. This course develops an innovative approach to farming by broadening awareness of options, and fostering skills to research and network more effectively.



Study Home Renovation for projects or for your own business.

  • Learn techniques and practices in a wide selection of skill areas - gardening, landscaping, carpentry, masonry and much more.
  • Select subject areas to fulfil your project or business goals.
  • Learn practical skills by distance learning.




More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN HOME RENOVATION VSS009 »

Home Study Permaculture Certificate Course 

“The principles of permaculture and the fundamentals of horticulture are covered in this extensive course. It creates opportunities to work as a consultant or to set up sustainable productive gardens for others.” - Adriana Fraser Cert.Hort., Cert.Child Care, Adv.Cert.App.Mgt., Cert IV Assessment and Training, Adv.Dip.Hort., ACS Tutor.

This course provides training for people working or wishing to work in horticulture with a particular emphasis on the design, development and management of productive natural garden systems.

After satisfactory completion of this course, you will be awarded a Permaculture Design Certificate, recognised by the Permaculture Institute.


Become a Permaculture Teacher and Consultant - spread the word and preach what you practice.

  • Are you passionate about the changes that permaculture can bring for the future?
  • Do you want to spread the word by teaching, training and consulting?

Then this is the course of your dreams!

  • Learn about permaculture, how to operate as a consultant.
  • Choose from a large variety of electives such as organic agriculture and farming, sustainable agriculture, alternative energy, nut and fruit production, and more.



"Change your way of life! Become self-sufficient! Become a consultant in this fast growing area!" 
A unique qualification which may be undertaken with a view to preparing for a change in the way you live or perhaps in preparation for establishing a business or career providing services to the community in this discipline.
This course is internationally accredited through International Accreditation and Recognition Council..

Study the care of animals within a permaculture system.

  • A 6 Module Certificate studying the healthy care of animals as part of a sustainable ecosystem.
  • Learn about the impact and importance of animals as components within an ecosystem.





Study sustainable livestock farming and care.


  • Learn about natural methods of animal care and farming within sustainable ecosystems.
  • A 10 module qualification, including the option to obtain a Permaculture Design Certificate.






Learn about the impact of building construction on human psychological and physical health


  • Learn how to determine the impact of building construction characteristics upon human health
  • Gain understanding to enable you to recommend innovations in building design to improve habitability.
  • The course covers: building materials, construction techniques, electrical wiring, temperature & light control, ventilation, plumbing, ergonomics and psychological factors.


Explore how the environment in and around a building can affect human health

  • Develop skills to evaluate, describe and explain how physical characteristics of a building and its surrounds have an impact upon human health.


  • Learn to improve human well being by changing surroundings in a home or work environment.





Learn how to grow your own vegetables at home


  • Understand the principles of growing vegetables at home.
  • Learn how to get a healthy crop.
  • Watch plants grow from seed to harvest!
  • Learn home vegetable growing from our expert tutors who are happy to help you every step of the way through this useful course.

Harvest your crop and know that the armful of vegetables you have just gathered for the evening meal will be on the table within an hour or two! An exciting and satisfying experience with the added benefits of knowing that you and your family are eating the freshest, healthiest chemical free produce.


More info & enrolment: HOME VEGETABLE GROWING AHT102 »

An excellent foundation course, introducing you to the basic concepts of permaculture and developing a basis for permaculture design

The course explains the patterns which occur in nature, such as weather systems, water cycles, topography, soil-plant interactions and forest ecology, and how a knowledge of these patterns can be used to reproduce balanced and productive garden growing systems.



ACS is a Member of the Permaculture Association (UK) and the Alternative Technology Association (Australia).

This course is mentioned on the UNCCD (United Nations convention to Combat Desertification) website.  The UNCCD’s aim is to encourage partnerships to reverse and prevent desertification and land degradation, mitigate the effects of drought and reduce poverty.  The Marketplace provides access to direct solutions for identified needs towards sustainable land management, bringing together different parties to make available their knowledge and skills.


Learn the complete process to planning and building a mud brick building

  • If you have thought of building a mud brick building, this course may be an excellent starting point.
  • Its very practical, with some hands on work to get you started; helping you begin experimenting and planning ongoing projects, whether they are a modest garden wall, or more complex buildings.
  • Learn to test soil suitability for mud building, how to make a quality brick & how to test its strength.



More info & enrolment: MUD BRICK CONSTRUCTION ASS103 »

Understand more about organic plant culture - an outstanding and extensive, globally focused, foundation course

This course develops a solid understanding of the principles and procedures underlying the cultivation of plants by natural methods.

  • Learn to grow plants naturally and by working with the natural environment.
  • Work with the environment and without the use of artificial fertilizers or sprays.

More info & enrolment: ORGANIC PLANT CULTURE BHT302 »

Learn to design and manage a permaculture system with this comprehensive course. 

This course complements and follows on from Permaculture I, II and III, bringing together what you learn in these three courses to design and manage a comprehensive permaculture system.

If you satisfactorily complete all of the following courses - Permaculture I, II, III and IV. You will be awarded a Permaculture Design Certificate, recognised by the Permaculture Institute.

We also offer a Permaculture Systems course and a Certificate in Horticulture (Permaculture),which lead to the above certificate.


Learn to design a permaculture garden, develop sustainable and productive landscape designs.

  • Develop the fundamentals to implement permaculture principles.
  • Learn to design a permaculture garden.
  • Learn about natural settings, zones and sector planning.
  • Qualifies for a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC).




More info & enrolment: PERMACULTURE SYSTEMS BHT201 »

"Gain a more in depth knowledge of plant use in permaculture"

This course is a natural progression from Permaculture 1, but can taken separately in its own right. It concentrates on the plants in a permaculture system, how they relate to each other and to the surrounding environment; and selection and placement of different varieties within a permaculture design.

This course deals with preparing plans for different types of permaculture gardens, and its duration is approximately 100 hours.


Learn more about permaculture studying this great online course.

It is a method of permanent agriculture. It is the development of agricultural systems that are self-sufficient and sustainable. Sustainability in agriculture is becoming increasing important worldwide and knowing more about permaculture can help you improve your job and career prospects and help others. 

This course consists of three 100 hour modules and 200 hours of work experience/research.


Get back to nature - be self sufficent!

Learn to grow your own foods and live in a more sustainable, environmentally friendly way.

Not everyone can live "off the grid" and be totally self sustainable, but if you are interested in becoming more self-sufficient in a small or large way, then this 500 hour course could be the answer for you.

  • Learn about "living off the land".
  • Learn how to create your own storage.
  • Understand recycling, re-using materials, and much more.








Eating and growing berries can be an important part of self-sufficiency. This course enables you to specialise in berry production for your own use or to sell as produce. Also learn more about self-sufficiency. Study three 100 hour modules on Self Sufficiency I and II and Berry Production. Also complete a 200 hour research project looking at topics covered in the course. 
More info & enrolment: Proficiency Award in Self Sufficiency with Specialism in Berry Production VSS114 »
Has the good life always appealed to you? Do you love the idea of keeping goats? This course enables you to learn more about self sufficiency and all that entails, along with goat care and husbandry. 
More info & enrolment: Proficiency Award in Self Sufficiency with Specialism In Goat Husbandry »

Become self sufficient - live a healthier and more natural life.

  • Learn about self sufficiency - living off the land, producing your own food.
  • Learn about living a more natural and environmentally friendly lifestyle.
  • Specialise in the cultivation and production of mushrooms.
  • Our Proficiency Awards include Workplace Projects which give you the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice.




More info & enrolment: Proficiency Award in Self Sufficiency with Specialism in Mushrooms VSS113 »

Learn to be self sufficient with specialist knowledge of poultry keeping.

  • Study 2 modules on Self Sufficiency.
  • Study 1 module on Poultry husbandry.
  • Practice your new-found knowledge with a practical Workplace Project.
  • 500 hours of study.







Learn more about self-sufficiency and pig husbandry with ths specialised course. Study three 100 hour modules - Self-Sufficiency I and II and Pig Husbandry. Then complete a research project or industry project focussing on the topics covered within the course. Work through the course supported by our excellent tutors.
More info & enrolment: Proficiency Award in Self-Sufficiency with Specialism in Pig Husbandry VSS117 »
Learn the basics of self sufficiency
Explore how to change your thinking to meet the demands of a self - sufficient lifestyle - from personal health through to providing your own basic daily needs.

  • Develop your understanding of self sufficiency, food and nutrition
  • Learn about making the right decisions about changes in lifestyle
  • Discover how to be practical too by looking at a whole range of practical things such as mud brick building, making crafts, growing fruit, vegetables, herbs, and other crops; raising poultry, sheep & goats, extending the life of clothing, conserving energy, recycling, simple home medical care and first aid, and lots more.


Self sufficiency is gaining renewed and wide interest as self-reliance and sustainability become the key to the future world.” - Adriana Fraser Cert.Hort., Cert.Child Care, Adv.Cert.App.Mgt., Cert IV Assessment and Training, Adv.Dip.Hort., ACS Tutor.

More info & enrolment: SELF SUFFICIENCY I ASS100 »


Self Sufficiency Advanced Course

How to be More Sustainable with your Food Needs

Learn to be self sufficient with your food. You learn about nutrition and how to balance your diet, as well as how to produce, process, store and use all types of food; including berries, nuts, milk, cheese, eggs, bread making, preserves, & dried foods. Cookery, freezing, drying, bottling, making bread, planning a vegetable garden to give produce all year round; and lots more are covered over 10 lessons. 
“A step on from Self-Sufficiency 1 this course will develop your cooking, bottling and productive gardening skills whilst at the same time emphasising health and nutrition. Understand the importance of good health in a self-sufficient lifestyle and how to provide your own food.” - Adriana Fraser Cert.Hort., Cert.Child Care, Adv.Cert.App.Mgt., Cert IV Assessment and Training, Adv.Dip.Hort., ACS Tutor.

More info & enrolment: SELF SUFFICIENCY II ASS101 »